what I wore: stay cozy - The Dainty Squid

what I wore: stay cozy

Monday, December 08, 2014

what I wore, the dainty squid,
orange hair
shoe detail shot,
hat + scarf - Kin Ship Goods (last year)
sweater - Striped Sweatshirt c/o Oasap
necklace - c/o Black Crystals
jeans - TJ Maxx
sunglasses - Tumbleweeds Handcraft

The only thing that could make this outfit better to me would be these boots. I currently own five pairs of Palladium Boots (sorry, I literally just told you that a few outfit posts back) but the thing is that they're all black. Black matches everything, of course, but I'm aching for a brown pair. It took every ounce of my self control not to buy a few colorful pairs during their Black Friday sale.

Regardless, I'm loving this outfit as simple as it is. I will always have a wild streak in my style. I'm sure that some days, no matter how old I get or how "mature" my style gets, there will be days I just want to wear something completely wacky, and more than a little bit obnoxious.  I know I've talked about it in the past how what I wear a certain day all depends on how I'm feeling. One day I can be very into a 50's housewife look, and the next I might be most comfortable in jeans and a sweater, and the next day something completely different. Jeans and sweaters have been what feels right most of the time lately. I'm a little bit jealous of people who have a super consistent style but I guess there's nothing wrong with mixing it up... everyday!  

I was curious what I was wearing around this time in previous years and stumbled upon this outfit post in my archives. I think that will forever be one of my all time favorite posts on The Dainty Squid. I still have that dress, I'm thinking it needs to make a reappearance soon. You know what else needs to make a reappearance? Elycia and our "what we wore" posts, right?!

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20 thoughts

  1. Aww I love your hair and beanie :D

  2. LOVE that hat!! It certainly looks cozy:) I like looking back through old outfit photos, too, to see how I've changed and also stayed the same. Hope you're having a great day!

    1. It really is! It's the only hat I wear. For some reason it's the only one I like on my head. It's like it doesn't squish my hair flat to my face or something.

  3. I love this effortless, comfy, yet super stylish look!

  4. loving this outfit, sweater is my fav piece :) nothing wrong with evolving style, it's actually really good!

  5. Elycia needs to blog again, period! I miss reading your blogs back to back, I even took her off my home screen recently. :(

  6. Hi Kayla, it might sound weird but I really like that you dress by how you "feel" for the day :) Sometimes I find it hard to leave the house because nothing feels like me, and some people don't understand how that feels. I've always wanted to be more consistent with my style, I would see these people with such amazing wardrobes and hairstyles because that's who they've been for years...but that's just never been me. Every time I thought I'd found it, I'd feel like that was going to be me for a long time, until inevitably the feeling would change and I'd be on the hunt again for a new way to define it. I used to fight myself over it for years but now I just run with it :) There's a lot of "you always look different!" comments, and a pretty full mixed up looking closet, but that's not such a bad thing. And I love that about you :) The old Kayla looks were awesome (I miss those sweater clips <3), but some people just aren't meant to be contained in one closet full of style xoxo

  7. Yes, I miss your cute BFF posts! P.s your hair is looking beautiful


  8. I love this! I've been really diggin' your jeans and sweaters posts, mostly because it's nice to see simple but pretty and put-together outfits. I love the sweater and the socks!

  9. My favorites here are the beanie, necklace, and boots.
    Good buy on the pants btw! I can never find a decent pair. ;A;


    1. Thanks! TJ Maxx is basically the only place I can ever find jeans. I always seem to luck out there.

  10. I agree!!!!!!! I miss our outfit posts sooooo much. Almost as much as I miss you.

    PS. I started responding to your email on my phone as soon as I saw it, it got deleted and I haven't restarted. Grr. I suck.

    1. Guess you better get your booty out here and shoot with me then!!!

  11. My winter uniform always seems to be jeans and a sweater. As much as I love wearing cute dresses, it can be so time consuming to try and figure out how to style them for the winter. This definitely looks like a super cozy outfit, and those sunglasses are the coolest! I've always loved you and Elycia's outfit posts together!

  12. I miss elycia's blog so much!!! I hope she writes again and you start outfit posts together again...


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