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what I wore : where the buffalo roam

Monday, December 01, 2014

jacket - c/o HauteLook (last year)
camera bag - Lowepro
ring -fox c/o Rings&Tings
jeans - TJ Maxx

I have a feeling winter outfit pictures will be a bit more of a struggle than they used to be in years previous, at least until I find an easy spot for them. On the day I took these, I set out determined to shoot. My favorite places to shoot are all places without real parking lots. You just have to pull off on the side of the road and then walk there. Somehow it didn't occur to me that morning that that would an issue with the snow. I drove a handful of locations that I kept thinking "Oh, that one will be perfect!" only to be shot down when my normal spot still had six or seven inches of snow in it. My poor little Golf would have never made it out of the snow had I tried to park. I finally settled on a location and ended up taking a bunch of photos that I like way better than if I been able to park at my other spots. Guess it all worked out for the best!

What I really wanted more than to visit any one particular spot was just to find somewhere to tromp around the snow in my new boots. I currently have five pairs of Palladium Boots. They're cute, high quality, versatile, and perfect for my every need. I wear them exploring, climbing, biking, shopping, everywhere! I basically never take them off. I recently got the Pampa Sport Cuff Wps, which is what I'm wearing above, they're waterproof and wool lined. I am officially all set for winter - not that I'm excited about it but having snazzy boots kind of does ease the pain of four and half months of snow!

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26 thoughts

  1. Wow I love your hair Kaylah :D
    Btw, perfect photos sweetie :)

    xoxo <3


  2. I'm really liking the utility look you're sporting these days :) x

  3. Beautiful photos, I love how natural and relaxed you look in them.
    I love how your hair has slightly faded, it reminds me of peach melba candies (which is the best things ever as far as I'm concerned)

  4. I've been looking for some boots like yours! Kaching! Thanks dearie, beautiful as always :)
    xoxo Sydney at Indie & Co.

  5. The off-the-beaten-path spots are the best kind of spots :)


  6. Oh my gosh your hair is fading to such a nice color! It looks so good with your skin tone!
    Also, LOVE that sweatshirt- it looks so comfy!

    1. I couldn't decide if I loved it faded or not (so I dyed it again!) but it really does look like an awesome color in these photos! Strange how peachy it faded.

  7. Your hair looks like a gummy peach ring. <3 That ashy olive (there's probably a proper name for it but I haven't the slightest clue) is the perfect color on you.

    p.s. I saw a neon-hair'd beauty biking around Philly the other day and I had to do a double-take because I thought it might have been you! If you've never been here, you should visit. You'd loooove it.

  8. Very cool outfit! You've got me really interested in Palladium Boots but they are not easy to find in Istanbul.. They would be amazing for winter in the city though. They look pretty hardcore :)

  9. So cute, I do love these photos and your hair is such a great colour at the moment (very mermaidy) <3

    The Quirky Queer

  10. Peachy hair! That's what I've got right now since my orange faded.

  11. I'm loving your hair color right now!

  12. Your hair looks amazing! Such a lovely tone, it's warming up this snowy shot! That jacket is great too... And that little wishbone pin! So cute!


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