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what I wore : five years later

Thursday, November 10, 2016

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punky colours, jerome russell, green hair, ootd, wiw, cleveland blogger

dress - Modcloth (many years ago)
glasses - Bevy c/o Classic Specs
belt - Modcloth
tights - Target

Last Sunday we threw a surprise party for grandpa's 85th birthday.  I drove out early in the morning (after speed cleaning my apartment because my landlord texted me to say she'd be coming by), made a few pit stops to shoot foggy photos, helped my parents set up, partied, ate too much, helped them tear down, blah blah blah. It was a super busy day. I really really wanted to squeeze in outfit photos though.

Five years ago we actually threw my grandpa surprise party for this 80th. Before going I took outfit photos that I considered some of my favorites for a long time. See them here! I liked the outfit, the photos were pretty and I felt like I looked really good. I even thought this the other day while glancing back at the post. Even though I don't own those clothes anymore, I like any excuse to draw parallels between different times, events, blog posts, etc. The thing that would connect these two would be that they were both taken on the day we threw a surprise party for my grandpa. So I was really excited when the sun stayed in the sky long enough for me to grab a few quick shots.

It wasn't until I got through editing these photos that I realized how sad I looked in that last post. I'm not saying that not smiling in photos makes you look sad. I actually really hate that notion. I just feel like in the photos from last weekend my happiness is contagious. I found myself grinning while editing them. Even if there was a huge stain on my dress that I didn't notice until now. I have nothing more to elaborate on, just wanted to say life is good. (Oh, and holy cow, I LOVE MY LONG HAIR like a lot a lot a lot!)

"Mom! We're at Grandma's house. I wanna run, not sit for photos!"

One more cute thing - this photo of Jeff and I from that evening. Heart eyes for dayssss!

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7 thoughts

  1. What beautiful light! Looking back on things is my favorite part of having a blog - especially when you can look back and think how far you've come. Gives me hope for the future too and good things that you can't even imagine now :)

    1. Thanks! I was really excited about the lighting! I don't normally feel comfortable shooting in direct sunlight but I'm feeling like I kind of nailed it. :)

  2. I was just thinking that reading your last personal post. You can see the difference in the BC pics vs now. You look so at ease, confidant, happy in the AC pics! Very inspiring. :)

  3. Your smile and green hair make me grin too. :)

  4. you do seem so, so, so much happier.


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