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What I wore; Party Time!

Monday, November 21, 2011

the details:
coat - forever 21 (from at least 5 years ago!)
skirt and shirt set - estate sale (FIFTY CENTS!)
belt - modcloth
sweater -thrifted
tooth pin - Rachel O's on etsy
acorn pin - c/o Sugar Cookie
shoes - Soho c/o Wanted Shoes

This is what I wore to my grandpa's 80th birthday surprise party last weekend.  I tried to pick out something at least moderately conservative (read: tattoos covered) Some days you just don't feel like talking about them, especially with all your great aunts who don't have filters from their brains to their mouths. The party was great, my grandpa was totally surprised and had a blast! He can't stop talking about it!

Before the party Kevin and I had a few hours to waste, so we headed to the cemetery. I figured there would be somewhere in there pretty to take outfit photos. Plus it was a beautiful day and I love exploring cemeteries! I love looking at all the old headstones, calculating how old they were, and imagining what they were like. Lets not forget what awesome names everyone had, so strong and powerful - I'm pretty jealous! I took a bunch of photos but afterwards realized I'd be much happier if the photos were film, not digital! I guess that just means we'll have to go back again! 

Hope you're having a great Monday! I've got a busy one. Thanksgiving is sneaking up and I have so much to do before taking a little holiday break. (Don't worry, I'll still be blogging daily!)

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39 thoughts

  1. Ohhhh the tooth pin!!! Need one. SO cute. Aqua is such a great color on you. It really compliments your hair :)
    I almost had the "I need to start dressing like a grown up" mental talk with myself yesterday, but then realized Khaki is a lame color, and if I want to wear rainbow for the rest of my life why the heck not?! I'll make one bright and chipper old lady!
    Thanks for being an inspiration for me to stay true to myself <3

  2. the colors are so lovely!
    you inspire me to be more colorful : )
    Hope you have a good day

  3. I loooove this outfit! I am obessed with all things mint and I love it paired with brown! Your acorn pin is just too stinkin cute and I totally agree about cemeteries! I love strolling through old ones and thinking about what their lives must have been like!

  4. gorgeous! i love the brooches, so cuute

    http://filthylittlethings.blogspot.com/ x

  5. Love this tooth pin, it is the cutest thing. The pattern on your skirt & shirt are just awesome as well.
    Also I do the same 'cover up the tattoos' thing at family gatherings. And I only have 2, I just don't want to discuss 'why I would do that to myself'.

  6. This outfit is SO pretty!! And I'm absolutely loving all of the gorgeous hues that you've paired together here, and I too love exploring old cemeteries - also, the idea of film photos sounds lovely!! Hope your week is fantastic & yay, for Thanksgiving! xo V

  7. Well covered or not you always look adorable. I love cemeteries too! Lots of history and circle of life stuff. ;) xoxo

  8. you are so adorable! these are some of the prettiest outfit photos ever! the lighting is just so lovely.

  9. I love your outfit. The colours are so pretty :)

  10. You look amazing and you picked the perfect outfit to be conservative! :)
    I love cemeteries, I love looking at the old headstones and seeing how old they were and reading what their family had to say about them!

  11. Your blog is really, really lovely and is one of my favorite!
    I love your style, your hair color and your photos are always beautiful! =)

    Amazing blog!

  12. You really picked a perfect grandma-party appropriate outfit without sacrificing any of your adorable style!


  13. LOVE the pattern of your dress. Beautiful!

  14. lovelovelove! cute with and without the coat. and look at you having the thought to add pins to your ensemble.

    xoxo lizzy

  15. Aww, the surprise party for your grandpa sounds like it was really fun!!

    Love the tooth and acorn pins. They're too cute :D

  16. pretty pretty colors.
    love them and those tights are so cute.

    xoxo katlin

  17. That coat is way too cute! And your hair looks awesome up and curly too!

    It looks like the perfect weather :) cold enough to make the effort to wrap up a little and warm enough that you don't end up with a red nose! :)

  18. You're the cutest, Kaylah. I always love your outfit posts!
    Love and Turtledoves,

  19. You look so lovely! I wish I could wear something like this right now but it is just too darn cold here :(

  20. So pretty as always! I loooove the tooth pin! :)

  21. Amazing way to bring baby blue into fall!~ I am smitten with the color combination~

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    I'm having a giveaway...

  22. eep, I love your pins/brooches! I know you have quite the collection, if I had that many I could never decide which to wear, haha :)

  23. I love this outfit it is so adorable. I especially love the tights! You've convinced me I need to go and buy from We Love Colours!




  24. Oh, I absolutely ADORE your minty blue tights! You look precious! Happy birthday to your grandpa, too...80 years is certainly something to celebrate!


  25. Love the tooth pin so much! I just got a tooth tattoo :D

  26. your outfit is exceptional! that blue green color looks terrific on you. i like the pattern of your dress, & your lady bug nails. i find cemeteries peaceful. i like to make up stories & imagine the lives the people lived.

  27. Looking awesome :) The acorn and tooth brooches are too sweet! I think the owners of the coolest surname I've come across in a cemetary were Mr and Mrs Careless.

  28. I am going crazy over your skirt and shirt set! As I was scrolling down, I actually got pretty upset that you snagged it from an estate sale - otherwise I was going to go and buy one myself!

    Great find and of course wonderful post (and blog!)

  29. Oh my goodness! Lovin the acorn! How cute is he/she? By the way the hair color looks amazing! ::smooches::

  30. This is such a cute outfit! Your hair looks amazing!

  31. Oh this outfit is gorgeous! I love the colours so much, it's nice to see you in blue/teal! The tooth pin is all sorts of adorable!

  32. You are a queen of whimsy, I take notes

  33. I love the acorn pin. You are cooool!

  34. Your tooth and acorn are just too cute!!


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