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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

lapel pin collection

I've been living in my apartment for just under two years now... and I'm finally ready to show y'all my bedroom. Well, as ready as I'll ever be. In my last apartment my bedroom was the last room I shared photos of, and in the house I owned before that I don't think I ever shared photos of the bedroom. I'm going to toot my own horn here, I'm good at decorating living rooms. Seriously, look at my living room. It's adorable. Bedrooms though... they stump me! They always end up getting all the odds and ends that don't work in other rooms, so they become this mish-mash of furniture and decorations that don't quite go together.

Right now my excuse is that I don't plan on staying here much longer. There's no point in buying any new furniture because I'd move tomorrow if the right place presented itself. That's also the exact reason why I wanted to take the time to document this space. It may not be the neatest bedroom, or the most beautifully decorated bedroom, which has absolutely been a factor in my not sharing it. It's not the kind of room I'm going to find plastered all over pinterest but it's my room. It's where I've been sleeping for the last year*, having Netflix marathons, and devouring pizzas with my dude. It's an important piece of my history.

bedroom tour, bedroom decor
The white cabinet is not mine. It's attached to the wall, in what I feel is the most random place ever. Just one of the joys of renting!

Striped quilt is from Macys. Two things; One - It's on SUPER clearance right now. Two - It shrinks a lot in the dryer. My queen is embarrassingly small after a few washes but thanks to that clearance + some coupons I got a king for under $20!
▴ Lockers are a lucky craigslist score. You can read more about them here
Ice cream cone lamp
▴ Globes, signs, and periodic table were all picked up second hand. 
▴ Stool, and gold turtle shell from Target. 
▴ Phrenology head is from Home Goods.  

If you're curious about anything else, just ask!

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*Probably doesn't make much sense for me to say I've been living here for nearly two years but only sleeping in this room for one year but I recently swapped rooms with my office. Check out this room when it was my office space last year here.

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14 thoughts

  1. i think your bedroom is fantastic! comfortable and perfect.

  2. You're not giving yourself enough credit. This bedroom is awesome!

  3. Do you use your lockers as a dresser? Cause that'd be pretty neat.

    1. No but that's a great idea! They just hold other random stuff. Painting supplies, camera stuff, photos, etc.

  4. Haha, one of my previous rented flats had similar type of metallic cabinet as well. Although, it was bright red and the studio flat was tiny! I still enjoyed it :D Love the theme in your bedroom :)


  5. I love your room! I have the same desk! Only difference is mine has a guinea pig on it

  6. Another dream space! Those lockers just kill me - I used to own some but had to leave them when I moved. Time to start looking for replacements :)

    1. I want to see more photos of where you live on your blog! :)

  7. Your bedroom looks so dreamy! I especially love that bedspread!!


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