a few of my favorite posts from 2015 : part one - The Dainty Squid

a few of my favorite posts from 2015 : part one

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

At the end of every year I go a little recap post crazy. Earlier in the week I shared my favorite outfits from the past twelve months, and I have a few more "favorite" posts queued up for these last few days of 2015. I really just love going back through the year's posts. It makes me appreciate my blog so much more. It's amazing how much I would have otherwise forgotten. Below are a few of my favorite posts from 2015, these are the more informative posts, as opposed to personal or daily life posts. (That list will be up later this week!)

Favorite posts from 2012.
Favorite posts from 2013 - part one + part two.
Favorite posts from 2014.

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6 thoughts

  1. I agree, blogging is a great way to remember little bits of your life. Reminiscing over old posts has been one of my favorite things to do since I started my blog! It's hard to choose a favorite post of yours, but I really liked your skull cleaning post, and also the story of the Dainty Squid posts.

    1. Oh, mine too! I love getting lost in my own archives. It's fun!

  2. You have been busy - great posts!! Really looking forward to what you'll share in 2016 :D - Sam

  3. Loving a look back at your favorite posts from 2015! Love your blog so much!

    Rae | Love from Berlin


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