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  • project 365 // days 291 – 297

    291 : 365 Szalay’s Farm and Market. I love those ugly green-ish pumpkins!  292 : 365 A pouty looking puppy. 293 : 365 One of my favorite photos of Squid. cat magnets from Seltzer Goods.  294 : 365 The pizza gang! I love Jason’s intense pizza stare. Angelo’s is seriously the best pizza in the Cleveland area. I wish we could eat here at least once a week.  295 :

  • Weekly Nail

    Supplies used… Sally Hansen Butterscotch Sally Hansen Grass Slipper Sally Hansen The Sky’s the Limit Sally Hansen Purple Posy Sally Hansen Shrimply Devine Cosmetic Sponges (+ a paper plate) Seche Vite as a top coat I was recently looking back through the nail tag and found the post from when I discovered how to do gradient nails. I only did them a few times then quickly forgot about them. But