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Favorite Posts

Hey, hey! I wanted to make a little list of my favorite posts on The Dainty Squid. I've been blogging for around six years and have published over 2,000 posts. The majority of the posts I've featured here are informational ones relating to reoccurring topics but there are a few others thrown in this list as well. Browse away!

the story of The Dainty Squid part one + two

Want to browse some more? Some of my favorite tags on the blog are "abandoned", "found on the beach" and "what I wore". That time I visited an abandoned greenhouse was pretty darn awesome. Sometimes I rule at pattern clashing. I spend lots of time wandering around cemeteries, and often I take pleasure in finding weird things on the beach. I basically live to watch sunsets. I love the desert and once squirrels made me cry. Right before taking a big road trip I bought expired Polaroid film on craigslist and it developed beautifully. There's tons here to explore. Grab a cup of tea, and stay a while!

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