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Hey there! I'm Kaylah!

About me? I'm a full time blogger whose goals in life are to see the world, learn about everything that interests me, and ya know, see Man Man play every single chance I get. Just over two years ago I moved to Cleveland, Ohio. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, a turning point in my life for sure! I'm a shy person doing my best to push myself out of my comfort zone on the daily. The Dainty Squid is my space to share my daily adventures, and my quest to find beauty in every little thing out there. I'm all about keeping things positive, and inspiring around here. 

More about me? I'm a huge fan of beach combing, and snail mail. On any given day I can be found exploring an abandoned building, riding my bike around Cleveland, or driving to some obscure place just to see a silly roadside attraction. I've an avid estate sale shopper who collects many things including teeth, globes, skulls, and pressed pennies. I'm passionate about photography and almost never without a camera. I've got quite the green thumb. I almost never make it out of a garden center without a new addition for my apartment. My hair hasn't been a "natural" color in over eight years and you'll never catch me with my fingernails unpainted. I've kind of (okay, definitely) got a thing for black and white stripes, they make up nearly half of my wardrobe.  But all in all, I'm just a normal (currently) green haired gal.

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