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Hello! I'm Kaylah! I'm a full time blogger whose goals in life are to be happy, see the world, learn about everything that interests me and ya know, see Man Man play every chance I get. On any given day I can be found exploring a cemetery, reading at the beach (under an umbrella and slathered in sunscreen because I don't want to tan!) or driving to some obscure place just to see a silly roadside attraction. I'm an avid estate sale and thrift store shopper. I collect many things including teeth, globes, cuckoo clocks, skulls, pressed pennies, patches, and brooches. I'm passionate about (good) root beer, body modification, long hot bubble baths, film photography, mycology, and all things banana flavored. My hair hasn't been a "natural" color in at least five years and you'll never catch me with my fingernails unpainted. I'm obsessed with house plants, all things black and white striped, Zelda, and making lists. But all in all, I'm just a normal (currently) purple haired gal living in Lakewood, Ohio. 
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