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project 365

project 365 : days 79 - 85

Monday, March 27, 2017

79 : 365 Lots of stripes and overalls lately, not that that is anything new.
Lapel pin by Valley Cruise Press.

80 : 365 Favorite plant, favorite puppy. Both love the sunshine.

81 : 365 I recently saw on instagram that Flambeauxs teamed up with my favorite graffiti artist to make some candles. Obviously hit "add to cart" real darn quick on that.

82 : 365 My dudes + I did a little poking around underground. I didn't take too many photos down there but I did take this one that I ended up really loving it. It's not the usual style of photography that I share on instagram so I made a comment about how it probably wouldn't get very many likes... then it ended up getting a comically large number of likes. (Here) I wish I had more to share from that night but if you're interested in seeing more underground stuff, I posted a bunch of photos back in November.

83 : 365 You guys, I really really love this cat. He makes me smile every single day. He acts so excited to see me every morning, like he's been deprived of cuddles and kisses for the last eight hours. He's good people.

84 : 365 Another pin close up! I've got the full outfit post coming up later this week.

85 : 365 Taking dumb photos of my pets is honestly one of my favorite hobbies, if you hadn't guessed that already.

Happy Monday!

friday favorites

Friday Favorites #408

Friday, March 24, 2017

I was just going to post about the sweater, but really that whole outfit is gold! 
This has to be the cutest way ever to display airplants!
 Love that print, and the whole vibe the photo gives off.
 (via: Mathilde Aubier)
Ah! Love these planters so much! They're ridiculous.
 (via: Moorea Seal)
How adorable are these bear trivets?! I love every day items that are cute!
You guys, how awesome is this wallet?!
 This has to be one of the coolest globes ever.
 (via: Vintage Cals)
 So, there is this tool that helps turn your radishes into mushrooms, and that rules!
The lip balm set of my dreams! All coffee, all the time!
Yes, please to this dress!
(via: Unique Vintage

Link love...
▴ This skull is SO DARN COOL.
▴ I bought this shirt recently, and it's theeeee cutest on. Highly recommend grabbing it if you'd like an easy to wear shirt that makes your whole outfit look a little bit more put together.
Rock Hound Soap has some seriously awesome soaps!
Cactus tank top!
▴ I tried on this dress in the store and only resisted because I feel a little bit uncomfortable showing that much of my back. It's sooo pretty on though. I guess I could wear a cardigan...
Home is where your plants are.

Happy Friday!

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my favorite blogs + instagram accounts

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

For basically as long as The Dainty Squid has had it's own little place on the internet I've been meaning to make a list of the blogs I enjoy. So much time has passed that a great majority of those blogs are no longer active. At this time I actually don't read very many blogs so it kind of felt silly to write a post that was basically just "hey guys, I read this one blog. you should too." But then I had the idea to share a few of my favorite instagram accounts as well and I definitely have some solid recommendations. Without further ado...

My top 9 instagram accounts.
top row, left to right.
@blackspringsfolkart. Beca is one of my oldest internet buddies. I find endless inspiration in her + her partner Doug (who also has a rad instagram!) Beca + Doug make rad things, rescue animals, and basically just seem like genuinely good people. Oh, I also can't leave out the fact that Beca is a phenomenal baker. Her macarons were the first I ever tried and the ones to get me addicted. She's also the one who made that INCREDIBLE cactus cake you've probably seen floating around the web recently. BAM! Four new accounts for you to explore!
@egweeds. Erin is a Cleveland artist, and I am a complete fan girl. You may recognize her work from some of my photos since I always hunt down her work around the city!
@ohchloe. Chloe is an incredible photographer. She's also a pun master.

middle row, left to right.
@stuckwithpins. I believe I originally connected with Corinne when I saw that she was into oddities like I am. She has such an awesome aesthetic and is really inspiring. She has a blog you should probably check out too.
@not_in_new_york. If you're a fan of my found on the beach series you'd probably loooove this account.
@doug.smith. I found Doug through his fiance Sara (who is also on this list!) and fell in love with his photography. I love following the two of them because I enjoy being able to see the same thing shot through different people's eyes when they go on adventures together.

bottom row, left to right.
@goodandnice. I'm just a really big fan of Alayna's whole aesthetic.
@martha.stewardess. I'm not sure how exactly I found Denise, maybe her dreamy home which you can find a tour of here, but she quickly became one of my favorites. She also has the cutest puppy named Lola so you should obviously follow her.
@4theloveoftoys. Sara is kind, colorful + creative!

My favorite blog is.... drum roll please... The Only Living Girl in New York. I think it's pretty safe to say if you like The Dainty Squid you'll probably enjoy Alexandra's blog. We have very very similar interests. She regularly blogs about cemeteries, abandoned places, books, and her everyday adventures. She likes all the same weird stuff I do including novelty architecture so we're basically soul sisters. 

I also regularly read Greatest Escapist, MFer Photography, The cat you and us, and - my newest obsession - writes like a girl.

Tell me about your favorite blogs + instagram accounts! I am always looking for more people to follow. (Also, if you think yours is one I'd be into feel free to leave your links as well!)


Greenwood Cemetery

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Throwing it back to last month's New Orleans trip right now. Since we wouldn't be renting a car in New Orleans we had to find some way from the airport to our hotel. Jeff, and I both own our own cars, live in a drive-able city, and generally have had no reason to ever use any sort of ride sharing app. This would be a first. After having a rough time figuring out where the heck our Uber was at the airport, we eventually hopped in a stranger's van and rode somewhere completely foreign to us. It was actually really fun, and only mildly terrifying. Our driver was super sweet and told us a bunch of places we had to check out in the city and said she'd point out some cemeteries from the freeway that she thought we might like. She didn't have to point them out though. I spotted them immediately, prompting this tweet.

A few days later we summoned (requested? called for? I like "summoned") another Uber and headed back toward the cemeteries that had caught my eye on that first day. There are actually a handful of cemeteries right next to each other in this area. Any other day and I could have spent the whole day exploring but the day we chose to head out there was HOT. Jeff wasn't feeling it but I was running on adrenaline. Anywhere else trying to do that much walking in the heat and I would have called it quits but these were places I had dreamed of visiting for years. We walked through Cypress Grove Cemetery first which, in my opinion, maybe isn't the most exciting. After that we crossed the street to wander around Greenwood Cemetery.

Greenwood was nothing short of amazing. Its such a beautiful cemetery. Despite the heat and a run in with some fire ants (I literally ripped off my shoes and was thiiiiis close to taking off my pants), this was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

Greenwood Cemetery had a lot of really interesting mausoleums. The photos above and below show two of my favorites. I've never seen anything like them!

new orleans, cemetery,
mausoleum, cemetery, pelton

After spending only a little over a half an hour here we headed back to our hotel because we both were so hot. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to spend more time here or check out any of the other cemeteries nearby but I guess that just means I have an excuse to go back!

Until next time, NOLA!

For more from my trip to New Orleans check out these posts; New Orleans for a week, St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 + New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.

project 365

project 365 : days 72 - 78

Monday, March 20, 2017

72 : 365 I randomly bought the cats a bed because I saw one that was cheap, and cute. I didn't think they'd ever use it since cats are notorious for not giving a crap about anything you buy them (Looking at you scratching post!) Much to my surprise the bed is almost always occupied by one of the cats which makes me feel like the worst cat mom ever since they haven't had their own bed all these years. I shouldn't feel bad though because I own some reeeeally cozy blankets that they always hog so it's not like they've ever been uncomfortable.

73 : 365 Just a photo to show off my nails. I'm trying so hard to get back into the habit of painting my nails all fancy. Seriously, these kill me. It's hard because I've gotten stuck in the rut of just painting them one solid color, and calling it a day. Polka dots are a simple step in the right direction.

74 : 365 Spent some time replanting a few things. I really should go through my plant collection and photograph everything. I've been wanting to do some side by side comparison photos to show how much they've grown but I rarely take photos that truly show off the size of anything.

75 : 365 Some just because flowers from Jeffrey. So sweet.

76 : 365 This dog isn't happy unless he's in your lap. It's kind of the cutest thing but also kind of the most annoying thing.

77 : 365 Boss kitty in his leather chair looking all sassy.

78 : 365 Klaus looks like he feels overwhelmed by the number of colors he has to choose from.Yeah, I might be a little obsessed with these marker/pens. I already LOVE making lists, and these make it even more fun. I had the small 10 pack but had to purchase the set of 20 too because more colors is always a good thing!

Happy Monday!

You can keep up with my Project 365 photos under the tag "project 365", of course!

friday favorites

Friday Favorites #407

Friday, March 17, 2017

This dress is covered in beetles! Do I even have to tell you how I feel about it!?
 (via: Modcloth)
This cactus wall hook is super cute. I really like that it's white so doesn't really stick out too much, that it'd just be a fun surprise when someone notices what it is. Although, it does come in green too if that's more your style!
I LOVE this blanket!
 (via: nicenicenice)
I feel like I may have already featured this shirt but even so, it's worth posting again.
The cutest ring dish!
...And a ring I would absolutely love to put into it. 
(via: Liesel Love)
 (via: Love My Tapes)
Rainbow notepad! So darn cute! Also, you should probably just go ahead and buy some fruit-scented pencils to write with.
(via: Urban Outfitters)
This raincoat is so awesome! Even more awesome is that it folds up into a compact little bag. It comes in a handful of other prints if you're not a fan of dragonflies.
(via: Joules)
Y'all, these boots are dreamy as heck!
(via: Office)
Ah! Look how cute these jeans are.
(via: Lulus)
 This would be super cute filled with plants.
This succulent coloring book looks like a lot of fun. There's also this cactus coloring book + this one too!
 (via: Amazon)

Link love...
Eyeball dress!!!
5 pack of cactus print socks? Yes, please! (They're under $15!)
▴ The bottom of this dress is so darn beautiful!
▴ It's just a plain black button up top but it looks perfect! Love pieces that are super easy to wear but make it look like you put some effort into getting dressed.
▴ How adorable are these cactus leggings? You can also find a dress + skirt in the same pattern!

Happy Friday!

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