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what I wore : easy breezy

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

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wiw, ootd, fashion blog
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glasses - Louise via Warby Parker
dress - TJ Maxx
sweater - Macy's 
necklace - Moorea Seal
tights - House of Holland (many years ago!)
backpack - TJ Maxx (similar)
shoes - White Mountain oxfords via Amazon

Say "hello!" to my new favorite outfit! I've been trying really hard these past couple years to whittle my wardrobe down to items that are easy to wear, and that make me feel really great. I want a closet full of items that I don't even have to think about. Things you just pop on and automatically feel like a million bucks. This dress is definitely one of those items especially when paired with a simple oversized sweater and some oxfords.

I was having one of those "try everything on!!" days at TJ Maxx recently and ended up taking this dress into the fitting room with me. It's not my typical style (aka it's not black and white, or a fit and flare style of dress) but I loved it immediately. I bought it with my trip to New Orleans in mind. It ended up being perfect for the weather down there. I kind of wished I could have just worn it all week. I also kind of wish I could just wear it every single day now that I'm back at home too.

Must find more dresses just like this!!!

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9 thoughts

  1. You're looking extra-happy, & your hair's looking extra-green!

  2. Might to check my TJs and see if they have it! So cute!

  3. So, so cute and it looks comfy too! I probably would've wore it all week!

  4. On an unrelated note (although that dress is super cute)....I bleached my hair recently and it is CRAZY dry. As someone who does their hair all the time, how do you keep it (at least looking) super soft and healthy? I don't think I read that in any of your hair posts...maybe I just forgot...
    PS. Obviously, your hair looks amazing.

    1. Conditioner. Lots of conditioner!

      I have a list of my favorite treatment masks here;


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