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Professor has an instagram!

Sunday, March 05, 2017

professor stingray, siamese cat,

Earlier this week my little toasted marshmallow got his own instagram account, aptly called fessermakesfaces. Yep, I am that lady. Back in March of last year I made him his own hashtag but recently I've been fighting the urge to just post non-stop pictures of him on my regular account. After a tiny bit of contemplation and the response of "I'm surprised you haven't made him one already!" from Jeff, I decided to not fight the urge any longer and create a place where it's all Professor all the time!

cat with bow tie, siamese cat

You can find him here, @fessermakesfaces. Hope you'll follow along! ;)

PS. Who are some of your favorite pets to follow on instagram? I LOVE Darren & Phillip aka The Blue Boys.

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13 thoughts

  1. Hahaha, I created one for my cats last week, too!

  2. I've looked through his hashtag on multiple occasions and only JUST realised that 'fesser' is short for 'Professer'... The alternated spelling confused me, okay? How embarrassing 🙈 Nevertheless, I am looking forward to seeing more this wonderful guy's little face on my feed!

  3. I love that he has his own instagram....what a goofy boy!

  4. I am loving the Professor's new account! He makes the best faces.

    Oh goodness I follow so many cat accounts. A few of my favorites are @omgdeedee @olivertaco and @cat_tank. I've also really been digging the good vibes from @iammoshow and all his shoulder cats.

    1. Oh my gosh, I love @iammoshow!!!

    2. holy cow, gary with that beard!!!!

    3. Yeah, those were super solid recommendations!


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