Friday Favorites #398 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #398

Saturday, January 14, 2017

This cat collar is the cutest! It's also under fifteen bucks!!
 (via: Amazon)
I was literally just thinking how I'd like to make the outside of my laptop look cute a few days ago, then I stumbled upon these decals. LOVE THEM!
 (via: Made of Sundays)
I know I've featured SHiliconfETTI°'s work here before but this cactus sweater is just ridiculous! I would never take it off. There is also a matching throw and pillow!
I tweeted about this candle and included it in my instagram story earlier this week but it's currently burning beside me as I type and I couldn't not talk about it here too. It smells SO good. I don't know what randomly made me choose to order a candle that I had no idea what it smelled like but it was a solid choice. I want a lifetime supply!
 (via: P.F. Candle Co.)
 I like the shape and color of this couch alone but those buttons are what really wins my heart. Love that little pop of color.
(via: LexMod)
(via: Modcloth)
Doesn't this hammock chair just look so cozy!?
 (via: hammockchaireu)
I'm super into these shoes! I can't decide whether I like them in black or white better. 
(via: Keds)
(via: BonbiForest)
Cat cardigan!!! YAS!
(via: Modcloth)

Link love...
▴ I feel like I should just wear this shirt everywhere because it's an accurate description of how I feel every time I see a dog.
▴ It's not striped but I really love this black and white dress.
▴ I'm obsessed with this strappy bralette. This one too! They're super affordable!
▴ The perfect ring if you love snails.
▴  Love love loooove this polka dot dress!
▴ For some unknown reason, Amazon put this dog wig in my recommendations and I have never laughed harder. There is also a long blond one which had me cackling as well. I hope everyone buys one for their dog and then emails me photos.

Happy Friday!!

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6 thoughts

  1. My god I need to own a hammock chair!

  2. I always look forward to seeing your faves each week! There's always something that I see that I adore!

  3. my sister has a puppy that looks just like that, watch out for a future instagram tag for you to see this wig in action.


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