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Colonial Park Cemetery

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Savannah, Georgia,

At the beginning of this year Jeff got a new full time job which is obviously really good news but we kind of thought it meant we wouldn't be able to travel as much as we wanted. Since the very beginning of our relationship traveling has been something that we've enjoyed together tremendously. I mean, duh, who doesn't like traveling with their significant other? We took our first big trip together only a few months after meeting, and that was the start of something magical. I live for our vacations. They're easily some of the best times I've ever had so the idea we wouldn't be able to take our annual trip out west or go anywhere else was a huge bummer. With some careful planning, determination, and a few all night drives, 2016 turned into the year of road trips for us. I've played in the ocean, explored new cities, poked around a creepy old cave, and even managed to cross off one of my bucket list destinations - Roswell!

Over the holiday weekend Jeff and I went down to Georgia looking for a soul to steal and spent a few days hanging out in Savannah. I think this trip kind of started off as a joke, or at least it kind of felt like it. "We should go on Thanksgiving, that way we don't have to decide whose house to go to for dinner!" Then, kind of randomly one day, Jeff sent me a screenshot that he had booked our hotel. We left the Wednesday before Thanksgiving around 8pm and took turns driving through the night. It's a loooong twelve hour drive but you do what you gotta do!

I had hoped to blog about it how I blog about all the other trips I take, which is in order so it's kind of like a diary or something for me to look back on but to be honest, the majority of the photos I took were in cemeteries. I had been to Savannah once before a few years ago. It was actually my first big trip with a friend and I had the time of my life. I almost feel like it was an important turning point for me. Anyway, I didn't take many photos while I was there that time and I've been dying to get back to shoot these cemeteries that I have to believe are some of the most beautiful in the United States. So we ate the best chocolate ever*, played some pirate themed mini-golf, ate a pirate themed restaurant, did a whole lot of walking, and of course, spent a ton of time wandering cemeteries. I have so many photos to still work my way through but I'm going to start with my favorites first.

Colonial Park Cemetery

Colonial Park Cemetery is beautiful old cemetery located right in the middle of the city. It was established in 1750, and obviously holds tons of history. 700 victims of the 1820 Yellow Fever epidemic are buried here, along with many victims of Savannah's dueling era. During the Civil War many of the graves were looted. Rumor has it that Union soldiers even changed the dates on some headstones. Why they'd do that is beyond me, but still, very interesting!

I had actually visited this particular cemetery a few years ago but absolutely, one hundred percent, do not remember it being this beautiful. Jeff and I arrived shortly after sunrise, while the sun was still in a perfect spot in the sky. The lighting was incredible and there morning fog seemed to just be burning off. It was SO beautiful. Lets not forget the Spanish moss. Oh my gosh, is there anything prettier than trees draped in Spanish moss in a cemetery? No, there isn't! I don't even know how many times I exclaimed how much I loved it. (Sorry for being annoying, Jeff!) I just can't get enough!

All the cute shops, beautiful historic buildings, and good eats aside, Savannah is worth visiting just for it's cemeteries... ya know, if you're into that kind of thing.

*So, I was just going to link to the chocolate place's website until I realized they also had an etsy shop. You guys HAVE TO try this chocolate. Their Mexican Mayan Truffle is literally the best piece of chocolate I have ever eaten in my life. Also, their retail location is the adorable if you're in the area!

what i wore

what I wore : prettiest pinafore

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

glasses - Love L768 via Coastal
pinafore - striped pinafore via Target
tote bag - Seltzer Goods
socks -Target
shoes - TJ Maxx

Lets get it out of the way first, there is definitely mud on my socks... and probably a few other places I'm not noticing right this second. It's the grossest time of the year. Mud everywhere. I took these a few minutes after seeing Klaus for the first time in a few days. I was about to say we were probably equally excited to see each other but I didn't almost break through the front door like him or make any weird yelping noises. He spent the holiday weekend with my parents while I took a little road trip. More on this soon. Still working my way through the photos. I felt kind of bad not spending Thanksgiving with him but I know he was absolutely spoiled and most likely ate a better Thanksgiving dinner than I did. He certainly came home with a little more meat on his bones. My parents spoil all their grandchildren, human or not.

I'm so excited about this pinafore. I actually saw E.M. from Lark + Lace wearing one. I would link to it but I feel like it was a while ago. You should probably dig through her archives though because her outfits and photos are so pretty! Anyway, once I saw hers, I knew I had to find one for myself. The one she linked to was sold out and my attempts to find one in store were fruitless. I really don't consider myself a tall woman... until I start trying on things and they barely cover my butt. I saw this one at Target, figured it would be too short, and wrote it off without ever trying it on. A few days later I was back at Target again because I couldn't stop thinking about it. I tried it on, and much to my surprise, it covers the booty! Wooo! I celebrated by buying a top and socks to pair with it. With this cardigan on top, I feel like I could basically live in this outfit.

Well, I've gotta run now. I'm babysitting today... for the first time ever! Ah! Hope you have a lovely day!  Cross your fingers for me. ;)

friday favorites

Friday Favorites : BLACK FRIDAY 2016

Friday, November 25, 2016

It's become an annual tradition to share Black Friday sales from my favorite small businesses each year. I'm so excited to share these with you! Some of these sales are exclusively for TDS readers, which is pretty darn awesome. This is a hefty list, so grab your coffee and get ready to shop.

Pony People is offering 20% off all orders with coupon code "SALEM" starting today and ending Monday, the 28th, at midnight

 Maiden Voyage Clothing is offering 25% off on orders $10 & up. The code is "GIVETHANKS" Now through Monday.

From Friday Nov. 25 to Sunday Nov. 27 everything will be 20% off using code "NOIR20" at checkout AND orders over $50 (before discount and taxes) will receive a free mystery pin from Weekender Supply Co.

Pets by Carvas is offering up a complimentary pouch of their 100% Organic Catnip when you buy any two cat collars or bandanas and use code "DAINTYSQUID16". Professor has a collar by them, and it's basically the world's cutest. I cannot recommend them enough.

Papio Press are doing a promotion for 30% off everything in their whole store with code "BLACKFRIDAY16". They'll also be giving out extra little goodies with every order, which could be anything from some cute little badges to a free print! Today through Monday. 

Nicola Rowlands is offering 25% off orders over £10, with code "HOLIDAZE" as well as free shipping on domestic orders with code "SHIPSHIP"and a free Calendar with orders over £40! You should probably get a portrait of yourself on a unicorn!

Weird Beard Candle Co made a coupon just for TDS readers! Code "BFCMSQUID" will get you 20% off your order from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Buy this candle. You will not regret it, I promise! It is my all time favorite.

I like CATS has a tiered code, for orders over £10 (about $13) you can get 20% off everything using code "BLACKCAT20". For orders over £50 (about $63) you can get 30% off everything using code "BLACKCAT30"!

Lucky Horse Press has a 3 for $25 pin sale! Cactus pins, you guys, cactus pins! They also have 5 for $20 card sale going on as well!

Whipped Up Wonderful is offering 20% everything until the 29th, no code needed! I'm kind of drooling over this cinnamon bun bubble bar. Seriously, go check out the photos and try to deny how delicious it looks!

Frog & Toad Press are doing both black friday and cyber monday sales. 25% off purchase with code "BLACKFRIDAY" on Friday and "CYBERMONDAY" on Monday. They make some of my favorite patches out there but their cards are really really wonderful as well.

Fair Goods made a coupon code especially for you guys! "Daintysquid" will get you 30% off your order. They sell a bunch of ridiculous (in a good way, obviously) items my favorite of which being this handkerchief that says "boogs".

Frolik is offering 15% off "with BLK15" and 30% off (with a minimum spend of $24) with "BLK30".

More sales!!!
Kodiak Milly has a free pack of mini prints for her first 25 sales!
Black Crystals has free shipping for US customers through the end of November. No coupon needed.
Hannah Hitchman Illustration is offering 30% off everything using the code "YAYSALE" until midnight on Monday the 28th.
Bubble box is offering 10% off today with code "BLACKFRIDAY10". She has a cactus ring and a cat ring! So affordable already! 
naturephilia is offering a 20% off sale with coupon code "HOLIDAY20".
Justine Cristle Gilbuena has some of her lovely pins on sale! No code needed!

Whew! Quite a list, eh?  Hope you have a most excellent weekend!

daily life


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Last month I shared a post titled just me, in my element. It was something inspired by a single photo that I typed up in one sitting (with a second final glance right before hitting publish to make sure there weren't any major spelling errors, or super crazy thoughts.) The response BLEW. MY. MIND. I honestly don't know when, if ever, something I've written has had such an incredible response. It took me forever to read through all the comments and emails. Replying was even more difficult. So many of you guys shared your stories with me, I was at a loss for words. Shoot, I still am! I genuinely apologize if I somehow forgot anyone, it definitely wasn't on purpose. It was a wild ride. I laughed. I cried. I felt sad. I cheered! More than anything though, I felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude for this platform that has allowed me to connect with SO many people.

Sometimes the negativity involved with blogging makes me want to hibernate. I've never seriously considered giving up The Dainty Squid but I've definitely had times when showing up here every day to share my life was the last thing I wanted to do. I'm not exactly a social butterfly so putting myself out there can be a challenge to begin with but then pile that on top of the fact that the internet can be a REALLY cruel place. I can't even begin to list all the stupid things I've read about myself, and gotten in comments. Honestly, it can be easy to forget how many people I do have cheering for me.

I normally share a list of things I'm thankful for each year but with that post and all the responses so fresh in my mind I really just wanted to dedicate the whole post to you guys. I am so incredibly grateful for all of you out there reading. I feel lucky that so many of you show up here day after day to read about my silly adventures, look at all the photos I take, giggle at my adorable pets, and celebrate all of life's little victories with me. It's crazy to me that there are so many of you out there all around the world who visit my little space on the internet daily. (Seriously, how in the heck did all you guys from the UK find me?! I've got huge numbers over there!)  It also never ceases to amaze me when people tell me how long they've been reading The Dainty Squid. I mean, so many of us have basically grown up together! It's wild.

More than ever I feel super connected to my blog and everyone out there reading. Your comments, emails, tweets, and even likes mean so much. I may not know very many of you personally but you're still a huge part of my life.

Sorry to include a photo of Squid mean muggin' y'all in this post where I tell you how much I love you.

 So yeah, THANK YOU! Thank you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

explore everywhere


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

There are some shenanigans my friends and I get into that I don't blog about for one reason or another. Exploring tunnels is one of these things for a handful of reasons. One important thing being I would never want to encourage you to do something potentially dangerous. Flash floods are real, and air quality should always be something you're thinking about. Second, they aren't really all that glamorous, and in the past I really struggled with how to photograph them.

I've expressed my frustrations with night photography in the past but this like a step past night photography. These tunnels are completely dark in most cases. No light at all. It's up to you and your flashlight to put together a cool shot. The dozen or so times previous to this that I've been underground I didn't really take all that many photos. In a situation that is kind of new to me it's tough for me to want to experiment when the people around seem so confident and like they know exactly what they're doing. I don't know if that make any sense at all especially since I'm confident my friends wouldn't judge me for any potentially crappy photos.

This time I was really feeling it though! It's such a great feeling to be excited to sort through your photos at the end of an adventure. I'm so thankful to have friends who put me in unique situations and encourage me to grow as a photographer, whether they mean to or not.

someone lost their purse!

In the past I always just set up to take the same or very similar shots that my friends were taking. Basically just long exposures where someone was silhouetted - kind of like this one or this one Jeff took of me. It was almost like I felt I couldn't shoot anything other than that because I was just learning to take long exposures to begin with so I wanted to get that perfect shot. This time I went into with the notion that I wanted to capture the experience, not the perfect photos, and I am so so so excited about what I got.

My favorites of the bunch are the long exposures weird light trails from out flashlights, and ghost-like figures, like the one below. I picked that up near the end of our little adventure on accident and then promptly decided I had to shoot like that more. The first photo in this post is absolute favorite. I had everyone walk away from me while I took a thirty second exposure. It was a super long, super dark, thirty seconds which I spent singing quietly to calm the thoughts of tunnel monsters but it was so worth it.

underground, tunnel

My goal as a photographer is to always be growing, experimenting, and learning new skills. In the last two years I have done SO much of this. I'm curious to see where I'll be in another few years. I can't wait to get back and play around more!

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