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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Twice in the past I've shared posts titled "listening, watching, playing" (Find them here + here) This mini series of sorts started after a reader recommended something similar to my what I've been reading posts, except with movies, shows, music and more. It's been a while since my last installment, long enough that I'm finally listening and watching different things, so I figured it was time for an update!

According to I've been listening to a lot of AFI...because apparently I'm fifteen again. The Art of Drowning has just been on repeat. There are very few albums out there that I can listen to and enjoy the whole thing and this is one of them. A few others, off the top of my head, include Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friends, all Man Man albums, and most recently, Aesop Rock's The Impossible Kid.

I'm still really into Spotify's recommended playlist, Discover Weekly, that they make at the beginning of each week. Some weeks it's way off but the majority of the time I find at least a handful of new songs to listen to on repeat. As someone who gets stuck in patterns of listening to the same thing over and over again, it's fun to hear a variety of new things.

I always wished I was one of those really smooth people that was good at making playlists but I'm definitely not. Doesn't mean I didn't make you one anyone anyway! I just started compiling a list of songs I was really into lately and figured why not share. I will say it's good cleaning music, definitely gets me up and moving. You can find it here.

keyboard decals found here.

Like everyone else in the world, I watched and thoroughly enjoyed Stranger Things. I'm impatiently waiting for season two. What else on Netflix have I been watching?
Jane the Virgin - why do I love this show so much!?
Animism - a documentary about people who love objects. Yep...
Louie CK: Live at the Comedy Store - I don't remember the last time I laughed out loud so many times. I watched it without Jeff and honestly felt guilty for not waiting to watch it with him. That's what true love is, right?
Shameless - Why, oh why aren't the rest of the seasons on Netflix? I'm obsessed.
St. Vincent - Caused me to ugly cry. It was a good one, for sure. 

Other than that, I was excited to find that there was a new season of Expedition Unknown available to stream. I don't have cable or anything, just Netflix, so I'm always a season behind on things. Josh Gates is basically the best TV show host, ever. He's hilarious, super smart, and adorable. I'm pretty sure Jeff and I both want to be him. In this show he investigates legends and mysteries, often looking for lost treasure or lost cities. I wish there were unlimited episodes (...and that him and Guy Fieri were hosts of every TV show because I love them so very much.) If there is only one thing from this post that you check out make it Expedition Unknown!

Nearly forgot to add, RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season two! So many of my favorite queens are back. Ahhh! I don't even know who I'm rooting for yet! 

book review,
Mindi made me a Jim Carrey bookmark which I could not love more!

I'm trying SO hard to get back into reading. I don't know that I'll ever get back to how much I used to read but anything is better than nothing. I hit up Half Priced Books the other day hoping to get lucky and score Mary Roach's new book, Grunt, for cheap. Sadly, they didn't have it in stock but I did manage to find a few other books that sounded interesting and were super affordable. With a little pile of new books, I found a renewed enthusiasm for reading. I've even spent a few evenings at the beach reading while the sun set.

I'm currently over three-quarters of the way through Prude by Emily Southwood... and loving it! In my past what I've been reading posts I've expressed my interest in anything to do with sex work, so immediately this book had my attention. It's about a woman whose fiance lands a job filming a reality show about porn, and her struggle to accept it. The author's writing is humorous and although, I don't know that's it's meant to be, it's thought provoking. If it sounds like something you'd be interested in, I definitely recommend it!

So, what have you been listening, watching, reading, playing, etc? I'm always looking for recommendations.

what i wore

what I wore : denim sack

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

cleveland blogger, fashion, green hair, denim dress
the dainty squid, green hair, fashion blog

sunglasses - Jillian c/o Moorea Seal
dress - Marshalls
shoes - Black Sandals via Modcloth

You guys, I fell in love with denim sack. In regard to fitting rooms I have two moods; the one where I would literally pass up my dream dress because I just haaate trying things on and the other one where I want to try on evvvvverything I pass even if I don't think it will look good on me. I was in the second mood on a recent visit to Marshalls and thought it might be funny to see how awful I looked in a denim dress. Maybe I'm a little bit sour about never being able to find a denim button up that looked cute on me, whatever. Anyway, I put it on expecting to look silly and it didn' all. I walked out of my stall, and showed my mom who was in the stall next door. She had the same reaction. "That is SO cute!" It definitely had to be mine.

So this dress, that I originally tried on to laugh at, has become something I wear all the stinken time. Other coffee shop regulars are probably like "Oh, that girl with the green hair and denim dress?" It's just so comfortable. The denim is really thin too so I feel like it hangs on my curves nicely. That sexy but not trying to be sexy at all look, ya know? I dig it. I wish everything in my closet was this easy to wear.

While I was browsing a different Marshalls location I actually saw the same dress except it had polka dots. I searched and searched but sadly, they didn't have my size. Probably a good thing though because a person does not need more than one denim sack, no matter how comfortable.


Maple Grove Cemetery

Monday, August 29, 2016


If you thought I was going to go to New England and not come home with a thousand cemetery photos, you clearly don't know me very well. These aren't quite as interesting as the ones with the creepy faces from Old Bennington Cemetery and not even a quarter as awesome as some I found at another cemetery I visited the next day but this was still an excellent stop.

I had passed this cemetery on my way to Pemaquid Point but was driving too fast to stop since there were cars behind me. I chalked it up as a loss, and had completely forgotten about it until on my way back to the hotel I ended up at the red light across the street and figured I haaad to stop! Right after pulling in the sky opened up and it started to pour. My plans for the evening included swimming in the hotel pool anyway, so why not get wet a little bit early?

Maple Grove Cemetery, maine

Back in March I visited and blogged about Mound View Cemetery in Mount Vernon, Ohio. One of my favorite headstones there was one that just said "Carrie". Since that one finding headstones that only have the first name on them has become one of my favorite things. It's so mysterious. Of course, one could presume it's because family is nearby but some of them are so far from other headstones it's hard to tell if they're related to anyone else there. In this cemetery I actually found a few of them. My favorite of which is "Annie", seen below.


friday favorites

Friday Favorites #379

Friday, August 26, 2016

Absolutely love the print on this backpack!
(via: Modcloth)
I'm such a sucker for cute little glass display boxes, but the shape of this one is just killing me!
 (via: Ruggy Revival)
(via: Tech Tools)
A cactus mural for your wall!
 (via: a new wall)
I already have a small collection of vintage signs but I sure do love this one.
This little pile of pillows, and that blanket are what my home decor dreams are made of. Seriously, that eye pillow!!!
  (via: Zana Products)
This dress!
(via: Modcloth)
A donut shaped coffee warmer. OBSESSED with this! I am definitely going to want one of these when the weather cools down and I'm constantly chugging hot drinks.
(via: Perpetual Kid)
A suspended loft with a trap door. Y'all I am SO into this idea.
 (via: Post)
 It doesn't quite match my current style of furniture but I can't deny the fact this chair and ottoman are way rad!
(via:  LexMod)
Fossil collection starter kit! I love this idea, and I love the execution. The rest of the shop is full of other fun things I really dig too. I feel like the shop owner and I could totally be buds.
 (via: treasurehider)

Link love....
▴ I posted about the Vans/Nintendo collaboration a little while ago but I didn't realize there were socks too!!
▴ Because everything in my life should be b+w striped, including my pens
These bowls are almost too pretty to use for food. I totally thought they were just for rings and things but they say microwave/dishwasher safe on the bottom!
▴ At first I was like "oh cute, an inflatable cactus" but then I saw it was a "men's" cactus. ...uh, what?
▴  THIS BRA!!! (NSFW, obviously)
▴ A floating swan light for your bathtub. So cuuuute!

Happy Friday!!

Ps. For more fun finds check out my Everyday Favorites!  

animals and nature

Giant's Stairs

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Maine, Ocean

Pemaquid Point didn't quite satisfy my urge to explore tide pools. I mean it was obviously an awesome spot but I needed to see more of the coast! Giant's Stairs trail was another spot I found listed as a favorite by the same person who recommended Pemaquid Point. It was a little over an hour away from where I was but the tide was still low enough, and the photos looked cool enough that I figured it'd be worth it.

...Aaaand it was! I followed the trail for a few minutes before dipping down off the path to climb around on rocks. Same luck as before though, I still wasn't finding anything alive. Despite all my research tide pool exploration is still a bit of a mystery to me. It kills me that I don't get to do this more often. If I lived near the ocean I would be at a spot like this every single day at low tide to search for critters. It's so amazing that this world exists and for a small amount of time we get a peek of it.

giant steps, maine,

After an hour or so of watching waves crash in, I climbed back up to the trail ready to head back to my car. It was then I realized the path went on a lot further than I had thought before. Despite being tired and ready to head back to the hotel (+ the hot tub!) I figured I might as well keep on walking because when would I get a chance to explore here again anytime soon.

Not too far from where I climbed up I stumbled upon the actual Giant's Stairs. Seen above. I guess I thought the whole area was just the Giant's Stairs. My photo does them no justice at all. They really are giant stairs!

One of the houses along the trail. Could you even imagine living somewhere like this? If you do actually live somewhere like this, would you like a green haired permanent guest? Because I could be that for you...

I'm already aching to get back to the coast. One half day is not even close to enough time. I always hear people always say stuff like "I was born in the wrong era." but I was just born in the wrong state - which, luckily, is something I can fix. I definitely picture myself living on the coast some day.  I am an ocean gal through and through. I'm half terrified of it which I think is so much of why I love it. It's frightening yet calming. I don't quite know if that makes sense at all but the ocean definitely has me feeling some kind of way. 

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