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Friday Favorites #375

Friday, July 29, 2016

Kate Funk's new cat calendar is out for the year! Ahhh! Seriously just love love love her work.
 (via: Kate Funk)
Cactus pin. I mean, I already own a few but just like real plants you can never have too many!
Lately I've been thinking of getting rid of my bulletin board since it just seems to attract clutter. I LOVE the way this looks!
More cactus pins! This time hand-cut and hand-stitched!
(via: Hanaletters)
Yes, please! This phone case is the bee's knees!
This card is the cutest!
 (via: Quill and Fox)
 (via: Native Bear)
This custom pet portrait pillow is so so so awesome! I'm going to need one for each of my babies.
(via: Camelotia)
This is too cute! That cactus shaped light is pretty amazing too.
(via: Pipolli)

Link love...
Crazy cactus lady! A very appropriate patch for me!
▴ When you don't need a stapler for any reason but it's so cute you start to convince yourself you do...
▴ If you own tons of cute notebooks, why shouldn't your pens be cute too!?
Hello, Sunshine!
I blame it on growing up obsessed with the Spice Girls, I love this lapel pin!
▴ This is like the globe of all globes! I NEED it for my collection.

Happy Friday!!

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medical model collection

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A few weeks ago I shared photos of my globe collection and talked about wanting to share more of my collections. Today I'm bringing you one of my favorites, my collection of medical models. I wish I had a better reason to share as to why I started but I've got nothing. I really just like how they look. If you haven't noticed my apartment has a whole doctors office / middle school vibe going on.

It's not all that large of a collection yet but I'm certainly working on it. Just like globes, and well, everything else, I try to be thrifty in my purchase. I rarely shell out large chunks of money on a piece. The piece I paid the most for (one hundred dollars) is the life sized torso I purchased from Jerry's Junk. Considering it's one of my very favorite possessions I'd say it was a solid purchase!  Honestly, when I think of my visit to Jerry's Junk I regret not buying more from that guy! My medical dude, who I somehow never named which seems like a very Kaylah thing to do, is missing some pieces, that I hope whoever owns them treasures as much as I treasure the piece I have.

Because I don't like to shell out lots of money finding new items is like a treasure hunt. I regularly scour ebay, as well as etsy. I'm often unlucky and spot lots of amazing things that are simply overpriced. I've had the most luck at estate sales though. Well, one estate sale in particular. Back in 2014 I went to the estate sale of my dreams. It was one of a doctor's residence. I've been to many doctor's estate sales. Most of the time they're in massive houses, and these folks have collected super normal things that aren't of interest to me. This sale though, normal size home packed to the brim with medical goodies. Creepy vintage tools, medical models, and even a few articulated skeletons. My kinda dude! I shared some photos of my finds from that sale in this post, aptly titled "the BEST estate sale." I still have yet to get as lucky as I did those two days.

 "Mom, you know I hate the tripod! Why would you call me in here?"

Here are a handful of photos of everything laid out on my coffee table. I thought this would be a more epic shot when I set it up but really it turned out to be a mish mash of body parts. Still, it shows a few things that weren't so easy to see in the photos of the items in their place, like the model of the baby in utero - which is what I'd consider to be one of the strangest items in this collection. Although to most people all of this is probably very weird...



on my deck - late july 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It's been about a month since my last plant update. See here. Without the photos to compare I don't think I would realize just how much everything has grown! To be honest, I've kind of been ignoring them again. They get watered fairly regularly but for the most part I've just been letting them do their own thing... and it really seems to be working out for me. Not really much else to say, just wanted to share some photos of all my pretty babies!

In my post from last month I shared a very similar photo to the one above. It's pretty awesome to see how much all those little guys have grown up in the last month. Sometimes propagation can seem like it takes forever and that nothing is happening but the difference between those two photos certainly proves otherwise.

How is your garden doing?

See here for tips on propagating succulents.
To see more photos of my plant collection browse the "plants" tag or follow me on instagram. I recently started using the hashtag #kaylahheartsplants.
See my tips for house plants here, and tips for healthy succulents here.

what i wore

what I wore : little black dress

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

valley cruise press, lapel pin, skull
green hair
herschel, bag, backpack, what I wore
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what I wore, ootd, the dainty squid, green hair, sparks hair color

headband - Target
sunglasses - Moorea Seal
necklace - Modcloth (similar)
PS. Remember you can use rep code "daintysq" for 20% off your first order!
dress - Old Navy
backpack - Little America by Herschel (c/o Moorea Seal)
pin on bag - Time to Pay c/o Moorea Seal
keychain - Kodiak Milly

I am finally at the point in my life where I'm understanding how to dress for summer. I have struggled for SO long with how to look cute, and not just roast. I've found a handful of dresses, this one from Old Navy included, that actually look great with no other accessories added. By "accessories" I mean cardigan, belt, etc not pins or necklace because those are always a necessity in my book. This is probably the weirdest thing to be frustrated with but I seriously feel like everyone makes buying clothes look so easy. I love shopping, and I go fairly often but I rarely ever buy anything because I'm so picky about how everything fits. I find so many items I love, then I try them on and realize "yeah, this isn't easy enough to wear, nevermind." For the first time I actually feel like I have a solid wardrobe of clothes I can just throw on and feel confident in. It took a reeeeally long time but it's happening! Woo! This will be the year I learn to love summertime, staying cool and lookin' cute, mark my words!


Workman Cemetery

Monday, July 25, 2016

Danville, Ohio

Last weekend Jeff and I took a little trip to visit a waterfall that was around two hours away, as I mentioned in this post from the other day. The drive was fairly uneventful. Ohio is a wonderful state, there's lots to see here but there is no denying that sometimes the drive from one area to the next is boooring. At least for someone who grew up on this side of the US.* Rolling fields surrounded us, and apart from gorgeous old farmhouses every so often there wasn't much to look at. Shortly before the waterfall we passed a beautiful cemetery. I spotted a few old stones from the road but didn't think too much of it.

After having so much fun hiking around the waterfall, we weren't quite ready for our little adventure to be over yet. Jeff asked if there was anything else I wanted to do while we were out and I suggested swinging by the cemetery we had seen earlier. I figured there would at least be a geocache there (there totally is!) and that maybe, just maybe, I could snag a few photos.

I hopped out of the car, examined my surroundings, and apologized to Jeff. "I'm going to be a while. I just need to shoot this, and this, and this! Oh and that!" The cemetery was a lot older than what it appeared to be from the road. While it was no Mount Moriah, it was even slightly overgrown in spots. I was in love!

ohio, headstone, graveyard

We wandered around the cemetery for a while, going our separate ways then joining up again to excitedly point out interesting headstone to each other. This beautiful, old cemetery seemed so randomly placed. Surrounded by fields, it was like none I had ever visited before. I did a little research when I got home but could find no extra information or anything out of the ordinary on this place. (I was hoping for ghost stories, obviously!)

ohio, graveyard
ohio, graveyard, danville
graveyard, old tombstone

There were a lot of instances in this cemetery where I was super excited about this or that but I think that finding the face above took the cake. Jeff and I were admiring two large headstones, both doing the mean lean. They were meticulously carved with beautiful detail but I didn't even notice the face until Jeff pointed it out. While it's no skull and cross bones (number one on my to find wishlist!) it's incredibly awesome!

Every time I think to myself that I've already visited all the interesting cemeteries in my surrounding area I'm proven wrong.

*Last year when we visited Phoenix the guy at the rental car place asked where we were from and upon hearing Ohio exclaimed how green and beautiful it was here. He was amazed by all the trees! We, on the other hand, were completely enthralled with Phoenix and it's desert landscape!

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