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Friday Favorites #362

Friday, April 29, 2016

This little brass snail is so darn cute. I think he'd look really cute in my jungle of house plants.
I was looking for neat letter boards and found this one. It could just say that permanently and I'd be into it!
 (via: letterclub)
This nightgown looks so soft (which is probably my number one qualification for nightgowns.) Also, this whole photo emits a super cozy vibe. This might sound weird but it reminds me of getting into bed with freshly shaved legs which I'm pretty sure is the best feeling ever.
 (via: Lunaby)
This vintage card catalog is so dreamy. I guess my love of things like this comes from the fact that my dad probably has similar pieces that he keeps nuts, bolts, screws, and other miscellaneous garage stuff in. I didn't realize that until earlier in the year when I was looking for lockers and he pointed to some that were in his garage. It's like these things were a big part of my life and I never realized it until I started hunting them down for myself.
Vintage school posters like this one will always make me swoon. They're just so awesome.
 (via: Bonnie and Bell)
This cactus print blouse!? YES, please! 
(via: ASOS)
This is the kind of space ship I wouldn't mind getting beamed up into, one with alien cats!
I feel like for these last few months I have been very bedroom obsessed, and it's not stopping today. This photo is to show off the linen duvet (which I looooove!) but seriously, that whole room is lovely!
 (via: Linen Tales)
Love love love this card. How can an illustration of a puppy dog look so darn happy!?
(via: Baltic Club)
 How cute are these lockets!?

Link love...
Donut kill my vibe.
▴ A cactus dress, I repeat, a cactus dress!!!
Sage leaf front confetti? YES!
▴ I don't know that I'd ever want to spend more on a planter than I did the plant but I really really like this white ceramic planter.
▴ This notecard set is super cute!
This swan coat is THE most ridiculous, and I love it!

Happy Friday!!

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what i wore

what I wore : a new favorite

Thursday, April 28, 2016

green hair, black and white striped dress, wiw
Valley Cruise Press, jean jacket, denim jacket
green hair, cleveland blog, cleveland, blogger, fashion blog
fashion blog, cleveland

sunglasses - Moorea Seal
jean jacket - thrifted
back patch - Valley Cruise Press
necklace - Moorea Seal
lipstick - Blush My Lips by Essence

I've been trying to stay away from posting outfit photos in this dress since I felt like I've shared a lot of outfit posts with a black and white dress, and even a couple paired with my jean jacket. Seriously, this is basically the same outfit only three years ago! I consider this my ultimate outfit. Sure, I've styled outfits I really liked possibly more than this (like this!) but a black and white striped dress with a jean jacket is kind of my signature look. I feel most confident in this ensemble.

Anyway, I realized it had been a while since we saw my quintessential Kaylah outfit here on the blog so it seems like it's finally time to show off  my new favorite black and white striped dress. It's like the ultimate one. (Over half my dress collection is B+W striped, okay?) It's long enough to not worry about showing anyone anything they shouldn't be seeing. It's lightweight which is perfect for summer. It has two large pockets so you could totally go purse-less if you wanted! It's basically perfect. One of those things I want to buy multiples of, for sure!

Speaking of confidence, I'm realizing it's something you need a lot of when you have green hair. I've been around the color wheel multiple times. I've even had a shade of green extremely similar to this one in the past but this time around, man, it's been rough! I've written lots of posts about dyeing your hair fun colors, and maintaining it but something I've been thinking about touching on for a while now is dealing with other people's reactions to your hair. It seems obvious that with a super vibrant colored hair that people will stare and make comments but I guess outside of your significant other's opinion and that of your boss, it's not something that people really consider when taking the leap.

With this green it's rare that I leave the house and don't have at least one person say something. Sometimes it's nice, which I appreciate but the majority of the time it's someone shouting from the passenger seat about how St. Patrick's Day is over. "Aw, baaaabyyyy, I love the color green" is something I've been hearing a lot lately too. These things wear you down after a while. Being shouted at in public isn't so great, even if it is a compliment. It can be really embarrassing. It makes me want to hide, to wear a hat, to dress as normally as possible. With friends it's easier to deal with but alone it makes me feel very anxious.

black and white striped dress with jean jacket, outfit post, fashion blog, Cleveland blogger

I hesitate to even share these thoughts because inevitably someone will say something like "what did you expect?" or "if you don't want the attention than why did you do it?" No matter what you say you'll never talk sense into those kind of people. I guess I'm typing this because I just want to share my frustrations. To tell you how even after all these years I'm still not fully equipped to handle it. I have so much I want to say on the subject but sometimes it's just easier not to talk about and to pretend it's not an issue.

Anyway, lets end this post on a positive note. This hair color is the bomb dot com. No amount of dumb St Patrick's Days are going to dull my shine. I looove the way children look at it/me. I feel like a cartoon character, in the best possible way. I could always go back to my natural color (lol, what's that?) but I feel like myself in colorful hair, like this is the hair I should I have been born with. This whole look is me in full effect, it might generate a few stares and annoying comments, but dang it, I am adorable!

animals and nature

fox pups!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

On April 1st my dad sent me a text saying that Lady, one of his foxes, had a litter of pups! I immediately and very excitedly texted Jeff "FOX BABIES!", thought about it for a minute then sent a second text saying "Oh. It's probably an April fools joke. Nevermind." That just further cemented the fact that I'm not a fan of April Fools Day. It's just a dumb day that people make up lies and then say "just kidding" which just isn't funny to me at all. Few April Fools Day jokes actually make me laugh. Anyway, Jeff suggested perhaps it was a ploy to get my to come over since I always want to photograph baby animals but part of me knew that my dad knew better than to do that to me. My dad ended up calling me shortly after that text to say he wasn't joking. I still wasn't 100% sure he was telling the truth but a few hours later my mom confirmed the news with a few photos and an incredibly adorable video of the pups squeaking up a storm.

I didn't make it out to my parents until the 17th of April so the pups we're a few weeks old by then but still so incredibly small. They didn't even have their eyes open yet. I didn't get too many photos and honestly wasn't even sure there were enough for a single post on them but I can't resist sharing these photos. They're just the sweetest little fuzzy babies!

Lady checking on who has her babies.

The timing of the birth means that in the last photo set of Foxy Lady I shared she was most likely pregnant at the time. My mom can't stop talking about what a sweet mother Foxy Lady has become. She just adores my parents, enjoys being pet, and makes all sort of cute little noises for them.

You can find previous posts on Lady and Tramp here - June, late June, July, August, October, November, and February. I'll, of course, be sharing updates on the babies as I have them. I'm excited to watch these little rascals grow and see their personalities develop.
Just a note to add that foxes definitely aren't for everyone. They require a lot of work, care, and attention. Not to mention in most states they are illegal to keep as pets unless you have a license. They are very cute, obviously, but aren't exactly ideal pets. Please do your research!

animals and nature

2016's ladybug invasion

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

ladybeetle, lake erie, lady bird, beetle

Three years ago I wandering around the beach near my house when I stumbled upon tons and tons of ladybugs. It was CRAZY. I took lots of photos to document this unique event! (Photos of 2013's ladybug invasion.) I went back to the same spot two days after my discovery only to find they were all gone. I had never seen anything like it in my life. In the three years and oodles of trips to the beach since, I haven't seen anything like it again... until last weekend!

Jeff and I had some time between plans and figured we'd hit up our new favorite spot to look for beach glass. Can I just mention how much I love the fact that he's into this too?! So much fun! The tide was all wrong for finding glass but Jeff quickly spotted a few ladybugs which he pointed out to me. I bent down to check them out and realized there was just a whole little world of them in the sand. Everywhere I looked I kept finding more of them.

ladybird, ladybeetle, ladybugs on beach

Compared to my 2013 photos, this is nothing but there is no denying that is A LOT of beetles! I remember researching why this phenomenon happens back when I first discovered it only to not find any real answers. Apparently there hasn't been much new information on the subject since. The cause is still debated with some claiming they get washed in from the lake, and others claiming the ladybugs are gathering at the shore from land. The thing that is most interesting to me is that it happens all over! I found an article about a big wash up in California and apparently one of the largest wash ups on record happened in Egypt in 1939. 4500 million of them on a thirteen mile stretch of beach! Can you even imagine that? Even to me, someone who really loves beetles, that sounds terrifying.

While switching back and forth between tabs of old posts, I realized that 2013's wash up in Geneva happened in September! Perhaps this is something that happens twice a year? Once when the weather begins to warm up and again when it cools off. I don't know but it's certainly interesting. I just happened to glance up at the date assuming that the older post would have had to have happened in April as well but nope!

lake erie lady bug,
lady beetle, ladybird,
lake erie beach, ladybeetle

I haven't made it back to the beach since finding these little guys but I'm sure they're already gone. Dead ones washed back into the lake and the living flown away to find food. Ladybug wash ups seem to mysterious to me. I feel lucky to have been able to see it twice in my life so far, hopefully this isn't my last! I sure wouldn't mind experiencing another monarch migration either!

PS. Did you know that if a ladybug lands on you it's supposed to bring good luck? Well after hanging out near these little dudes to shoot some photos I guess I've a lot of good luck on my side. 

friday favorites

Friday Favorites #361

Friday, April 22, 2016

 Adopt! Don't shop! (10% of sales of this shirt go to a kitty rescue in Toronto!)
 (via: House of Cat)
I really enjoy these floating bookshelves!
 (via: Vera Jonkers)
 (via: Crow Creek Vintage)
Ah! These cactus shaped ice cube trays are the cutest!
(via: ASOS
LOVE these pins from Crumple + Toss. They're purrfect!
 (via: Crumple + Toss)
This is such a beautiful dress.
This riiiiiing! Goodness, I love opal.
(via: Moorea Seal)
This elephant bean bag chair in no way, shape, or form fits my decor style but I am so drawn to it! I guess I just love anything inanimate object with a face!
 (via: Il Saccotto)
Such lovely colors on this patch.
 (via: Wildflower + Co)
Love love love this dress by Emily G. Also, this dress!!!
(via: Emily G)

Link love...
Beach please!
▴ How cute is this necklace?!
▴ I was just going to choose one piece of lingerie from this shop to share but I can't. Aniela Parys makes some seriously dreamy stuff!
These vintage boots kill me! I love that pocket on the side.
▴ A lapel pin featuring two of my favorite things - cats + macarons!
▴ I love this washi tape holder. I would love a better way to display mine so that it's easier to use and of course, see what all I have. This one looks perfect, especially how you can stack them. 

Happy Friday!!

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found on the beach

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cleveland, dirty beach, lake erie

I've been talking a lot about the beach here on the blog these last few weeks. Driftwood forts, presents for strangers + magical sunsets. Beach talk always starts to happen as the weather warms up a little bit more but I recently started following a bunch of beach glass people on instagram and my obsession just went through the roof. I never really realized how serious some people are about beach glass. Following all these people not only added their photos to my stream but filled my explore feed with beach treasures. It makes me want to spend all my time at beach! That combined with the fact I have been making out like a bandit makes it hard for me to concentrate on work. So much beach glass + so much pottery!

My favorite beach in Cleveland is actually right beside our most popular beach, Edgewater, but it's nearly always empty. It's so peaceful there. The lack of people quickly made it one of my favorite places to just get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One of the other things I enjoy so much about it is that there is a lot of glass, driftwood and other stuff. (Yes, by other stuff I do mean trash... Sorry Mother Nature.) This spring though? IT'S DISGUSTING. These last few weeks in particular its just been absolute wreck. This found on the beach arrangement almost feels like cheating since there is just so much trashed washed up on the sand currently.

When this obsession with picking up things on the beach started I was living in Geneva. With the fun little arrangements of beach trash I made there I can honestly say I feel like I was going the beach some good. It was a cleaner place when I left. I improved it for others to enjoy. My current beach though? I'm not even making a dent. It is literally impossible for one person to do it. Shoot, it'd be impossible for ten people to do.

My best guess is that the amount of trash that washes up in this little spot has to do with it's proximity to the mouth of the river, the fact that anything that goes into Cleveland's storm drains get washed into the river and of course, the location of the breakwalls. What doesn't make sense to me is how neglected it is, that no one is doing anything about it. I would hate for anyone to think Cleveland's beaches are gross. We have GORGEOUS, very clean, beaches but you would probably never think that after visiting this spot (...or after seeing my posts.)

I would pick up these things whether or not there was a cause behind it, that's just how I am. I like to collect things. I also don't know that me taking and sharing these photos will ever do anything to help clean up this mess but I hope that it raises at least a tiny bit of awareness even in a handful of people. Plastic doesn't just go away. Recent studies have shown that this plastic is accumulating in the marine food chain, and harming the wildlife. You don't have to completely overhaul your life to help the environment. If everyone was just a tiny bit more mindful about what they were buying, and throwing away would it make a world of difference. Seriously, just stop losing your lighters.

Tomorrow is Earth Day. To celebrate won't you carve a little bit of time out of your day to take a walk and pick up some trash whenever you live? It doesn't have to be a beach, and it doesn't have to be a lot. Anything helps!

Quick FAQ - things that get asked every Found on the Beach post.
Do you keep the things you pick up? No way. Once in a while I'll keep something I really think is neat but I'm no hoarder, I swear.  
What do you do with it when you're done? It goes where it should have gone in the first place.
Was this really all from the beach in one day? For the most part, yes. Sometimes if I find something I really think is neat on a day I'm not collecting for a photo I'll pick it up and hang on to it until the next time I want to put together one of these. 
Do you wear gloves? No, I don't. These are things that were washed up on the shore, not things simply left behind. They're no dirtier than the sand or water.

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