Friday Favorites #386 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #386

Friday, October 14, 2016

Cats in sweaters! You need to go look at all the photos on this calendar. SO DARN CUTE.
 This bra is killing me. Just the color and the lace. It's so pretty.
 The packaging and photos for these socks is AMAZING, especially the pizza and the mushroom. Sadly, the designs on the socks themselves fall flat comparatively.

Aren't these precious!? I actually own them (see them here!) and they are just as cute in person!
(via: MirDinara)
(via: Warby Parker)
 I feel like I may have featured some of Wit & Whistle's pins before but I don't remember this adorable packaging. Also, that crazy plant lady pin is precious, and totally me!
 (via: Wit & Whistle)

Link love...
▴ Sometimes I find earrings that make me wish my ears weren't stretched. This precious little skulls are exactly that.
▴ I kind of want to throw a Halloween party just so I have an excuse to buy these black cat napkins.
This pin - for all the jerks who holler while I'm minding my own business on the street.
Moon + opal. Basically two things guaranteed to make a real nice piece of jewelry!
▴ A pair of jeans with a kitty peeking out of the back pocket. YES!!!

Happy Friday!!

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2 thoughts

  1. I have a second piercing on my earlobes so I can still wear studs 😄

  2. Omg i loved these pins, 11 is pure love, and that this pizza and burger are amazing.
    I am a reader from Brazil, and I am fascinated by his work, but now I plucked up courage to speak here, I'm always afraid of not being good enough. Well I hope you take a visit in my blog also so that we can know each other better.

    Sexo, Fraldas e Rock'n Roll


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