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10 things making me smile

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

colorful leaves.

Squid's love of boxes.

silly photos of Klaus.

the largest leaf I've ever pressed.

cute little mushrooms.

 Sir, the neighborhood "catbassador", who hangs around Mason's Creamery like he owns the place.
He's quite the sweetheart. See?
mason's creamery, cleveland, stray cat

watching everything in this pot grow tall.

this shirt that so perfectly describes me!
modcloth, shirt, cute, weird
catching Professor in a staring contest with the wall.

Also, catching him looking defensive about his love for that catnip banana.
catnip banana

What's making you smile today?

"10 things" was a series on TDS back in 2012. I've since deleted the tag due to inactivity but seeing as stumbling upon those posts still makes me smile I thought I was way overdue for another one. Further installations will be nestled under "the little things" tags.

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23 thoughts

  1. I love all of these things, but Professor staring at the wall made me laugh out loud. Mozart is forever just sitting upright in strange places staring at the cabinets or dishwasher. Cats are such wonderful weirdos.

    1. My favorite is when Professor just starts running. He is forever chasing things I can't see. Cats are the weirdest.

  2. The contest with the wall was my favorite, loved all of them tho, What's making me happy today, the kids of my class and the ones who came to the library with their crazy ideas :)

  3. I miss these posts :) Recently I've been finding myself going back through your blog for inspiration and seem to be getting most of it some ways back with all of your nifty printed patterned dresses like that mushroom one, or even the cool DIY stuff you used to do a lot. It's interesting to see how much this blog has evolved from over the years. I loved seeing all the fabric from the etsy shop days, now I'm just going too far back haha.

    1. Well it certainly looks like my "about me" description was inspiring to you since you copied it word for word.

  4. I love colorful leaves and doggy yawns. :)

  5. Aw these are my favourite types of posts! Love the photography x

    Hannah | Oh January

  6. I loved this post. Beautiful photographs and so important to remember that these everyday moments are the best in life. :)

  7. His love for that banana just melts my heart :')

    1. It's such a random toy, I love he likes it the most. Cracks me up every time I see him wrestling with it.

  8. So "catching Professor in a staring contest with the wall." completely killed me. I've been loving the beautiful leaves recently too. The spectrum of colours I've seen has been crazy!

  9. Love these! The kitty ones are really cute.

  10. Oh I love these posts, they always make me smile. I am loving all of the cat cuteness in these, and the leaf you pressed is just gorgeous! There's something rejuvenating about lots of green things, and lots of cute things so this post is just my kind of thing; plants, cat and dogs and cute t-shirts too. Love it. - Tasha

  11. Your kitties are the cutest! I love that expression on Professors face!

    Also, I definitely need that cute but kinda weird shirt!

    Making me smile:
    My celebrity crush is using an illustration I did of him as his Twitter profile pic, so thats pretty much kept the biggest goofiest smile on my face all week long.
    -Seeing tons of cute critters while hiking.
    -Beautiful weather
    -The fact that I get to check out an abandoned castle this weekend.
    -Waking up in the middle of the night and finding that all of our cats are sleeping on me 😊

    1. That's so awesome about Jermaine Clement! I can't even imagine how exciting that must be!!!


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