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Friday Favorites #379

Friday, August 26, 2016

Absolutely love the print on this backpack!
(via: Modcloth)
I'm such a sucker for cute little glass display boxes, but the shape of this one is just killing me!
 (via: Ruggy Revival)
(via: Tech Tools)
A cactus mural for your wall!
 (via: a new wall)
I already have a small collection of vintage signs but I sure do love this one.
This little pile of pillows, and that blanket are what my home decor dreams are made of. Seriously, that eye pillow!!!
  (via: Zana Products)
This dress!
(via: Modcloth)
A donut shaped coffee warmer. OBSESSED with this! I am definitely going to want one of these when the weather cools down and I'm constantly chugging hot drinks.
(via: Perpetual Kid)
A suspended loft with a trap door. Y'all I am SO into this idea.
 (via: Post)
 It doesn't quite match my current style of furniture but I can't deny the fact this chair and ottoman are way rad!
(via:  LexMod)
Fossil collection starter kit! I love this idea, and I love the execution. The rest of the shop is full of other fun things I really dig too. I feel like the shop owner and I could totally be buds.
 (via: treasurehider)

Link love....
▴ I posted about the Vans/Nintendo collaboration a little while ago but I didn't realize there were socks too!!
▴ Because everything in my life should be b+w striped, including my pens
These bowls are almost too pretty to use for food. I totally thought they were just for rings and things but they say microwave/dishwasher safe on the bottom!
▴ At first I was like "oh cute, an inflatable cactus" but then I saw it was a "men's" cactus. ...uh, what?
▴  THIS BRA!!! (NSFW, obviously)
▴ A floating swan light for your bathtub. So cuuuute!

Happy Friday!!

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6 thoughts

  1. thank you for posting about the coffee warmer, i work in a freezing pharmacy office and try to get cute coffee warmers as white elephant gifts for christmas each year, there arent a ton of cute designs out there, so this is a huge time saver for me, *ordering!

  2. The cat rescue organization I volunteer with, Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) have these amazing cat skull necklaces for sale and it made me think of your animal skull collection!

  3. That backpack is amazingg!
    'Men's cactus' though?! What? Haha.

  4. Yes to all, especially the pin because it looks like my pup [sans the board; she won't even stand on the scales at the vets so I don't think she'd stand on a board]. I'm having obsessions over lace bras at the moment! this one is sweeeet; I'm going to start making my own so I'm trawling Etsy for ideas... shhh... ;)

  5. Oh I love the fossil collection starter kit and the print on that backpack, so lovely! - Tasha

  6. You couldn't convince me to get up into that suspended loft!
    I could really do with that coffee warmer though - JayJay


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