Friday Favorites #378 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #378

Friday, August 19, 2016

These glasses are the cutest. They also come in pink!
 (via: GlassesShop)
This blanket! So darn pretty!
 (via: MinkaInHouse)
Strappy black flats are my favorite. They match everything! This red pair is pretty fabulous too!
 (via: Modcloth)
This embroidery pattern is the cutest. Do any of y'all have an axolotl? They're so neat looking, they don't even look real.
 (via: Some Rabbits)
This probably sounds weird but I'm really looking forward to the weather cooling off just so I can wear pretty socks again instead of plain black short ones.
 (via: goodpair)
This handbag!!
These sheets will be mine.
 (via: Jonathan Neon)
LOVE this print!
 (via: Carolyn Gavin)
I'm not even a huge pretzel fan but I can't deny how adorable these balloons are. 
Just a cute little polka dot dress
(via: Modcloth)
Always drawn to interesting mirrors, this one is no exception.

Link love...
Too Much Sun - exactly how I feel about this summer.
▴ Love love love this vintage cat statue that has been painted in the raddest way!
▴ It's been a minute since I shared any pretty lingerie, but I think this set makes up for that!
▴ Do any of you guys have something to make rainbows in your home? Is that a weird question? I get a fair amount of light in the evening and would loooove to have rainbows in my bedroom. (Professor would totally love it too!) I was thinking of getting this but if anyone has something else they love I'd be interested to hear!

Happy Friday!!

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16 thoughts

  1. Those eye sheets match my phone case perfectly! I want everything I own covered in eyeballs :)

  2. There are these great little solar powered crystal window hangers that sucker cup on the glass and twirl when the sun is out! Great entertainment for the cat...

    1. That was the other one I was looking at! My only concern is the super mixed reviews.

  3. I love those balloons too! Super cute! Ha. Have you been watching Pollyanna? She has the best rainbow maker!!

  4. If you're a fan of axolotl, check out this amazing piece. She has excellent stuff!

    1. Holy smokes, I love that so much. Her style is amazing.

  5. Speaking of axolotls, check out this print I just found :

  6. Love axolotls! I used to have a white one called Ophelia when I was a teenager, they are very cool.

    1. That's awesome! I've never seen one in person, and honestly don't know that much about them at all but they're so neat looking!

  7. i love summer but i have been missing wearing longer socks too! i like my pants to be a little tooooo short so you can always see them. I get a korean sock subscription box, and I just got the cutest banana socks that i can't wait to wear!

    1. SAME! I love showing off my socks.

      Aaaaand a korean sock sub box?! That sounds amazing!

  8. Hi Kaylah, I think you might like this lady's collection!


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