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Friday Favorites #376

Friday, August 05, 2016

 Sooo, for my birthday I got a striped quilt. It's ah-mazing. The only thing I need now are striped sheets. Aaaall the stripes!
 (via: Amazon)
I just got my first prescription and all I can think about are fun glasses. I'm excited to build a little collection of them. I love this pair!
 (via: Warby Parker)
I would love to just curl up in this chair with a book and a cat. The color would look so nice with all the black and white accents in my living room.
(via: LexMod)
This is such a cute dress!
 (via: Apricity)
Forever a fan of a pretty backpack.
This record storage rack is so so so cute.
I know I've shared Kathleen Lolley's work before but her style is just SO good!
 (via: Kathleen Lolley)
Toucan scissors! Do I need them? Nope. But they're perfect!!!
 (via: Kikkerland)
Well, this is AWESOME.
 (via: bingkai)
Marble usually isn't my thing but I really dig this keyboard cover.

Link love...
▴ I enjoy this clever collage, birdday cake. It reminds me of my dad because he always says "birdday" instead of "birthday"
▴ Someday I will get my hands on one of these vintage hand clips!
▴ Halloween is coming up... and these moth wings are AMAZING.
Ah! Look at this moon lamp!
This has to be the snazziest lunch bag ever.

Happy Friday!!

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14 thoughts

  1. You always find the best things, Kaylah! You'd look great in those Warby Parker frames, and I've realized that I fall in love with furniture way more often if it's tufted... so obviously, I love that chair.

    xox Sammi

    1. Yeah, same here. I'm always finding furniture that I loooove (and totally have no room for!)

  2. I saw this jewelry makers stuff on Pinterest and thought of you: (lots of different styles too)

  3. Fellow fun glasses junky here! I'd highly recommend I just ordered my first THREE pairs for until $40. Hello.

    1. YooooOO!!!! That's a deal! Thank you so much for the link. :D

  4. I love love those sheets!! And the keyboard cover!!

  5. Kaylah, you always find the best stuff! "If it fits, I sits"-that is SO my cat Wesley! He even tries repeatedly in ones he has no way of fitting into. It's great :) That backpack is totally killing me too-the color combo is so pretty!

    1. Haha! Same with my babies. No matter how small the box, they're going to try!

  6. Yes! Yes to everything on this list! I just got a new prescription this week and was seriously looking at those SAME EXACT glasses earlier. Love love love! And that chair? And that backpack? Swooooon.

  7. I was lusting over those frames too...until I tried them on. I ordered those and the Benson frames in a try-on box. They were much darker in person, still a great color, but they just didn't fit my face well. I really recommend their try-on box!! Zenni Optical is much more affordable if you're looking to buy multiple pairs though!

  8. OMG Thank you for featuring my backpack along with all these other goodies!

    My wardrobe currently consists of strips and polka dots, yellows and pinks, with the occasional turquoise blue like the Warby glasses you posted. I am a walking painting. lol I LOVE that mustard chair, but I have a black cat, and I purchased a lovely yellow rug years ago and, of course, it's her faaaavorite place to play. grrr. hehe



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