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what we wore : high in love

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cleveland Fashion Blog
kaylah's details;
sunglasses - Moorea Seal
dress - Modcloth  (same dress but in a different color!)
cardigan - Marshalls
pins - pizza + bossy c/o Moorea Seal
shoes - Modcloth

jeff's details;
shirt - Black Market
shoes - Asics
Whenever I go to my parent's house I try to take outfit photos. The main reason outfit photos came to a bit of a halt when I moved to Cleveland was that I just didn't know where to take them. As a shy person, setting up a tripod somewhere that a lot of people are and posing for photos by yourself is basically out of the question. It's just weird. In the last two years I've found a handful of spots that are fairly reliable places to shoot but nothing compares to the complete lack of people at my parent's house. When I get there I normally go say hi to everyone, leave Klaus with them, and head off to take pictures before I inevitably get dirty. If you didn't know, I am a dirt magnet.

On this occasion when I told my mom I was going to go take outfit photos she said "Both of you? Everyone looooves when you do those!" So although it wasn't in the plans, I was "forced" to take photos with my handsome dude. (We totally would have coordinated if I thought of it before leaving the house!) I wasn't sold on the photos as we took them. They just weren't wow-ing me but I'm pleased with how cute they turned out. We really should do this more often.

Also, why stilts? Because they were leaned up against the garage and when there are stilts near by you can't just not use them as a prop! Duh!

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20 thoughts

  1. such a cute post, the stilts are great! And, your dress is to die for. I'm in love with that color!!
    xo. holly erinn

    1. Thanks Holly! Isn't it such a great color!? It doesn't always match my hair colors but when it does its AWESOME!

  2. I'm dying. That's exactly what my dude would do, too.

  3. Those shoes of yours are giving me LIFE!

    1. Hehe! They are pretty darn awesome! :)

  4. you two look GREAT together, regardless of the outfits. incredible couple. :)

  5. No other person can pull off color like you do!!!! Green hair and a... Butterscotch (??) Dress? Insanity. On you? Perfection. And your skin!!! And the stilts!!!! Okay, I'm done now!

  6. Oh I just love you two together! You compliment each other so well. Plus that dress is so perfect!

  7. Hahaha! The stilts photos are the BEST. I hope you plan to frame those!

  8. You guys look so adorable together! And that dress, ugh, I love the collar so much! :D

  9. Your mum is right, you two are adorable and we love it :)

  10. You guys are too cute together! And your parents just have stilts laying around? That's amazing.


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