Friday Favorites #370 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #370

Friday, June 24, 2016

My friend, Mickey, recently started selling these AMAZING electroformed copper rings made with beach glass she's collected. They're available in a handful of different colors!
After my most recent encounter with a snail, I'd really like this patch for one of my jackets.
 (via: trashedy)
Isn't this camera bag dreamy!? That's such a nice color. I've kind of been on the hunt lately for the newest addition to my camera bag collection, could this be the one?
 (via: Lei Momi Bags)
Cactus pens! Yes, please!
 (via: C&S Designs)
This bedding set is just too good... I mean, other than the fact it's mostly white and I often eat in bed.
 (via: Zana Products)
(via: mudpuppy)
This bralette is everything!!
Isn't this such a lovely design?
 (via: Esther Sandler)
Yeah, this cactus neon light is kind of a necessity.
(via: Modcloth)
It's the final pressing of this awesome shirt by Maiden Voyage Co! Don't miss out!
This macbook skin is adorable! I really like this design too!

Link love...
 ▴  I need this pin for when strangers talk to me about my tattoos.
 ▴  Oh snap!
 The only beach towel anyone should ever need. It's a donut, okay!? 
 ▴  Friendly neighborhood cat person? That's meeee!
 ▴  Pizza patch for your jean jacket.
 ▴ A waffle scented candle. I repeat, a waffle scented candle. Maybe you'd rather smell donuts? Okay, here is a candle for you!
Do you have a dog? Is he/she a terror to walk? This harness is a game changer. Klaus likes to tug and he is so incredibly strong. I recently purchased this harness and he was automatically an angel to walk with. Seriously if your dog tugs on their leash at all, you need this!

Happy Friday!!

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6 thoughts

  1. Love the rings, so cute.

  2. I probably might need everything on the list this week :D
    But the camera bag is my favorite! I like it even more in green.

    Looking forward for your list the whole week, thanks! :)

  3. I love your friday favorites! Too bad most of the items are too expensive for me to ship over here but I still very much enjoy looking at all these fun findings!

  4. Whhaaat?? That bra is so awesome! I would hate to cover it up with a shirt. Haha!

  5. the rings look amazing! and so does that bra! xx

  6. I use the same harness for my pit mix girl. Works like a charm compared to walking her on collar. She looks small, but is very dense (and strong!). She came from a no kill shelter where she stayed for two years waiting for a home, so she has some behavioral quirks, but is a very loving dog. It's also pretty cool how it has front and top loops for a leash.


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