Friday Favorites #364 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #364

Friday, May 13, 2016

I feel like this cinema box LED light would be super cute in a bedroom... or anywhere because it's really really awesome.
This dress + these shoes? ADORABLE. Then paired with a grey cardigan? YES! (Also, you're welcome because I just picked you out the cutest outfit.)
(via: Modcloth)
PIZZA! Also, check out that cute little smiley face the pizza has!
The print on this tank is too good!
This candle sounds like it's absolutely amazing. Ethics Supply Co. has a handful of other candles with equally as powerful sounding names. I'd love to smell them all. This is definitely one of those times I wish the internet was scratch and sniff.
(via: Moorea Seal)
These sugar cookies are just insane. They're so beautifully decorated.
This bedding is super cute.
(via: Urban Outfitters)
I mentioned it recently but my beloved rainboots finally got a leak a week or so ago and I'm kind of lost without them. I guess I didn't realize just how often I used them. I'm swooning over this pair. Joules seriously has the coolest boots.
(via: Joules)
I love this love letter lapel pin!
(via: bunnymiele)

Link Love...
Rad Girls Club!
▴ Do you ever find things, especially stationery things, that you definitely don't need but it's just so cool that you "neeeeed" it? Yeah, tracing paper sticky notes. No idea what I need to be tracing but it's just really cool, okay?!
Pink medical display cabinet? YES.
▴ In my collection of oddities, prosthetic eyes are the one things I have always wanted but never gotten my greedy little fingers on. This collection is seriously dreamy. Yep, just called a bunch of glass fake eyes "dreamy". 
Cute little cactus shaped planter!

Happy Friday!!

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10 thoughts

  1. Your Friday round-ups are DANGEROUS!!!! I want everything!! Especially the love letter pin. Duh.

    1. Hah! Right?! Sharing these things is the only thing that stops me from going crazy and buying errrrrything.

  2. That pink medical cabinet is seriously perfect. Also, I received two glass eyes as a Christmas present this year and now I'm obsessed!

  3. Great finds! Love the LED light - it is so cute

  4. You have great taste in pins! Love the little book.

  5. I have those rainboots/wellies! Plus when I bought them here in the UK, something like £5 of the profits went to support bee conservation, so they're even more awesome for that. You should totally get them :)


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