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DIY indoor tabletop herb garden

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Thank you World Market for supporting my love of growing things and sponsoring today’s post!

One of the things I really really enjoy about blogging is being able to work with my favorite companies. Who doesn't want to be acknowledged by a place you spend your money regularly? One of my absolute favorite stores is World Market. They have a little bit of everything, and it's rare that I leave without purchasing something interesting. Also, they have theeee best selection of gourmet soda! I'm kind of a fancy pop connoisseur,  if you didn't know. *sassy emoji* 

World Market recently asked me to share a tutorial on their blog. Ahh! Wooo! With the help of my nosy little cat, Professor, I whipped up a super simple but absolutely adorable plant stand perfect for growing herbs indoors.

Check out the full tutorial, along with lots more photos, over on the World Market blog.

One last thing, if you get the chance, you should totally grow some lemon balm. I had never had it before but decided to grow it this year since I like all things lemon. I picked some last night for the first time, chopped it up finely, and tossed it on a baked potato... IT WAS HEAVENLY. Legitimately the best baked potato I have ever eaten! Lemon balm is the bomb.

Hope you're having a lovely day!

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6 thoughts

  1. I've got my own little mini herb garden-y area in the house but it looks nowhere near as pretty as this! I love the addition of the fairy lights, and the bright white pots go really well with the dark tables. A lot of home inspo envy over here!

    Steph -

    1. Don't the little lights add so much? Wish I could add them everywhere in my house! :P

  2. Such a cute little display for those plants! Great tutorial. I could definitely see myself building this for my decor if only my cat ignored plants (he's a jerk & likes to chew on them).

  3. I love growing lemon balm, too! Also, lemon verbena! The scent is to die for!

    1. Isn't it!? I don't think anything smells better than basil though!


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