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Monday, May 09, 2016

It's May already! The new year has been incredibly awesome for The Dainty Squid so far. Can I still call it the new year when we're already this far in!? Yes? No? Maybe? Whatever the case, it's been an awesome four and a half months. Stats are at an all time high. I'd love to introduce you + your business to my awesome readers!

Due to some issues with the company we were using to host ads previously we're starting off May with a new company, Adproval, who I am very excited to be working with. Ads are available for purchase through my advertising page, just like before. The set up is essentially the same. One of the few changes is that small ads now run for 60 days! (That's less than a dollar a day!) To kick things off feel free to use coupon code "HELLOADPROVAL" for 10% off any ad space purchase.

Something else in mind other than ad space? Interested in having your products featured on my instagram? Thinking a sponsored post best fits your need? I'm interested in discussing whatever you may be thinking. Just shoot me an emailYou can find all my updated stats, read more about the spaces available and purchase right here. Space is limited, so don't miss out!

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