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shackman multishot 102 - part two

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

land camera, instant camera

Last month I shared a little about my newest camera, the shackman multishot 102, which was an incredible gift from a reader. I am LOVING this thing. I'm only a few packs of film in but it's easily one of my favorite cameras.

It's biggest downfall is that it's a pretty awkwardly shaped camera that doesn't fit in any of my camera bags (...and I own a lot of camera bags!) so I have to carry it around in a separate tote. I wish it were easier to haul around but I think that might lead to me taking too many photos. Since the film compatible with this camera is no longer in production and super expensive now it's kind of a good thing I can't take it with me all the time. I really am trying to ration my film but when you have a new toy like this it's hard to not shoot it.

instant film, instant photo, pack film
Cleveland, bridge, black and white instant film

One thing I'm interested in experimenting with more is taking the first photo then rotating the camera before taking the second, like I did in the photo above. The one at the top of this post of my nieces (which I bartered for. Told them I'd go to the pond with them if they let me take their photo. I was going to the pond anyway...) is the first one I took like this and I reeeeeally love it. I've really been looking forward to shooting more portraits like that but truth be told, I rarely see my friends in daylight. That sounds like a strange thing to say but everyone just gets off work so late I don't get to use this camera around them since shooting in anything other than bright sun is out of the question. Perhaps it's time to pick up an external flash so I'm not as limited.

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15 thoughts

  1. These kinds of cameras have always fascinated me but I never really understood the point of having two different frames on one picture! I really enjoy the novelty of it, though. I love your idea of rotating the camera for a different shot of the same thing!

  2. This camera is so cool! I love seeing your experiments with it!

  3. This seems like such a fun camera to experiment with. I really love the shot of your nieces & the one with the four wheeler :)

  4. what an awesome camera! and these are some lovely shots:-) xx

  5. I can see the size being a problem; that's a beast of a camera! I love the effect of it, though. I still have an old lomo camera [which I got in the 90's!!] which takes 4 action shots which is pretty cool and a lot smaller than this... :P I hate that film is slowly disappearing [the good stuff], it makes my eyes sad! - Sam

    1. I've got one of those too! Love that thing!

  6. UGH this is so cool. I really want to start shooting film but I'm afraid of getting immediately obsessed.

  7. What great results! Those photos actually look old


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