Friday Favorites #356 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #356

Friday, March 18, 2016

This is what I wish for everyone on their birthday.
 (via: Moorea Seal)
Can you believe this moth is made from fabric?!
 (via: Yumi Okita)
Suuuuch a pretty dress!
 (via: Modcloth)
The absolute cutest wrapping paper.
 (via: Love & Lion)
Clear storage boxes would keep me so much more accountable for what I stash away. Instead of messes, I'd want to make sure everything was neatly put away.
 Black Crystals makes the most beautiful jewelry. This necklace is so wonderful.
 (via:  Black Crystals)
How crazy awesome is this table?!

Link love...
▴ These hand shaped drawer pulls are THE most awesome.
This is probably the most perfect Easter dress!
Jordyn shared a link to this avocado toast recipe. Holy smokes. I need that now.
▴ It wouldn't be a proper Friday Favorites post without some beautiful lingerie.
Polydactyl makes such precious cat toys!
Diving girl washi tape - so cuuuute!

Happy Friday!!

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3 thoughts

  1. I love that your links include my links because sometimes my links include your links. So much link love.

  2. OMG those clear storage boxes! They make me want to get rid of all other storage boxes.

  3. Coffee lip balm?! I have a great need but boyfriend would never want to kiss me again! Lol


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