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Dana's Bakery Review

Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Macarons. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Seriously though, I reeeeally do love macarons. The first ones I ever had were made by Beca and it was love at first bite. After those macarons kind of became my "thing" as in I hunted them down where ever I went. No excuse needed to splurge on this little taste of heaven. Going to see my favorite band in a city a few hours away? Better find some macarons. Taking a road trip? I should taste them from every place we stop.  Moved to Cleveland? Guess I should try every macaron I can find in the city. They're that one trendy thing that I actually understand why people obsess over. A good macaron is a treasure!

So when Dana's Bakery contacted me asking if I'd like to write a post about them I jumped at the chance. I will work for macarons, apparently. While I had never had them until now I was familiar with Dana's Bakery simply because they have a monthly macaron subscription! I love the idea of subscription boxes but a macaron subscription kind of takes the cake, right!?

Dana's Bakery has a hefty selection of flavors to choose from including strawberry shortcake, thin mint, fruity cereal, champagne, and sooo many others. More than that, they also do a flavor of the month so there is always something new to try.  If you'd rather bake your own - they sell kits to do so. One more thing, they're all gluten free!

dana's bakery, review, macaron
Dana's Bakery

First thought upon getting them in the mail? Holy smokes, these are packed really well. I received a variety pack of 12 macarons. They came in a box with air pillows (similar to bubble wrap, if you're not familiar), safely tucked inside was a reusable insulated cooler bag that housed my macarons. It was great presentation and most importantly they all arrived in perfect condition. Not a single one was broken or even cracked.

I popped them in the fridge until later so I could share them with Jeff. Over the next three days we happily snacked on these babies. We kind of have a little routine with macarons. I take a bite and then he gets the other half (that somehow makes it sound like I'm stingy but I always try to leave him a bigger half... unless of course we're talking about floral or coffee flavors because those are my favorite!) This way we both get to try every flavor and we have fun guessing which flavor is which together. Orders from Dana's Bakery come with a key so you don't have to guess if you don't like surprises!

They were all delicious! They had high expectations to meet up to and miraculously they did it! My favorite was orange creamsicle, which isn't normally a flavor I would go for. My go-to flavors are usually coffee related but this orange creamsicle... it was something else! It tasted like the solid version of my new favorite pop, Sprecher's orange dream. The two together would just be insaaaane.

macaron review

Two thumbs way up for Dana's Bakery. If you haven't been able to try macarons yet, need an awesome gift for a pal, or just want to treat yourself, I can't recommend them highly enough. They even offer a 10% off coupon if you sign up for their newsletter! Getting flowers in the mail is cool but macarons by mail is next level!

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13 thoughts

  1. My favorite freaking dessert, hands down. I think I need to try this!

  2. I am absolutely in love with french macarons! In Philadelphia the Sugar Philly Truck has some of the best macarons in the city. I've been dying to take a macaron making class.

    Chrissy of crashbeauty.com

    1. Sugar Philly Truck!? WHAT?! We have some awesome food trucks here, but no dessert trucks! Thats so cool!!!

  3. Oh! Yum! A subscription box for macarons is such a cute and unique idea. The purple ones look so pretty!


    1. Aren't they beautiful? Such a photogenic dessert!

  4. You can get macarons through the mail?!?!? Omg I must try this!

  5. I LOVE macarons! Keep trying to make them myself and have yet to get the knack...good macarons are a real treasure, due to the work and talent that goes into making them.
    Where in Cleveland have you found good ones? Going to be there in a couple of weeks and would love to find some?

  6. These are so beautiful and I can't believe they arrived by mail, they're in perfectly pristine photographing condition.

  7. Those look so good! McDonald's surprisingly has pretty good macarons. Not sure if the McDonald's near you have them though.


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