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what I wore : TargetYourEssence

Thursday, February 11, 2016

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pink lipstick, purple hair, #shop #cbias
pin game, enamel pin, flare
pink lipstick, purple hair, #shop #cbias
pink and red nails, nail art, #shop #cbias

hat - thrifted
sunglasses - Carine c/o Moorea Seal
pins - eye by Coucou Suzette, no scrubs by Kodiak Milly
sweater - Kohl's
jeans - Target
boots - Palladium Boots
lipstick - Wear Berries by Essence

Can I tell you guys a secret? I love doing as much grocery shopping as I can at Target because it gives me an excuse to talk myself into purchasing a few other odds and ends while I'm there. Oh yeah, I totally did need new pens. Some new undies? Well, sure! Cant forget the most dangerous aisles of all... cosmetics! Sometimes I make it a point to not even go down those aisles because it's so hard for me to resist picking out something I want. There's a light at the end of that wallet draining tunnel though - Essence cosmetics!

Essence is an up and coming brand that launched in Germany in 2001. Essence is known for high quality, on-trend, products that are available at super affordable prices. They believe beauty is about being yourself and having fun doing it. That's something I can get behind 100%! They first came to the U.S. in 2007. Now they're available at over 500 select Target locations nationwide and guess who was lucky enough to have a local Target start carrying their products? ME!

Obviously I'm a colorful person (who is wearing mostly black and grey in this post, whoops!) that loves to experiment with my look but I'm a little more timid with my make up. I only started really getting into it these last few years, and still feel like I have a lot to learn. I want to be really great at make up, like YouTube beauty guru good, but that obviously takes practice. Something that always kind of scared me away and made it more difficult for me practice is the price of make up. I don't want to spend lots of money on something I'm not sure of. Essence changes everything though. $1.99 nail polish? $3.99 gel eyeliner? $4.99 mascara?  $2.99 lipstick? YES, PLEASE. Those prices make it super easy to be guilt free about experimenting with things. For under $35, I got everything pictured below. Score!

make up haul, essence cosmetics #shop #cbias
#shop #cbias
Essence cosmetics, target #shop #cbiaspink lipstick, purple hair, #shop #cbias

Lipstick is my big thing right now. I shared back in September how lipstick is kind of new territory for me. (see here) I love trying out new colors but hate feeling like I wasted money when I don't like a color on myself or don't love how it applies. For $2.99 I'm more than happy to test out every single color! I've picked up three so far. Wear Berries has been my favorite because it matches my hair almost perfectly plus it's a really easy color to wear.

Have you guys tried Essence yet? What are some of your favorite products from them? I'm seriously so excited to experiment more. Aside from more lipsticks and nail polishes, I think my next purchase will be this volumizing eyelash powder!

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25 thoughts

  1. That lipstick looks perfect on you!

  2. I have been using Essence for years. They sell it in most cosmetic/pharmacies here in South Africa. I also love the fact that it's soo affordable and decent quality :) and all the cool bits and bobs for nails(like magnetic nailpolish and stamps) I've loved experimenting with over the years :) was soo happy to see you posted about it

    1. I know, I can't wait to play with more of the nail products!

  3. Ooh! Loving the nails, and the boots. You look amazing!

  4. Volumizing eyelash powder? I don't think I've ever heard of anything like that before, I'll have to check it out too! You are too cute in this post- I love your funky and fresh style, those nails, and your fresh face look. It's all FAB! #client

  5. I love this outfit!!! And your makeup looks great!
    I was bummed when I saw that Essence was available at Target, because we no longer have Target in Canada (at least not on the west coast), but, thanks to trusty ole Google, I see it's available at Shoppers Drug Mart! Wahoo. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. I am looking forward to trying it out :)

    1. No Target in Canada!?!!! Ahhhh.

      I'd love to hear what ya try and what ya think of it! :)

  6. Oh man, as a lipstick fiend, I know the gut wrenching feeling when you realize that you've bought a terrible lipstick! Are Essence lipsticks moisturizing? How is the taste? Try as I might, I always end up licking my lips and I end up tasting the lipstick as well.

    Love the nails! And the lipstick matches well with your hair!

    1. I don't know that I would call them moisturizing but I guess they are because I know there are some lipsticks that after I put them on I have to put a little bit of regular old chapstick on top so my lips don't feel dry. I don't have to do that with these.

      They taste very neutral, not bad or good but I do really enjoy the way they smell.

  7. Their eyeshadow primer and their matte setting powder are great!

  8. I love Essence mostly for the same reasons: there is a lot of colors and it's super affordable! Unfortunately it's not sold in Brazil :(

  9. I like a lot Essence. They have a good quality/price relationship. Obviously, it's not a lancome or channel product, but they are quite food for the daily make :)

  10. your nails look GREAT!
    i have tried to follow you tube beauty videos and i can never get it quite right. i wish i was good at makeup too! For my birthday two years ago my best friend took me to sephora for a free make over and it was so fun. the girl who did it was cool and put a bunch of stuff on my i actually liked. i've been wearing pretty much just that since. and glitter eyeliner.

    1. Thank you, Rae! :D

      I've been wanting to do that for so long but feel like such a goof going alone. I need some solid lady friends to go to "girl stuff" with.

      What glitter eyeliner do you use? I've tried a few different kinds and they all make my eyes burn but I so desperately want some.

  11. I haven't heard of this brand yet but I'll have to check them out! Oh man, I love Target.. I always end up with about ten different things that I didn't anticipate on buying whenever I go there.


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