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what I wore : a giant tooth

Thursday, February 25, 2016

cleveland, blogger, tooth sweater, purple hair
Kaylah Doolan, Cleveland Lifestyle Blog, wiw
kaylah doolan, wiw, ootd

button up shirt -  Old Navy
lapel pin - Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes
sunglasses - Carine c/o Moorea Seal

I don't have too much to say about these photos or this outfit except that sunshine, a new pair of jeans that fit well, my new favorite sunglasses, and the most perfect sweatshirt make me a very happy gal. That sunshine especially! *insert seven heart emojis*

very important detail I couldn't seem to capture in the sunlight.

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11 thoughts

  1. Rad sweater! Love me some strange women. ;)

  2. Old Navy is underrated. Granted, you must dig through a billion polos but occasionally I find some awesomeness.
    Love the sweater. I might have to add it to my closet since I'm moving from New Orleans back to Detroit!
    Your blog is great. You have impeccable taste!
    Keep up the good works lady.

    1. Before going into Old Navy I always say "I never find anything in Old Navy" and that seems to be the magic trick for actually finding something in there because last time I made out like a bandit. Awesome jeans, a shirt, and my new favorite tank top

      Thank you! :D

  3. love this one! the tooth, the pin, the shirt! :)

  4. Dude, I just recently discovered the strange women society, and I want lottts of their stuff! Must purchase items soon!


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