Friday Favorites #351 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #351

Friday, February 12, 2016

Oh my goodness, cactus pinata! Probably too darn cute to whack with a stick though...
Crumple + Toss always has the best paper goods. I love this Don't Forget listpad!
A little box of pick-me-ups, what a precious idea!
 (via: Bread and Jam)
Cutest puppy dog iPhone case ever!
 (via: Papio Press)
I'm on the hunt for two matching night stands for beside each side of my bed. Isn't this one adorable?! Bonus points for the cute little black and white set up too, obviously.
(via: Puik Art)
 I just found Kathleen Lolley's work and it was love at first sight! Her style is so lovely.
Okay, seriously though, what is up with Anthropolgie and these super weird, super amazing lamps? This is the third week in a row I've featured one in my Friday Favorites.
(via: Anthropologie)
Love this bag! You can move the straps and use it either as a shoulder bag or backpack.
(via: Modcloth)
 Cat skull enamel pin! Of course I want one, duh!
Love this comforter. Actually, I just love that whole room. I am forever dreaming of brick walls.

Link Love...
▴ I've been casually browsing for a nice looking candlestick holder just so I'd have an excuse to finally purchase these color drip candles. I really, really dig this vintage candlestick centerpiece.
▴ Always a fan of a moon necklace!
Jordyn shared a link to this bra recently. Yes, please!!!
This might be my dream bed. "Might" because there are probably 50 different versions of what my dream bed looks like. I love many different styles but that one is definitely up there!!!
▴ I LOVE the fact that there is basically a lapel pin out there for any interest you might have. I was speed scrolling through Etsy when I spotted this one. I had to scroll back up because "was that rum ham!?" Yep. Rum Ham lapel pin.
▴ Winter dries out my face like crazy, I need this.

Happy Friday!!

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7 thoughts

  1. That puppy iphone case is adorable! I love the design and the cactus pinata. Great picks, enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Why not get those color drip candles and use them in a really fancy wine bottle?? I have a whole bunch of bottles I love but don't know what to do with them and I think that is my next step!

  3. The cactas pinata is amazing!
    And I love that bag.

  4. The little box of pick me ups is such a cute idea for when you're feeling down! That cactus is too adorable! <3

  5. Nice shares! I especially love the cactus pinata! <3


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