Friday Favorites #348 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #348

Friday, January 22, 2016

The print on this bag is too good!
(via: Modcloth)
I didn't realize Instax had come out with yet another new camera. The Instax Mini 70 sounds pretty darn awesome. It apparently even has a selfie mode? I'd love to test one out.
These tiny little planters are the cutest. I have so many plants that I just use plain terra-cotta pots for everything. I think I want to switch it up this year... slowly or else I might go broke!
Love From Berlin is one of my new favorite blogs. Rae is just so gosh darn adorable, and her blog is very aesthetically pleasing. Also, that hair? My dream hair!
These Beetlejuice themed lapel pins? YES PLEASE.
 (via: Ludlow Luna)
 Have I made it clear in the past how much of a sucker I am for anything with an eye print? Well, look how awesome these nail wraps are!!!
(via: Tattify)
Hogs and Kisses! You guys, I love Emily McDowell's work so much.
The cut of this shirt isn't something I'd normally go for but it's covered in cacti!!! I wish I could try it on.
(via: Modcloth)
Such a beautiful embroidery. Victoria Clare Gray is crazy talented (and has a super awesome instagram!)
Notebooks and planners in fun patterns. My biggest weakness!
(via: Moorea Seal)
 I don't quite have room for a chair in my apartment with it's current set up but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about how pretty this one would look with all the rest of my stuff.
(via: Anthropologie)

Link Love...
 ▴ I think basically every single thing in this shop would fit perfectly into my apartment.
 ▴ Cat apron + matching potholder!!
 ▴  Love that these earrings look like rock candy!
 ▴  This glass tooth in a jar is the coolest!
 ▴ Jordyn shared this link where you can learn to make your own leaf skeletons. So cool!
 ▴ This squirrel lamp is insanely expensive for what it is but holy cow, it's awesome!

Happy Friday!!

Ps. Don't forget to browse my Everyday Favorites if you want to see more fun finds! 

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12 thoughts

  1. Oooh I love the cactus print shirt! Also that instax looks really cool. Might have to consider adding that to my collection..

    1. Let me know how you like it if you end up getting it! :)

  2. Elizabeth Benotti YAY! And I know her! She is a maker local to Boston and we are often at the same shows. Don't you just want to fill your house with little dishes??

    1. Oh, that's awesome! YES! I wish I could buy her whole shop.

  3. I saw that squirrel lamp in their last catalogue and I went NUTS. (....pun intended.) I would consider spending $100 on it.... but $400+ is a little steep. Cue, teary eyes. Maybe it will go on sale one of these days?

  4. I recently bought the Cati top from ModCloth! Its very comfortable and flow-y. Not exactly silky but close. I used to live in New Mexico and just loved the print!

    1. Is it static-y? I think I know the material type you're talking about but I have always have issues with it sticking to me!

    2. I haven't had any issues with static. Take that with a grain of salt cuz I've really only worn it once. So I don't know if it reacts funny with other fabrics.

  5. I have a bag with almost the same horse print, but it's smaller, navy blue with brown belts, and the horses are white. It's more than perfect! :-)


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