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Cyber Monday x Society6

Monday, November 30, 2015

 Just a quick post to pop in and say I updated my Society6 shop and for Cyber Monday everything is marked down! 20% off everything plus free worldwide shipping until midnight. I've added the photographs from the last few batches of pouches. It's another way to get your hands on tangible items with these photos. Beach trash, pressed plants, skulls, even some teeth!

The phone case above? I actually bought one for myself right after uploading it to the site. I am so excited to get it.

A few more things...
▴ The Society6 sale is sitewide, and there is no coupon code necessary so there's no excuse not to support other artists as well. I obviously recommend checking out Jeff's shop
▴ A great deal of the Black Friday sales I posted about at the end of last week are still live, or at the very least the stores are offering other awesome deals. For example, Modcloth is now offering 25% off everything! I actually bought this dress because the first girl in the outfit photos on the page looked so darn cute.
▴ Speaking of sales still going on, my limited edition pouches are still on sale! 25% off with code "BF25". There aren't many left!
▴ If you have or ever do purchase anything from my society6 shop (or even one of my pouches!) I'd love to see photos! Feel free to email me or tag me on instagram @thedaintysquid.


hunting urban legends

Monday, November 30, 2015

Last week in an attempt to de-stress I took the day to do something I really enjoy and for some unknown reason haven't been doing lately - wander around a cemetery. I actually kind of thought that I had already visited all the large or unique cemeteries in the area but I managed to dig up a few new to me spots with interesting stories that I somehow missed the billion other times I searched.

My first stop was Alger Cemetery. My initial interest was because it has over 6,000 interments which means I can actually spend a little bit of time there instead of taking a half hour drive just to stop somewhere for a few minutes. A quick search led me to a few different websites featuring spooky stories about this particular cemetery. Apparently some time ago a group of kids broke into Paulick family crypt and burnt the artifacts and human remains inside. This angered the dead and now the cemetery is haunted. Stories of unusual sounds, strange lights, and moving statues are told over and over again.

The crypt and the cemetery weren't exactly as interesting as I was hoping, and I didn't experience anything spooky but I did find the grave of Nathan Alger. Mr. Alger had owned his property for less than a year when he died in 1813. He was buried on the homestead which his son later donated to the city. It became known as Alger Cemetery as it expanded and became the area burial ground. The most interesting part of that? Nathan Alger's headstone which reads "My friends I'm here, the first that's come. And in this place, for you there's room." It just seems to creepy yet so friendly, I love it! It was a really awesome find, especially considering I wasn't looking for it.

pictured above is the Paulick crypt

Next stop was Chestnut Grove Cemetery, which I found while researching Alger Cemetery. Someone had claimed the story about the Paulick crypt was way more spooky than anything happening over at old Chestnut Grove Cemetery. So, of course, I had to go searching for what happened at Old Chestnut Grove! The story with this place is that a long time ago a woman accused of witchcraft was brought to the cemetery and executed. The townsfolk didn't give her a grave marker but instead built a fence around a tree where she was buried.

The fence is no longer standing but you can see cement blocks where they once were. (The second photo below.) It's said that if you visit the witches grave "something bad" will happen to you. It doesn't sound all that ominous. "Something bad" Ooooh, scaaaaary. I'll tell you what though, my car broke down later that day which is kind of a funny coincidence. If I was someone who believed in all this I would definitely be freaking out a little bit.

Old Chestnut Grove Cemetery is a gorgeous cemetery with an interesting layout. It's on a hill above a river, nestled in the woods. It's fairly small but tucked away behind a fence, a little bit deeper in the woods, are more headstones. Surprisingly they were fairly new including one as recent as September of this year. I'm not really fond of newer sections in cemeteries, I feel like I'm intruding plus if we're being real here the new headstones are never as pretty. I was curious about the area though since I found a youtube video from some local paranormal researchers past the fence, and down a slight hill. The last photo above is what they referred to as a witches circle. Apparently if you stand in the middle you'll begin to feel as though you're being sucked down. I cautiously stepped into the middle knowing nothing would happen but secretly hoping something would. The people in the video "experienced" something but I guess if you look hard enough and want something bad enough you can convince yourself it's happening. The only thing that happened, that actually has nothing to do with the circle, was that when I looked up from my feet there was a massive buck just a few feet away. Honestly, probably one of the biggest deer I've ever seen in my life! We stared at each for a moment before he ran off.

Once again, as I write after every post involving them, I don't believe in ghosts. Am I still frightened of them? HECK YES. I know that it makes absolutely no sense at all to be afraid of something you don't actually believe in but it does make this kind of stuff super fun. There's no evidence to substantiate the claims of witches being executed, and a few other sites claimed to have found nothing about the Paulick crypt being burned but I still enjoy the stories. I don't quite know why but something about scaring yourself is fun. At both stops I thought "oh no big deal, I'm not afraid. This is just a normal place" but on the way back to the car I'd find myself walking a little faster than normal, looking around suspiciously. You notice that squirrels are super noisy little critters, and your own footsteps are rather loud as well. It's a rush.

When I first blogged about the girl in blue (my very first cemetery post on TDS, I was so nervous to share!) I mentioned that I've always had an interest in cemeteries, ghosts and all things macabre. That when I was young I'd pore over Haunted Ohio books, and day dream about visiting all the spooky places Ohio has but that as an adult when I actually had the chance to do these things I was too chicken. I feel like that has sort of shifted. I'm excited to research more urban legends in the area and to go check them out for myself. Hopefully it'll become kind of a regular thing here on the blog.

friday favorites

Black Friday Deals 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

It's become an annual tradition to share Black Friday sales from my favorite small businesses each year. I'm so excited to share these with you, some of these sales are exclusively for TDS readers, which is pretty darn awesome, right?! This is a pretty hefty list, so grab your coffee and get ready to shop! 

Golden Ponies, who makes amazing handmade shoes, bags, and more, are offering 20% off all orders through Sunday the 29th with code "TWENTY". I'm particularly fond of these babies!

Urban Outfitters is taking an extra 30% off all clearance items. This bedding that I've been eyeing up for a while now is on major major major clearance!!

Mokuyobi Threads is offering 25% off all orders over $30 from Thursday the 24th until Monday the 30th. Go buy all the patches!!!

Crave Jewelry is offering 15% off $15 or more, Friday - Monday. Coupon code: WHOOOHOOO

Photojojo is doing a fun scavenger hunt with the 'Pull the Lever' on the product page. Each product page holds a different offer with discounts up to 20% off your order.

Black Crystals is offering 15% off with exclusive coupon code "daintysquid"!!

All camera bags from Jo Totes are on sale today! Up to 40% off. You guys, if you've been thinking about getting one now is the time. I cannot recommend Jo Totes enough!

Crumple + Toss made a special discount for Dainty Squid readers! Use code "SQUID25" for 25% off orders $20 or more! She has pizza washi tape, you guys!

Dolls Kill is having a massive sale, the entire site is marked down! I'm dying over this ridiculous iPhone case.

Blackbird Tees is offering 10% off store wide, as well as weekly giveaways on Instagram through the end of the year. I looove their Big Dipper and Little Dipper shirt set ...I also really like just being cheesy and wearing anything matching with Jeff.

Anthropologie is offering 25% everything off with code "SHOPTOIT"!!!

15% off at with coupon "BFRIDAY15".

I'm offering 25% off my limited edition zipper pouches with the use of code "BF25"!

Moorea Seal is having a massive sale!! Major markdowns on the ENTIRE SITE (yes!) all weekend! There is SO much amazing stuff on her site, definitely worth a browse.

And my absolute favorite, every year, Modcloth! They're offering 40% off 100s on new arrivals! There are tons of gorgeous dresses on sale, and lots of winter coats if you still haven't grabbed one for the year yet! I've got my eye on this dress!

More sales!!!
Madewell is offering 25% off your entire purchase with code "calmdown"
▴ Starting November 30th Batty's Bath is offering free shipping on orders over $40 shipping within North America with coupon code "CYBERMONDAY".
Jessamity is running a 25% off sale from 11/26-11/30, no coupon code needed! The discount will already be applied to shop items.
▴ If you're looking to get a new bike, State Bicycle Co is doing $299 mystery bikes or 20% off anything else!
ASOS is offering 30% everything with code "BLESSED"!
InnerTruth Panties is offering 20% off all orders from Thanksgiving Day through Monday, November 30th. Plus, as always, they have free shipping in the US. Discount code is "BestGiftEver2015".
Plasticland is offering an extra 25% off all clearance items as well as a free gift & free shipping on all orders of $100 or more.
April Nicole is offering an exclusive coupon code to Dainty Squid readers. "DAINTY" for 20% off plus everything (except oversized canvas works) already ships free worldwide! Expires Dec 1, 2015.
The Captain Cosmos is offering 15% discount with coupon code "black15" from Friday the 28th until Monday the 30th.
Strange Flora Jewellery is offering 40% off everything in the shop, including all clearance items with code "BLACKFRIDAY40". The coupon code expires at midnight.
Journelle, maker of super sexy lingerie, is having a pretty awesome sale. Buy more, save more! 15% off $150, 20% off $300, 25% off $500 with code "THANKSLOVELY" It's applicable to both full-price and sale items! I'm hopelessly in love with this bra.

Have fun shopping!!! Whatever your black friday plans are remember to be safe and kind to others! xoxo

cutting room floor

on the cutting room floor - pt. 2

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Things these last few weeks have been hectic. I've been helping out at the flower shop a lot lately. I LOVE it. It's challenging me in a bunch of different ways that I really enjoy...and will probably talk about later. It pushes me out of my comfort zone, and who is going to argue with making extra money that can go straight into savings? But I feel so very burnt out. Finding balance between blogging full time and then doing something extra on the side is more difficult than I imagined. I'm, of course, not fishing for sympathy, or casually tossing hints to Anji who reads my blog - just sharing a little about what's going on around here behind the scenes. Plus I know that sometimes it's helpful to just admit something is stressing you out and somehow after that things magically fall into place.

There are an infinite number of things to blog about, especially considering I have such a wide variety of interests, and right now I literally cannot think of a single thing I want to write about. People always complain bloggers only share the sunny side so consider this my contribution to the other side. I guess to be fair, it's not even that this is something not "sunny", it's just a little extra sunny here? Like I need a bit of sunscreen or some time in the shade. Does that make sense? I know I'm totally going to read this later and be like "what the heck was I even trying to say?!" But if you knew how long it took me to even get this far into the post you'd understand. It took me so long before I thought of the perfect thing to share today - a new on the cutting room floor post! Lots of plants, and pets, the two things that help keep me grounded.

Here's to hoping the holidays aren't as crazy for you and that a day of over indulging myself on mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie at the end of the week is just what I need.

project 365 // days 319 - 325

Monday, November 23, 2015

319 : 365  Warm fall days are the best. While at my parents house I found lots of mushrooms and Klaus enjoyed playing in the pond for what will probably be the last time for the year. His face buried in the water in that first photo kills me. Such a sweet pup.

  320 : 365 Christmas cactus in full bloom. I know I shared a photo of this last week as well but it's just so beautiful and so satisfying to know what I grew that!

 321 : 365 Bulletin board things.

 322 : 365 Freshly colored orange hair. It was kind of one of those things where I was like "Oh man, why I did I just do that?" I'm itching for a change but I'll have to let this fade out a bit first.

 323 : 365 Spiced pumpkin candle? A new favorite, obviously.

324 : 365 Anji's booth at the Cleveland Flea. How awesome are those poinsettias? We've been working hard to get them made in time for the holidays! They're pet friendly and oh so awesome.

325 : 365  My pups are missing that sunlight! I wish I lived somewhere they could stay outside all year long.

Hope you're having an awesome start to your week!

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