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Friday Favorites #336

Friday, October 30, 2015

How great is this shelf?! It'd look so great in an apartment with brick walls, wouldn't it?!
(Don't mind me, I'm just dreaming of brick walls.)
 (via: Dot & Bo)
I'd love to learn calligraphy. This starter kit sounds pretty awesome.
Uh, yeah... I'm gonna need this!
(via: Moorea Seal)
This hedgehog flash drive is too cute.
(via: Mink Is Love)
Black thumb? Here ya go!
Ooooh! This necklace is pretty. I can't get enough opal.
(via: Moorea Seal)
Love these simple glass catch-all trays.
This dress is covered in foxes, deer, and flowers!
(via: Modcloth)
I know I already have lockers but would you just look at these beauties!!?
Is it close enough to the new year that I can start talking about how excited I am about getting a new calendar? Eh, I don't care. Look at this one!!!
(via: Brit + Co)

Link Love...
Georgia in Dublin makes the snazziest rain gear for cyclists. I'm particularly fond of this jacket.
▴ Are you stupid in love with novelty bags? Okay, well, here's a bat shaped bag!
▴ You know those little ceramic Christmas trees that you put the tiny lights in? Well, there is a cactus version!!!!
▴ I discovered Silvia's blog, Heart My Backpack, a week or so back when she bought ad space. I spent SO long digging around her blog and reading posts. I highly recommend grabbing a cup of tea and sitting down to read a while (...or not because you're going to be aching to travel after getting like three posts deep)
Shark plugs! Ahhh!
This ring is soooo pretty!

Happy Friday!

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what i wore

what we wore : no bones about it

Thursday, October 29, 2015

dog skeleton costume, skeleton

gloves - skeleton gloves via H&M
jacket - moto jacket c/o Golden Tote
necklace - c/o Scarlett Garnet (a few years back)
leggings - skeleton leggings via Hot Topic (on clearance now!)
 Klaus' outfit - skeleton costume via Target (also on clearance!)

Way before I ever adopted Klaus I wanted to get a dog of my own so I could dress him or her up in a skeleton costume. I don't know why but something about dogs in skeleton costumes just melted my heart. I kind of forgot about that until I saw this one at Target. I told Jeff about it later and explained how badly I wanted it but didn't know when Klaus would actually wear it. He was like "Get it! He can wear it all the time!" That's a good man, justifying my stupid purchases. So next trip to the store Klaus got a skeleton costume and all my stupid little dreams came true. I didn't think it was possible for this puppy to get any cuter but I was proven wrong. He will totally be wearing this thing all year long. I own skeleton footie pjs so I guess Klaus and I will be able to match in the evenings in the winter too!

Unrelated to this outfit post but in the spirit of Halloween I crossed off one of my big fall goals - visiting a haunted house! I've had two experiences with haunted houses in the past. The first was with my mom, and brother when I was eleven or twelve. I spent the whole time with my face buried in my brother's back. I didn't look at single thing. The second time was in Niagara Falls the next year. I wanted to redeem myself after the first haunted house so my aunt and I bought tickets, walked maybe ten steps in and then I ran out. Since then I've just presumed haunted houses weren't my thing and wrote them off. Even as a huge chicken, I loved the idea of haunted houses. I desperately wanted to be able to go so this year I made it one of my goals.

Last weekend myself and five of my friends visited Spooky Ranch. There is a fun house, haunted hay ride, 3-D clown house, and "extreme nightmares" haunted house. You guys, I don't remember the last time I had that much fun. IT WAS A BLAST. Seriously, I can't think about it without getting this massive cheesy grin on my face. We actually all had so much fun that while waiting in line for the last attraction we started looking up other nearby haunted houses so that we wouldn't have to call it a night. Sadly it was too late and we wouldn't be able to make it to another before they closed for the night.

I'm bummed I missed out on haunted houses all these years but I guess I've got the rest of my life to enjoy them. I cannot wait to go to another!


my lapel pin collection

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

pin game, lapel pins

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you might have noticed in my what I wore posts that I kind of have a thing for accessories. Fun necklace, rings, brooches, lapel pins, etc. I love them all. I 100% do not abide by the quote "before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." I basically do the opposite. Before leaving the house I usually look in the mirror to make sure I have at least a few eye catching things on.

These last six months or so lapel pins have become pretty darn hip. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm usually kind of sour when things I love become super popular but there are so many independent companies out there making them and you can find one for just about any interest you may have. I've welcomed this boom with open arms. I love finding new brands with lapel pins. They're small, and usually cost less then $10 a piece so they're easy to collect. They're a really awesome way to support creative folks and their businesses (...at least that's how I justify having so many!)

I thought it would be a fun idea to share some photos of my collection! This little three dollar bulletin board from the deals section at Target is the perfect way to display them all. It's nice to see them all at a glance instead of storing them in a dish where I may forget what all I have.
valley cruise press, lapel pins,
lapel pins, collection, lapel pin,
asilda store, lapel pins
 Directly above in the dish are a few of my favorite and most worn pins.
It would be crazy hard to link to where each of the pins are from so instead I'll link to all the folks I own pins from and then you can blame me when you blow all your money on pins!
Valley Cruise Press 
Explorer's Press 
Asilda Store 
No Fun Press 
Fair Goods
I like cats
Seltzer Goods
Applesauce Industries
Thora Ford Jewelry
If you see a pin in my collection that you can't seem to find in the links above, just ask!  

Do you collect lapel pins? I would love to see your collection!

what i wore

what I wore : blending in

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

jeans - Skinny jeans c/o Macy's
camera bag - Jo Totes
boots - Palladium Boots

Insert obligatory few sentences about how much I love fall. The colors, you guys, the colorssss! :P

This is my first year having orange hair in autumn. I usually try to avoid it since strangers inevitably ask dumb questions and make rude comments. Seriously, where do people come from that calling a stranger on the street "pumpkin head" is acceptable?! I wasn't ready to dye my hair a new color so I just decided to roll with it this year. While the comments are just as annoying as ever I kind of love having a hair color that matches the season so well. Just down the street from me there is a tree that perfectly matches my hair and every time I walk under it I hope anyone who see me is appreciating just how awesome it looked. Hah!

I knew since I blended in so well this year I had to make sure to go find a pretty background to take outfit photos in front of. My obvious first choice was the cemetery! I'm pretty sure there is nothing prettier than a cemetery in fall. I visited Monroe Street Cemetery (which I blogged about last fall) and it did not disappoint. It was a struggle to not pick up every single pretty leaf I found to press. Can this season just last forever!?

Hope you're having an excellent week.


abandoned greenhouse : round three

Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Sunday, as part of our anniversary adventure, Jeff and I swung by the abandoned greenhouse. We've visited in the winter, in the spring and I've been not so patiently waiting for the perfect time to go see it in the fall. Alas, it wasn't as colorful as I had been hoping and dreaming it would be. ...At least that's what I thought while we were there. It wasn't until I got home, sorted through the photos, and compared them to past visit's photos that I realized there was some definite color going on in there. It's kind of funny because that was the same reaction I had the last time we were there.

It's hard to go into a place like this, that doesn't really have too many objects to photograph, for the third time and try to find new things to shoot. I honestly wasn't sure I got anything I really liked but the more I look at them the more I appreciate them, especially that first shot. It's easily my favorite of everything I shot.

I didn't plan very well in terms of taking photos that I would easily be able to replicate on future visits to compare the differences. I did take a very similar shot of the car each time though. I found it interesting to open each of the greenhouse posts (links above + below) in a separate tab, scroll to the car shot and click back and forth. My urge to shoot this place in the snow isn't all that strong considering what I mentioned above about struggling to find new shots of this place but I feel like I need to take that car shot with snow.

Abandoned, Greenhouse, Ohio
Abandoned, Greenhouse, Ohio

One of my favorite things about this spot is that it could easily be overlooked. It's in a fairly rural area, surrounded by fields, and if you aren't paying attention you may just drive by it. It could be mistaken for just a large overgrown area. There are a few spots where you can see the glass paneling but otherwise it really doesn't look like too much from the outside. After entering it's like being in a jungle. It's kind of weird because you're inside of a building but this building is just a frame that is covered in vines. It's like being outside but you're inside. ...It's also like I'm trying way too hard to explain this! Heh!

Jeff and I had planned to take outfit photos together and make it a little tradition to do that for every six month anniversary. I was having one of those days though where after every photo I found something "wrong" with myself. We didn't end up shooting too many of us but I managed to find a few that I just adore. So maybe every six months we won't get a full outfit post but here's to hoping we can at least get an adorably cheesy shot together. 

Find previous abandoned green house posts here: winter without snow, and in the spring.
Unrelated to the greenhouse but way, way cute - Mine + Jeff's one year anniversary photos.

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