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gratuitous plant post

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I suppose you could call this a gratuitous plant post, I just wanted to share some photos of my succulents. I am seriously so proud of these lil guys. I've never in my life had plants that were this happy, and growing this well. Taking photos of them is something I do often... maybe a little too often but it's so much fun to be able to look back at a photo from the beginning of summer, last month, or even last week and see how much a certain plant has grown.

The weather will be changing soon and they'll have to be moved inside for the winter. I'm a little bit nervous to see how they do being back inside. I'm worried there just won't be enough sunlight inside but I guess the worst thing that can happen is they get leggy, and I have to propagate which just leaves me with more plants to play around with!

For the longest time I could never figure out how people got such nice full arrangements. I would try buy smaller plants and stuff them into a planter but it would never look the same. Growing my own plants has allowed me to finally achieve the look I have loved this whole time. So one my plant goals for next year is to work on my arrangements. Above is one of my favorites. The variety of colors, shapes, and textures is just perfect. I'm pretty proud those are all plants that started from a single leaf.

Along with probably twice the number of succulents, since I'm a lot less picky of an eater I think next year I want to grow some things of my own to eat. Kaylah's pepper farm?! I just want to grow all the things. Gardening is so rewarding. Any of you guys grow anything this year you're excited about?

PS. In case you missed it, you can find my post on propagating succulents here!

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two million sunflowers

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last week I shared my list of goals I had set for this season (read them here) and one of those goals was to visit the sunflower garden. While plotting out what I'd be doing for the next few days I decided to check facebook for the garden's address in case it was near something else I wanted to do. While searching I saw where someone had asked how the sunflowers were faring since it was getting so late in the season. Whoever runs the page responded back that they were starting to droop and that if that person wanted to come that they should go immediately. So, that's how I ended up crossing off one of my goals the same day.

Prayers from Maria, and this massive sunflower field were created by Maria McNamara’s family after she passed away at age seven from a brain tumor. This sunflower field was created to help raise awareness for childhood cancer and celebrate Maria's life. I read somewhere but can't seem to find it again that after the flowers have peaked the seeds are then sold at one of the local garden centers raise money for research which is grossly underfunded. Last year they sold out pretty quickly. The field is much larger now, and there were more than two million sunflowers seeds planted this year! Hopefully those will be sold just as quickly!

I was definitely a little bit late to visit the flowers. Even a week earlier and I think the flowers may have been in better shape. Drooping or not, it was incredible to see SO many sunflowers in one place and for such a great cause. What a beautiful memorial that was grown and enjoyed by many!


The Rubber Duck Factory Revisited

Monday, September 28, 2015

Last Sunday Jeff, Jason, and I attended a lecture on Cleveland history. We learned the history of a handful of buildings downtown, and ate lots of snacks. It was pretty awesome. Not only was what we were learning interesting I absolutely love seeing people talk about their interests. It was wildly obvious this man loved researching our city and that was enough to get me excited.

After the lecture I was feeling a serious urge to get into something abandoned. I guess it really just comes down to the fact that passionate people spark my passions. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what I love about photographing abandoned buildings but something I really enjoy is documenting changes.

Something during the lecture that piqued my interest was when he was talking about this headstone and how he was really glad someone had photographed it way back when because it is no longer legible. It's just a worn down obelisk now. He mentioned that a lot of things can last for a while, they might stay in the same condition for hundred years then all of a sudden in the next fifty go rapidly down hill. I've found abandoned buildings to be a prime example of that.

After the lecture, while waiting on Erin to get off work, we walked over to "The Rubber Duck Factory" just to waste a little bit of time. I hesitated to even take any photos of the place because none will ever been fun as the ones from my previous visit but then I thought about why I loved photographing these places so much and what he had said about deterioration of things.

This old warehouse is in no way, shape or form as significant as a headstone but it's crazy to see how quickly it's just crumbling away like the headstone I mentioned above. So much has changed since my last visit; furniture is gone, someone has been dumping shrubbery, there is tons more graffiti, the roof in one of the largest sections has collapsed and most noticeably... I couldn't find a single rubber duck. My last visit we gathered nearly five hundred of these dirty ducks. I checked all the spots I knew I hide ducks and didn't see even one.

It's funny to me that now anytime someone goes there they'll be left wondering "Why in the world is this called The Rubber Duck Factory?" I love that I was able to go there and document a time where there was an abundance of ducks because no one else will be able to do that again. ...Unless the ducks show up again...? I guess that's not totally out of the realm of possibility. Maybe they've just been kidnapped!? Oh man, someone should have totally turned this into a puzzle complete with ransom note. Opportunity lost! 

Like I said, this building isn't all that important in Cleveland history but it's certainly fun to record little things like this. Soon it will be demolished so that condos can be built and all that will be left will be the memories and photos myself and other photographers have captured.

Find my post from my first visit here

Sept 27, two days after drafting up this post, the Rubber Duck Factory actually burnt down. Such a crazy coincidence. 

project 365 // 262 - 269

Sunday, September 27, 2015

262 : 365  I'm really excited about this new mural. Once I saw they were working on it I waited to post my Cleveland recommendations until I could snap a photo of it. I wish all the walls had just a little bit more color on them!

263 : 365 Smile Erry Day.

264 : 365 The most handsome puppy I ever did see! Also one of the saddest since I wouldn't let him come out on the deck with me. He's not much of a barker but randomly some days he decides no one is allowed to walk on the sidewalk in front of the house. This was one of those days... at least it made for a nice photo?

265 : 365 I'm gonna miss sitting out here once the weather gets too cold.

266 : 365 Squid and the giant ice cream cone.

267 : 365 Wise words found on a random rock.

268 : 365 Guess who got to see their favorite band on Thursday night! This gal!!!

269 : 365 My bike, shooting film, and Cleveland. Three of my favorite things.

Hope you're having an excellent weekend!

friday favorites

Friday Favorites #331

Friday, September 25, 2015

 (via: Coucou Suzette)
I was literally just thinking "Man, I wish I had rainboots that weren't so tall" and then BAM! I stumbled upon these glitter ones
 (via: Modcloth)
I've been thinking a lot about getting a hat to wear when I'm on my bicycle. I love the ridiculous pattern on this one. It's so bright and fun.
(via: Mokuyobi Threads)
How awesome is this head stem badge?! Some sort of tooth related accessory is probably the only thing that could make my bike more awesome.
(via: Art By Winona)
Ah! A letterpress print block of a tooth. No idea what I'd do with it but I love it and it'd look great in my collection.
(via: Merry Sunshine)
 Take a second to look at a close up of these beetles, they're made of paper and other recycled materials. Isn't that amazing?!
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 (via: Moorea Seal)
Love the color of these pants. They're perfect for fall.
 (via: Modcloth)
I don't normally clip my hair but I'm growing out a portion of my bangs so until they get long enough I am letting everything get long. 95% of the time they're driving me crazy and I have to bobby pin them back. How fantastic would this cat hair clip look in my hair!!
 (via: Moorea Seal)
Way into this plant stand!

Link Love...
▴ I tweeted about this a few weeks back but this is my new favorite vine account. You guys, I love big cats so much.
▴ This wolf necklace is adorable!
▴ So so so into this jacket. I feel like the color would look awesome with my orange hair.
Kitty tape for all your mailing needs!
▴ Speaking of kitties - cat sweater!
▴ This shower curtain rules.
▴ The pattern on this weekend bag is perfect.

Happy Friday!

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