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Morro Bay

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

After Salvation Mountain, day two of our road trip wasn't shaping up to be too great with both Jeff and I super tired. He's a bear when he's tired, and I'm the actual worst when I'm hungry. Basically we were a dream team on day two. Not! A hotel wasn't in the plans for a few more days but we needed it. We sat down at Starbucks after scarfing down In-N-Out (because duh!) and decided to head to Morro Bay for the night. It was only a few hours away, and we figured it would be a great place to rest up.

Aaaand we were totally correct! Our hotel was right by the beach, I could even see Morro rock from the window. We ordered a pizza and relaxed while waiting for the sun to get a little bit lower in the sky. While we ate I browsed instagram photos tagged "morro bay", "morro rock", and anything else I could think of that would show me photos of nearby things. I found a few photos featuring jellyfish (which I later learned are velella). I was super excited. I was hoping to find one on the beach. We really don't have anything interesting living in Lake Erie, unless you believe in Bessie, so even dead finding something like a jellyfish is so neat to me.

We walked to the beach a little bit later and there they were. Hundreds (thousands?!) of velella! Jeff's comment was "Well, here you go!" The first thing out of my mouth was "Grosssss!" But I'm not going to lie, it was pretty cool and I was darn excited. They were impossible not to step on. I tried avoiding them the longest time but eventually gave up after seeing barefoot surfers, and joggers just walking on them like it was no big deal.

Even more exciting than tons of velella? Sand dollars! I have never actually found one myself. I own a few but I have no idea where they came from. I was walking the beach when I spotted one. It was whole but broken on the underside. I was pumped though! A few more feet and I found another. This one was perfect. Then it was just one after another, they were everywhere. I even found a live one complete with a barnacle buddy.

We watched the sun set for what felt like days. Sunsets here, I swear, only last a few minutes. The sky is beautiful but only for a very short amount of time. I feel like we watched the sunset on this beach for so much longer than I've ever experienced in my life - and it just kept getting prettier. Then it got foggy. Are you kidding me!? Y'all know how much I love fog.

So quick recap here - velella, sand dollars, prettiest sunset I've ever seen, surfers, mountains, and fog. Basically, it was heaven. Have you ever seen one of those silly commercials for California with Arnold Schwarzenegger saying how fun the state is? This should be in one.

Morro Bay, you are pure magic. One night was not enough. I definitely would love to go back and explore the area again someday. If it were possible, I would seriously fly out there RIGHT NOW.

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Swimsuits + Sales

Monday, June 29, 2015

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

I've always thought that that time of the year when bathing suits go on clearance but there was definitely still time for hot weather left was weird, even a bit sad. We wait all year for summer (at least in the midwest), then it seems like we rush it away. I would lying if I said I wasn't excited about fall. It's currently 61 degrees here, I'm in a hoodie and leggings, drinking tea and loving it. I digress, this post isn't about that. It's about the massive sale Modcloth is having and how I'm basically drooling over everything. I think over the past few years I've made it very apparent how much I love Modcloth. They're a rad company, and from time to time they have really really rad sales - one of those is happening right now. SO many cute summer clothes marked way down.

I was browsing through everything and realized there were a whole lot of swimsuits on sale which means it's that weird time of the year but it also means you can get an awesome deal on a super cute suit that you'll actually be able to wear before tucking it away for the winter.

1 // 2 // 3

The sale also includes tons of items that aren't swim related. My favorite thing to do when browsing websites is to put together outfits. I found these four items in the sale section and I'm in love! If that skirt wasn't already sold out in my size it would on it's way to me!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Rainy days, which it looks like this one might end up being, and sales are a match made in heaven (or maybe the opposite if you go a little too crazy!) I'm starting to edit photos I took of the next batch of pouches (you can find a peek here!) Snagging something from the sale will be my treat when I finish this up! Guess I better get to work...


Salvation Mountain

Monday, June 29, 2015

The first night of the trip was rough. We had planned to sleep in the car the majority of the nights like we did without any problems on the last trip. Our first night it got late quick. All of a sudden we're both incredibly exhausted with nowhere to pull over and sleep. We ended up sleeping half the night in the car outside of a gas station then in the middle of the night we drove an hour away to a rest stop where we finished off the night.

We awoke before the sun came up, and headed to Salvation Mountain, everyone's favorite spot in the desert, to catch it at sun rise. I had seen so many photos of Salvation Mountain. It's been featured in a few movies, numerous places across the internet, and of course everyone and their mother has instagrammed it. On our last trip we were actually extremely close but I didn't really consider it a priority because of the popularity of the spot. This trip I really wanted to see it.

We arrived just as the first morning light was beginning to show in the sky. My first impression was that it was much smaller than I had pictured but that doesn't mean it wasn't a sight to behold. It was awesome to basically watch this colorful mountain appear right in front of us as it got brighter and brighter outside.

One of my favorite things about Salvation Mountain, other than the fact it's a giant colorful thing in the desert, is that there were cats. Lots of cats. Okay, not tons of them or anything but I saw at least four. The photo above is on the inside and all along the branches in there the cats we jumping around, cleaning themselves, and observing us. As much as I don't love seeing cats outside, especially in this heat I was ecstatic to see them. What an awesome playground for them!

We were the only people there for a little while until a group of rowdy teenage boys pulled up and decided they needed to climb all over everything. It was a great way to start the day. I'm really glad we stopped.

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Project 365 // days 169 - 178

Sunday, June 28, 2015

169 : 365 New lapel pin from Applesauce Industries.

 170 : 365 I got this snazzy new phone case from Moorea Seal, went to take photos of it and Klaus was like "hi, um, you can't take pictures without me." He's such a lap dog! Basically if you're sitting with your lap exposed he's trying his hardest to crawl onto it.

Also, I don't know if it's just me but sometimes getting a new case for my phone is almost as exciting as getting a new phone.

171 : 365 Riding in not so great areas the cops always wanna chit chat. "Where ya heading?", "How far you going?" and "What happens if you get a flat?" are all thing we heard on this day. We turn left, the cop goes straight and almost instantly Jake says "I just got a flat!" They jinxed us! We had to walk back downtown but it was actually a really nice walk and those flowers I rested my bike in smelled AMAZING so it wasn't all bad, just a really strange coincidence. 

 172 : 365 Tiny mushroom and an even tinier toad.

 173 : 365 I moved a bunch of my indoor plants on to my deck to relieve some crowding. Clearly they appreciate the extra light and water because nearly everything has doubled in size and I was even rewarded with some flowers.

 174 : 365 Everyone in this apartment appreciates the evening light.

 175 : 365 Sneak peek at one of the patterns for the next round of pouches. 
Coming the week of the 6th!

 176 : 365 I had been talking about finding some way to display my lapel pins because 1. they're awesome and 2. they're hard to find when they're all laying in a dish. A few days later I found this in the bargain section at Target. Three dollars later and all my lapel pins are organized!

 177 : 365 I only have a cell phone photo from this day, but it was a darn good day. My mom and my brother came up to Cleveland for Critical Mass! It was his birthday so we got pre ride ice cream and post ride pizza. We rode just under 20 miles total. So proud of my mom!!

178 : 365 At Critical Mass one of my instagram followers, whose wife is a dental hygienist, gave me all these! They definitely weighed me down on the ride but, dude, look how awesome!

I'm so glad to finally be caught up on Project 365 posts. Just missing that one week's post, although it didn't actually make that big of a difference, made it feel like I had a ton to catch up on.
Well, I'm back to sewing. I can't wait to share more about this next round of pouches. They are gorgeous!

Hope you're having a most excellent Sunday!

friday favorites

Friday Favorites #318

Friday, June 26, 2015

So this listing is about the cute little cactus romper but would you just look at that amazing room?
 (via: Fable Baby)
These glasses are so awesome. Wish I didn't excel at dropping glasses...
(via: Modcloth)
What a snazzy lapel pin!
 (via: Rachelle Letain)
Obsessed with this office set up
 (via: Clashist)
Eye love this necklace!
Emily Martin, The Black Apple, is one of my absolute favorite artists. I just found this print set of hers and it's the spitting image of my cats. What an awesome coincidence.
What a pretty dress. The color scheme is excellent!
(via: Modcloth)
 Pining soooo hard over this planner! I need to own it.

(via:  Crumple & Toss)
Love love love the patterns on these little ring dishes.
 (via: Zola)

Link Love...
▴ This facial scrub sounds so amazing.
Welp. These plugs are beautiful.
▴ Your dog probably needs a bed shaped like a giant pepperoni pizza, right?
▴ If it makes sense, I'm not good at wearing bracelets - like they're always banging around on stuff and it bothers me. BUT if I was, these gorgeous bracelets would be mine.
▴ Eeeep! This planter has the sweetest little face.

Hope you have an excellent Friday!

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animals and nature

Foxy Lady + Tramp : part two

Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's been a few weeks since my parents adopted Lady and Tramp (see the very first post about them here) and they have both gotten so big. The day I dropped Klaus off with them before my road trip I took the opportunity to get some new pictures of the foxes. They're obviously both still very small but the difference from the last set of photos and these ones is crazy. I think Lady's ears and the shape of her face are biggest indicator of just how much she's grown. Instead of looking so much like a dog/bear/thing she's beginning to look a bit more like a fox.

At the time I took these photos Tramp had to be leashed with an unsightly rope, since Crum sized leashes are way too big for tiny critters, because he is so incredibly fast. A week later when I picked up Klaus after my trip Lady had reached the point where she needed leashed too. Foxes are speedy little things! You look away for one second and zip!! they're gone!

Lady has grown from a cuddly baby to a mischievous little rascal. She's realized how fun wrestling is. Both Klaus and Crum are way too big to play with but that doesn't stop her from dashing over and trying to nibble on them. Crum, the gentle giant, is a big scaredy cat who would rather the foxes keep their distance. Klaus is incredibly patient and just gives us "I don't what this thing is, or what I should do about it" looks. Tramp is obviously perfect size for her to antagonize. They are disgustingly cute together.

My Dad showing Tramp how to drink from the pond. Look at his little paw on my dad's hand! So precious!

Hope you enjoyed your daily dose of cute! The faster they get the harder they are to photograph but I'll be sure to share photos of them whenever possible.

Just a note to add that foxes definitely aren't for everyone. They require a lot of work, care, and attention. Not to mention in most states they are illegal to keep as pets unless you have a license. Please do your research! 

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