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photo an hour : November 28th, 2015

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

It has been so long since I did a photo an hour post! Someone mentioned it to me the other day and I was like "YES! Good idea!!" I had completely forgotten about them. I'm actually considering adding doing one per month to my 2016 goals just because I miss them so much.  They're a fun way to document little things you may see as unimportant at the moment but will enjoy being able to reminisce about later on. Here's what Saturday, November 28th looked like for me...

7am.  Morning tea and list making.

8am. Getting read for the day. These are a few of the things on my vanity.

9am. Prior to last week I was pretty sure bagels were one of the grossest things. "It's like bread, right? Why would I just eat bread?" Well, I recently had my first one and things are forever changed. Oh my god. I love bagels so much now. Needless to say, I've been making up for lost time.

10am. Professor, under a blanket, on the back of my chair.

11am. This was supposed to be a photo of my lapel pin but apparently I have no idea how to focus my camera. I do really love that curl of hair though. The color looks so pretty.

 12pm. Poinsettias! I've shared so many darn photos of these things on the blog these last few weeks but y'all I worked my butt off making a million of them so deal with it. They're adorable, and pet friendly unlike real ones. I love watching people in the shop get super stoked about them.

1pm. Anji working on a rose.

2pm. Small business Saturday pins. Saturday was also Winterfest in Cleveland. There were all kinds of holiday related events happening around the city. 5th Street Arcades, where the flower shop is located, hosted the Cleveland Bazaar. Over 75 local artists set up tables with their goods for sale, and the shops were open until 8pm. It was a crazy busy day.

3pm. Snowflakes! We had spent the day prior decorating. The snowflakes in the front window are my favorite because when the heat turns on all the snowflakes dance. It looks really pretty but feels out of season right now. For some reason it just does not feel like Christmas is coming up. I think I just need a good snow to get me in the spirit.
 4pm. Things on the counter.

5pm. Another shop view. I really like these two photos together. This little display of pre-made bouquets is currently one of my favorite areas in the shop.

6pm. 5th Street Arcades as the traffic began to slow down for the evening. Earlier in the day this place was a solid wall of people. I've literally never seen it so busy. Cleveland really isn't known for it shopping. We actually really don't have too many spots to shop downtown at all. So it was really nice to see so many people supporting small businesses.

7pm. By seven people were clearing out. Slow traffic apparently meant it was time to send weird group texts.

8pm. Jason's birthday dinner at Treehouse Tavern.

 10 pm. I skipped 9pm because I was apparently still devouring my food. After dinner half the group went out for ice cream. I think I've mentioned it before but every time we go to Mitchell's I ask everyone to draw pictures for my fridge.

After ice cream Jeff and I came home, turned on Shawshank Redemption, and almost instantly fell asleep!

This is a pretty accurate description of life lately. Blog, flowers, and food! It's pretty darn nice.

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18 thoughts

  1. I love hour a day posts!!
    The paper Poinsettias are awesome!

  2. I love these photo an hour-posts, and I've made a couple myself too :-) It's fun reading them when it's been a while.

  3. I always love these types of posts! And I'm so shocked you'd never had bagels until now!!! I used to work at Bruegger's (I dunno if they have those in Ohio, but we have a lot of them here in Rochester) and even though it's a chain, their bagels are top-notch.

    xox Sammi

    1. Umm, I've heard of it but I'm not sure we have any near by. But top-notch bagels? I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled! I am so excited to try bagels from everywhere now.

  4. This is such a creative way to document your day. I loved the pic of you cute kitty :)


    1. He's such a stinker. He gets up there and moves around so much its hard to concentrate!

  5. I love that paper flower idea! I went to floral design school and absolutely loved it, unfortunately being around flowers all day really brings out my allergies. I would love to start a paper flower shop around where I'm from we don't have anything like it. If only I could figure out how to make them! lol

  6. beautiful photos. i love how you capture those moments, so beautiful! <3

    xoxo, rae

  7. Important: salt bagels are basically the best thing ever. Every Christmas, the boyfriend's family bring them up for us from Brooklyn. If you ever have a chance, try one, with unsalted butter and jam. ♥

  8. I can turn on The Shawshank Redemption any time, its one of my favs!!

    1. Oh, same here! It's one of my comfort movies.

  9. These are my favourite posts! One of my blogger goals is to do one once a month next year!


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