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what I wore : blending in

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

jeans - Skinny jeans c/o Macy's
camera bag - Jo Totes
boots - Palladium Boots

Insert obligatory few sentences about how much I love fall. The colors, you guys, the colorssss! :P

This is my first year having orange hair in autumn. I usually try to avoid it since strangers inevitably ask dumb questions and make rude comments. Seriously, where do people come from that calling a stranger on the street "pumpkin head" is acceptable?! I wasn't ready to dye my hair a new color so I just decided to roll with it this year. While the comments are just as annoying as ever I kind of love having a hair color that matches the season so well. Just down the street from me there is a tree that perfectly matches my hair and every time I walk under it I hope anyone who see me is appreciating just how awesome it looked. Hah!

I knew since I blended in so well this year I had to make sure to go find a pretty background to take outfit photos in front of. My obvious first choice was the cemetery! I'm pretty sure there is nothing prettier than a cemetery in fall. I visited Monroe Street Cemetery (which I blogged about last fall) and it did not disappoint. It was a struggle to not pick up every single pretty leaf I found to press. Can this season just last forever!?

Hope you're having an excellent week.

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10 thoughts

  1. Our new town has an abundance of cemetaries so we drove through one a few days ago and I was struck by how beautiful the colors were. If I were the burying kind I would buy a plot under the big red maple!! We also stumbled across a little one in the woods that was highlighter yellow with aspens!! So pretty! Agh!

    1. Heh! "The burying kind" LOL

      I think orange trees are my favorites but I've been seeing so many crazy yellow ones this year and they're really growing on me!

  2. Gorgeous!
    Press some red leaves and send them to me... I miss read leaves out here where I am in Colorado! ::sigh::

    1. Dumb question - you guys don't have leaves change in Colorado?

      That's a shame because if you did, that would have to be so beautiful!! I've only briefly been in the state but was absolutely wow-ed by how gorgeous!

  3. I love these pictures! I used to have Ariel red hair and it was horrible around Christmas for the same reason.


    1. Oh yeah, I try to never have hair the coincides with the holiday. Green near St Patricks Day might be the worst one since nearly everyone that says something is drunk.

  4. I am a natural redhead and strangers have called me "pumpkin head" my whole life!

    1. Ick! That is seriously just so rude! I'm sorry you have to deal with that.


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