project 365 // days 291 - 297 - The Dainty Squid

project 365 // days 291 - 297

Sunday, October 25, 2015

291 : 365 Szalay's Farm and Market. I love those ugly green-ish pumpkins!

 292 : 365 A pouty looking puppy.

293 : 365 One of my favorite photos of Squid.
cat magnets from Seltzer Goods.

 294 : 365 The pizza gang! I love Jason's intense pizza stare. Angelo's is seriously the best pizza in the Cleveland area. I wish we could eat here at least once a week.

 295 : 365 My dad gave me this beat up skull that he found in an auction box. It was sloppily painted white. I am not a fan of painted skulls so I did my best to scrub it down. I couldn't get it all off and since it's missing pieces it wasn't up to my display case standards but I did have a planter that it fit in perfectly.

 296 : 365 Cozy kittens.

297 : 365 I haven't been so great with painting my nails lately which bums me out. I miss it. I did these yesterday and I cannot stop looking at them. So faaaancy. Finishing these up makes me want to take the time to paint them more often.
You can find lots of previous nail art posts here.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

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10 thoughts

  1. Amazing week!
    I think it's my first time commenting, but I love your blog and Insta. Colours! Pleasure to look at.
    wish you a great next week!

  2. Oh your nails look so fun! Great pattern.

  3. great photos. I really love the pumpkins - very Fall!

  4. Oh pizza, how I love you. Definitely will hit that place up next time we are in town!

    1. YES, Definitely do that! Oh my gosh, it's seriously just too delicious! The bottom has these crumblies on it that just take it over the top.

  5. Oh God! You have no idea how much I missed your nails :-) I loved your weekly nail posts, always so perfect with great colours and patterns. It inspired me. Since a very long time I had a felling that something's missing here and boom - these are great! Essence of fall, I love it :-)

    1. Well hopefully there will be a lot more of them soon. I'm feeling very inspired! :D


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