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project 365 // days 284 - 290

Sunday, October 18, 2015

284 : 365 It's mushroom season! Found these little guys in my parents yard. More photos from this day can be found here + here.

 285 : 365 Apparently #macaronmonday is a "thing". I found that out about fifteen minutes before Jeff text me to ask if I was coming over because he bought me macarons. Strange little coincidence.

  286 : 365 Trying new fancy pop is my favorite! I picked up these three from World Market.

 287 : 365 Barbara pin with an Adam Maitland-esque shirt. If there's any time to wear a Beetlejuice inspired outfit it's before Halloween, right?

 288 : 365 B+W in my living room. For the longest time I never really used my living room. I was either in my office, in bed or not at home. These past few weeks I've really really been loving sitting in there in the evenings. It's so cozy to curl up on the couch with Klaus, the cats, and my laptop. On the day I took these I had helped Anji out at the shop all day and didn't get home until after dark. I immediately put on pjs and plopped down on the couch. 

 289 : 365 Jeff and I took a quick trip to Columbus. I spotted these on the way home.

290 : 365 I like to find any reason to buy presents for those I love. So you're gosh darn right I make sure Jeff and I celebrate half anniversaries. The 18th of the month marks a year and half for us. I made him a little terrarium thingamajig complete with bat skeleton, beetle I raised then pinned myself, skull we found together on a date, a moth I brought home from one of our trips, and a few other odds and ends. I'm typing this post the night before I plan on giving it to him. I can't wait / am super nervous for him to see it.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

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10 thoughts

  1. Those fancy sodas sound amazing! I love novelty pop, but it's hard to find out here.

    1. Don't they? I couldn't resist!

      Aw, that's a bummer. Hope you find the gold mine some day soon! :)

  2. That terrarium is kickass. Also! The Beetlejuice pin! AWESOME!! Great photos!!

  3. What an awesome gift! You did a fabulous job - I bet he loves it. :)

  4. I've had that apple cider soda! I thought it was super delicious, hopefully you feel the same

    Also, that gift is so thoughtful! I'm sure he'll love it

  5. I really love that mushroom photo. The background is so colorful!
    Also, what an awesome gift! :)


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