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project 365 // days 276 - 283

Sunday, October 11, 2015

276 : 365 My tiny Professor watching the rain fall outside.

 277 : 365 The only photo I took from a very, very high up spot. Jeff and Brandon both got REALLY awesome shots of me though. See here + here!

 278 : 365 Beach glass and the start of a new series.

 279 : 365 Tiny succulents finally beginning to grow. In my post on propagation I mentioned that some plants take longer than others to grow, these are some that took FOREVER.

 280 : 365 Bikes, pizza, and a random puppy. Look at that drool! Someone wanted our pizza reeeeeeal bad.

  281 : 365 I take (and share) photos of this pot all the time because I just love watching it grow. I can't believe how quickly those succulents are overtaking that skull.

 282 : 365 One of the greatest simple pleasures - picking wildflowers! I'm so pleased with how this bouquet turned out.

 283 : 365 Cool things on my bulletin board, including this awesome cactus patch from Valley Cruise Press.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! It's been a busy one here but I have lots of photos to share this week, including a fox update!!!

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9 thoughts

  1. That kitty is just too cute! And that dog has such a sad, sweet face. I'm quite the animal person, if you couldn't tell. :P I love these pictures!

  2. I love all your photos this week! That bouquet - you did such a great job arranging it. It's gorgeous and I love that it's in an erlenmeyer flask!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Doesn't it make the perfect vase?! I picked it up at thrift store.

  3. I have been reading your blog for a gazillion years, and in clicking on your insta links tonight I realized that I might be (very, very) distantly related to your beau! There are not many Stroups in the US and I'm a Stroup on my mother's side (via the midwest, but I'm not sure where). Small dang world!

  4. When I saw Jeff's photo of you...I'm speechless with joy :-) So beautiful! But tell me, on this photo, on your right that a falling star?

    1. I'm not sure what it is, either a spider web that the light hit just right or a plane.

  5. Oh but the look on that poor dog's face. I want to give him/her a cuddle.


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