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Post Apocalyptic Columbus

Monday, October 19, 2015

I've never been someone who though the idea of an apocalypse was cool. That kind of sounds silly because I'm sure that most people don't think the idea of an apocalypse is "cool" but what I mean is that post apocalyptic movies and books don't necessarily spark my interest. They aren't something I search out. Obviously I have a love for all things abandoned. Schools, factories, houses, motels, churches, etc - I love them all. I love to see what things look like after humans have left them behind. So I guess in a way I am totally enthralled with "post apocalyptic" stuff.

Over the weekend Jeff had to run to Columbus for some business. He invited me to tag along. I agreed to go on the promise that we would find something to shoot down there. It can be kind of hard to find abandoned things to explore in a city that you're not familiar with and we didn't have all day to search for spots. I knew that so I was trying to keep an open mind about whatever we did stumble upon.

After driving around a little bit Jeff remembered a spot he had recently seen a photo of. We did a bit of research on our phones and as luck would have it we were actually less than five minutes away.  It's a small stretch of abandoned highway that has a perfect view of Columbus. The only way to describe this spot was post apocalyptic. It's impossible to see the skyline peeking out from behind the over grown highway and not feel like you're in the Walking Dead.

This was my second stretch of abandoned highway (the first being the abandoned PA turnpike) and the one thing I cannot get enough of is that center line. I don't what it is. Maybe because those lines just prove what this used to be. It's not just a hunk of concrete with cracks in it where plants have begun to sprout, it's a road!

After leaving that spot we hit Thurman's Cafe for lunch. My burger was pretty awesome but dude, those onion straws were what really won my heart. I could really go for some right now... From there were headed to some abandoned trains cars we found online while researching.

Not our most exciting adventure but an awesome one nonetheless! These two spots were way cool. It's always fun to find weird little forgotten spots that are just barely off the beaten path.

If you're interested in seeing more spots people have left behind, feel free to browse the "abandoned" tag.

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18 thoughts

  1. Looking at those pictures, I could totally hear The Walking Dead theme music in my head.

  2. As someone who is totally obsessed with all things post-apocalyptic, I absolutely loved this.

    What a special discovery!

  3. Wow, amazing! I love abandoned places, I'm actually looking at abandoned places for my college photography project right now!

  4. Ooo I love these photos. Abandoned places just have a certain feel to them. And, they always make for great photographs.

  5. What a neat spot! I'd love to find somewhere like this in the UK to take pictures of - I'd probably have to take a friend though, or I'd end up creeping myself out!! (I just took a peek on the Thurman's Cafe website, and the onion straws sound incredibly good!)

    1. Yeah, its never really a good idea to do that stuff alone. Always safer with someone else! :)

  6. Hey Kaylah! I came across your blog a few weeks ago and i have been addicted ever since. Its so quirky and fun! i especially look forward to friday favorites :) You have inspired me to be proactive and actually start looking for a good camera. Keep doing what you do! Much love!

    1. Aw, thank you so much Abby! Good luck on the camera hunt. :)

  7. Great photos! You can almost feel the atmosphere

  8. Totally obsessed with post-apocalyptic things as well - great photos! x


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