Friday Favorites # 332 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites # 332

Friday, October 02, 2015

Forever a fan of this sweatshirt!
Green overalls! I had a brown pair just like this a few years ago but ended up wearing them until they fell apart. I still miss them.
 (via: Alameda Vintage)
Cozy cardigan in the perfect color for fall!
 (via: Modcloth)
You dog probably needs a wig, right?
 (via: lenapavia)
Cat notebook... because I'm sure you don't already have enough cute notebooks. Yeah, me either.
 (via: i like cats)
Look at this amazing night light!!
(via: MetalBug)
 (via: Modcloth)
How adorable is little baby bat girl print?!
 (via: Wool & Water)
I bet my kitties would looooove this.
Uh, you guyssss! Look at these nail decals!
(via: With Care)
The Karaoke Songstress Jeans from Modcloth are some of my favorites. They fit me perfectly...and now they come in this amazing color!
(via: Modcloth)

Link Love...
▴ This bra and underwear set is so so so cute! Also - this!!!
▴ Pretty jealous these bat pajamas don't come in adult sizes.
▴ I'm glad the internet exists so that I can see bearded dragons in costumes.
▴ I've been really into cozy fitting cardigans these last few months. This one looks amazing.
▴ This fox tunic and these maroon leggings are basically a perfect outfit.
▴ Angie's list of her top ten things to do in Singapore has me itching to go there! Supertree Grove?! That looks amazing!

Happy Friday!

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14 thoughts

  1. Ok. I simply must have the shark costume for my beardie.Actually about 5 minutes after I clicked over I had 6 different costumes in my cart! cute.

    1. I really really hope you bought at least one of them! I would LOVE to see your photos!

  2. That glow in the dark sweatshirt is really neat and that cardigan looks super cozy. I love cozy cardigans.

    1. I used to only like form fittings ones but I have discovered the joy of slightly oversized cozy ones.

  3. I NEED THAT SWEATSHIRT! I'm a Ghost Walking Tour Guide, I tell ghost stories for a living!!! Adding that to my Etsy Wishlist NOW! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Yep, if anyone ever needed that sweatshirt it would be you! What an awesome job. :D

  4. Oh that night must make a great shadow on the wall...

    1. OhhH! I didn't even think of that! Yessss!

  5. I adore that bat print so much. So many people think bats are gross but, they're my jam.

  6. I need that sweatshirt! It even glows in the dark. Great stuff as usual :)

    1. Everything is better when it glows in the dark!

  7. I never known someone who loves teeth as much as I do. My husband thinks of me as a serial killer because I kept my wisdom teeth. And my kids baby teeth. Lol.


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