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The 52 Lists Project + Giveaway

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Today is an exciting day! Moorea Seal's first book, The 52 List Project, is available today. I've been a fan of Moorea for a few years now. She's a wildly inspiring lady with a beautifully curated store located in Seattle (that I'm dying to visit!) I received an advanced copy of the book from the publishing company that I've basically just been admiring since the second I opened the package.

The book is phenomenal. It has fifty two list prompts, one for each week, that are split into four sections, one for each season! At the end of each list there is a suggestion on how to take an action related to the prompt. You can do them in order by season or randomly if that's what feels right. I know I've talked in the past about how much I love making lists. If you do too, you're going to need this book. On top of that it's filled gorgeous photos and cute little illustrations. It's a very visually appealing book!

So far I've done two of the prompts. It's been really relaxing to sit outside with a cup of tea and write.  I started in the summer section. The first list I did was "List everything you love to do outdoors" and I don't think there could have been anything anymore fitting for how things have been lately.  Last week I shared a little bit about the anxiety I've been feeling this summer (read here) and how because of it I've spent way too much time indoors. It was really eye opening to be able to sit down and write out all the things I've been letting myself miss out on - sunsets, bike rides, picking wild flowers, etc. It's kind of funny that those two things would link up so perfectly. I'm definitely looking forward to writing more inspiring lists for myself.

The publishing company has also been kind enough to offer up a copy of The 52 Lists Project to one lucky reader of The Dainty Squid! I apologize in advance but the giveaway is only open to readers with a US or Canadian mailing address. To enter to win your own copy of The 52 Lists Project just leave a comment that includes a list. You can list the reasons you're excited about fall, your five favorite things about your dog, or your favorite bands - doesn't matter. Just make it fun! A winner will be chosen one week from today.

Good luck!

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87 thoughts

  1. Ah bugger! I live in the Netherlands. But I think I'm just gonna buy the book because it looks and sounds amazing. x kayleigh // mylittlejeans

  2. This book sounds amazing! Mine is a list of the five best books I've read this year so far.

    1. A Little Life- Hanya Yanagihara
    2. Saint Anything- Sarah Dessen
    3. Yes Please- Amy Poehler
    4. Even in Paradise- Chelsey Philpot
    5. The Empathy Exans- Leslie Jamison

  3. List of new-house-things I still have to do:
    (1) Unpack that last box in the garage
    (2) Paint half-bath
    (3) Install hand-held shower faucet
    (4) Enjoy being done!!!

  4. We just moved to a new city so I thought I'd list the reasons its rocking my socks off!!!

    1. We live three blocks from the river
    2. It's 1/32 the size of the city we used to live in
    3. No rush hour
    4. Huge old growth trees
    5. Everyone is soooo friendly
    6. We get to live close to train tracks, like i did growing up.
    7. Sooo much room to explore
    8. Tons of history
    9. Beautiful architecture
    10. Lots of new to me animal and plant species
    11. A perfect little cafe we've fallen for
    12. My spouse now drives 3 minutes to work instead of 70 mins. Giving us 11 extra hours together a week!!!!
    13. It'll be beautiful in the fall
    14. Fantastic neighbors
    15. Rafting, ziplining, kayaking, paddleboarding all at our fingertips
    16. Tons of small town festivals, bingo nights, movie nights.
    17. Job opportunities for me
    18. Quiet
    19. Slow paced, community driven lifestyle
    20. Great school system for our future kids.

    Wow, once I got rolling I started to come up with a lot!

  5. Reason's why I love Blogging (and reading your blog!):
    1. It has sparked a creativity that I had long forgotten.
    2. It gives me an excuse to write and hopefully reach others.
    3. It inspires me every day.
    4. It has helped me take a look at what really makes me happy, and I feel has helped me become a more whole person in just the last 8 months.

  6. List of things im grateful for this morning: that getting up so early lets me see the sunrise, fantastic new music on spotify (thatt weekly discover playlist is awesome), that i finally have a job to get up early for!

  7. Things I can't wait to do over the holidays, when I have some time off from my hectic full time PhD student and part time work schedule:

    1. Hang out with my dogs more
    2. Read a book
    3. Play guitar
    4. See family and friends
    5. Do more wedding planning
    6. SLEEP

  8. List of things I want to put in my new office"
    1. Succulents
    2. Cacti
    3. Embroidery/ cross stitch art
    4. More pictures of family and friends
    5. photos of nature
    6. Etsy art

  9. List of my favorite animals:
    1. Rabbit
    2. Corgi
    3. Pygmy Goat
    4. Gecko
    5. Hedgehog

  10. That book sounds awesome

    My Favorite Movies as a Kid That Inspire My Art:
    1. Labyrinth
    2. Fern Gully
    3. Small Soldiers
    4. Hocus Pocus
    5. Legend
    6. Nightmare Before Christmas
    7. Beauty and the Beast
    8. Kiki's Delivery Service

  11. My favorite minerals/ rocks/ formations

    1. Crazy lace agate
    2. Malachite
    3. Peacock Ore Pyrite
    4. Glacial potholes
    5. Folds in sedimentary rock

    The book looks really neat! I'm a list maker myself and would live to get ahold of a copy.

    Thanks! (

  12. Reasons I'm Excited for Fall:
    Goodbye Louisiana Heat
    Cheaper Electric Bill
    Chai Tea
    Halloween Fried Turkey with Friends
    Being Able to Wear Cardigians

  13. Things I love about fall:
    1. The weather
    2. Pumpkins
    3. Halloween
    4. The scents
    5. The colors and decor
    6. The coziness
    7. Apple picking

  14. My top five favorite animated films:

    1. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    2. Beauty and the Beast
    3. Monsters, Inc.
    4. Lilo and Stitch
    5. Up

  15. List of things I love about autumn:

    -The weather (I can't stand hot temperatures)
    -The clothing; sweaters, scarfs, hats
    -The food; pies, crumbles,
    -The drinks; tea, hot chocolate
    -The colors
    -Ligthing a candle
    -Watching movies
    -Having a ton of blankets

    ETC. I freaking love autumn.

  16. Things I Love about my dog:
    *she's my best friend
    *her ears are super soft and cuddly
    *she always makes me smile
    *she never denies me kisses, especially when I'm blue
    *she sleeps in my bed, but always leaves me space
    *she's undeniably sweet
    *she is always happy to see me

  17. Reasons I Love Lists:

    - They keep me organized
    - They are so pretty
    - They give me a reason to write things with a pencil
    - I have a thing with numbers
    - The format is just so easy to read

  18. A list of my favorite movie candy:
    1) peanut m&ms
    2) goobers
    3) sour patch kids
    5) twizzlers
    6) snickers bites
    7) cookie dough bites
    8) mike & ike
    9) milk duds
    10) swedish fish

  19. My favorite things about running:
    1. Setting new PRs
    2. They're meditative
    3. You can run anywhere
    4. It can be a group or solo activity
    5. That dopamine rush
    6. How it makes your butt look

  20. Things I'm Anxious to Cross Off My Bucket List
    1. Give my first little niece or nephew a squeeze
    2. Eat my way through Nicaragua
    3. Learn how to make a killer cassoulet (hopefully in time for Christmas dinner)
    4. Host a fancy li'l tea party
    5. Watch my bff give her first TED talk!

  21. Top 5 reasons I love being a mom -
    1. They've given life so much meaning
    2. I get to feel like a kid again teaching them and introducing them to things
    3. I love watching them grow, even if it seems fast
    4. Hearing "mama, you're back! I love you!" Whenever I walk in the front door
    5. Making them laugh is the best feeling ever

  22. 5 bike-related things I'm excited for in fall/winter
    1. competing in my first cyclocross race
    2. riding in the rain
    3. sub 24-hour bikepacking campouts with hot cocoa
    4. Babes ride out (
    5. that tingly feeling when your frozen fingers start warming up after a long ride in the cold

  23. Things I'm enjoying about my new city:
    1. I can see the mountains if I drive one street over.
    2. I'm closer to my family now.
    3. There are so many great parks to explore with my family.
    4. Tons of fun festivals.
    5. Cooler summers.
    6. Great fall leaf viewing.
    7. Colder winters.
    8. U-pick orchards everywhere.

  24. My Favorite Things to on my Days Off:
    1. Binge watch The Office
    2. Draw new designs for my Etsy shop
    3. Take photos for my blog
    4. Redecorate small spaces in my apartment
    5. Make lists of things I need to do
    6. Go thrifting!
    7. Hang out with my cats
    8. Read blog posts (Yours and ABM)
    9. Find new inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram
    10. Start new books

  25. What I love about Autumn:
    -The changing leaves and the fact that I obsess to photograph them
    -Autumn inspired photo shoots
    -The food...oh how the food is amazing!
    -The smell of the leaves and changing season
    -Layering clothes that are just so comfy and cute
    -Hot apple cider directly from an orchard
    -Cuddling without breaking into a sweat
    -Booties...all the booties!
    -Stuffed apple pie french toast. Its incredible.
    -Bonfires (with s'mores of course!)
    -The fact that its acceptable to wear flannel every day of the week without being a lumberjack.
    -Pretty pumpkins on everyones doorstep.
    -Spiced chai tea.
    -Thanksgiving with my family.
    -Light jackets.
    -Jeggings everyday!

    I could go on--Thank you for the opportunity to win :) Have a beautiful day!

    xox Courtney

  26. 52 things I love about Boulder, Colorado!

    Sanitas Black IPA beer
    Getting inspired at MadeLife
    Hiking Bear Peak and cracking a beer at summit
    People-watching on Pearl Street
    Sifting through furniture at Unfinished Furniture
    Hiking Sanitas trail
    OZO coffee
    Sunsets behind Indian Peaks
    CU student life energy
    Sanitas taco truck
    Mountain Sun beer flights
    Under the Sun Yukon pizza
    Biking to work
    Garage-saling on Saturdays in North Boulder
    Walking to Ideal Market for scones
    Reading at Seeds Cafe with an iced coffee
    Hammocking over Boulder Creek
    Biking tipsy at night
    Slacklining in Settler's Park
    Farmer's Market browsing on Wednesday nights
    Bike To Work Day
    So many public buses
    Plentiful safe bike lanes
    Front Range views from anywhere in town
    Hiking the Flatirons after work
    Street performing flame throwers on Pearl Street
    Zero sticky humidity!
    Citywide local business appreciation
    Dirty Chai lattes at Flatirons Coffee
    Lots of crosswalks and drivers happy to stop
    Friendly Pharmaca staff and health demonstrations
    Thursday night citywide group bike rides
    Cycle Sport 5K's
    Justin's maple almond butter...oh my
    Chocolove....every kind
    Swimming in the Boulder Reservoir
    Laying under fireworks over Folsom Field on the 4th
    Cubanos at Snarf's
    Ironman festivities
    Boulder Theater concert nights
    Cosmo's legendary spicy ranch
    A hop, skip and jump to Red Rocks concerts
    Thursday night karaoke at the Dark Horse
    No Name bar live music
    Random 5-minute rains
    Hungry Buff penny pickups
    Kidecals local sticker factory
    Breakfast burritos at Cafe Mexicali
    Jewelry workshops in the park
    Panorama Viewpoint on Baseline
    Concert nights in Chautauqua Park
    An all-around beautiful and healthy community!

    #53 Reading The 52 Lists Project on a blanket in Scott Carpenter Park?

  27. Things I'm Dreading Doing:
    - Cleaning the bathroom (ew)
    - Doing my law school homework tonight (ew)
    - Doing the laundry (ew)
    - Having responsibilities (ever)

  28. I realllllly love making lists, so much so that I'm going to give you a list of some of the reasons I love lists and list making.

    1. Not missing the key item on a shopping trip
    2. That amazing feeling of accomplishment when you get to cross something off
    3. It makes packing quick and stress-free
    4. An easy thing to share with a significant other so that they can help you without having to constantly ask "what do you need done"
    5. When you have a list of fun activities you'd like to do in a particular season you're wayyyyy more likely to actually do them when you're visually reminded
    6. They make me feel less overwhelmed by having what feels like "a million things to do" by visually inventorying and finding a plan to move forward
    7. I love list

  29. I've just started on a month long road trip to/in Eastern Canada so I'm going to make a list of the things that I'd like push myself to do while on the trip...

    * Exchange addresses with at least one person I meet on the road so I can send postcards and get to know them via 'snail mail'
    * Try at least one new dish in every city I stop in (I just had turkey hash in Manchester, VT and it was delicious!)
    * Keep a travel journal and write in regularly
    * Stop and take a photo whenever I see something I love (instead of trying to hurry to the next place to visit...the journey is the destination)
    * Do something that scares/intimidates me like hike up high and stand on the edge of a cliff while the wind blows around me *knees shake*
    * Be sure to stay unplugged as much as possible (right after this post!)

    I love lists. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  30. So far, 2015 has been phenomenal. I have:

    Landed a new job
    Visited Las Vegas
    Visited the Black Hills of South Dakota
    Adopted a bulldog
    Gotten married
    Leased a car
    Bought a Harley Davidson

    My husband landed a new job this year, too! We are riding high and loving life!

  31. Things I'm Always Meaning to Do

    1. Clean out underneath my bed.
    2. Paint my toenails.
    3. Organize the tupperware
    4. De-clutter my shoes!

  32. I love lists!!! From where I sit, I can see six (five of which are work-related).

    Here's a list of why I love one of my pups, Zim, who is a nearly six-year-old Australian Shepherd cross:
    - He is so very clever! He started agility training just after turning four, and was easily able to match wits with the younger dogs. He knows each of his toys by name, and a wide range of words. (His favourite word right now is "concept" - I have no idea why, but he gets so excited when he hears it!)
    - If he wants me to throw a toy, he brings it to me, then tip-toes gently away and turns around in anticipation.
    - He's incredibly sweet, and will come give me kisses and curl up against me if I'm feeling down.
    - I taught him to give hugs.
    - He brings me a ball to kick for him if I'm doing something I'm not fond of, like washing dishes. Doing dishes is much more fun when he's bouncing around the house after his ball!
    - He's very tolerant of our new puppy, and is somehow still enjoying him! We fostered a border collie cross last year, and she played pretty rough, so he ran out of patience for her after two months. But our new pup, a cocker spaniel, has been with us for almost four months, and Zim still loves playing with him!
    - His best friend is my best friend's sheltie.
    - It is amazing to watch him jump - he is so beautiful in midair! (He's gorgeous on the ground, too, but he becomes a sleek and graceful pooch as soon as he escapes terra firma.)

    I love your blog, and your style! You inspired me to start dying my hair bright colours - right now I have bright blue streaks that are slowly fading to teal. I've bought three pouches - taking a photo to send you is on my to-do list!

  33. I need to win this because:
    1. Lists are fun!
    2. This could really help to change my perspective on some things.
    3. Winning is fun :)

  34. 52 Reasons I'm Excited About Fall/Winter

    1. PERFECT weather temperature
    2. sweaters
    3. leaves
    4. bike rides
    5. nature walks
    6. halloween
    7. carving pumpkins
    8. apple picking
    9. pumpkin flavored everything
    10. hot apple cider
    11. thanksgiving
    12. food
    13. fall cleaning
    14. black friday sales!
    15. football
    16. leaves changing
    17. beautiful photographs
    18. mosquito's start to go away
    19. hoodies
    20. leather jackets
    21. jean jackets
    22. fires
    23. s'mores
    24. perfect camping weather
    25. long walks with my pup
    26. perfect porch weather
    27. pastels outside
    28. SNOW
    29. snowmen
    30. snow angels
    31. snowball fights
    32. cuddle weather
    33. hot cocoa
    34. sledding
    35. cute winter hats
    36. Christmas
    37. New years eve
    38. New year means New list of goals!!
    39. sweatpants
    40. pictures of the perfect snowflake
    41. paper snowflakes
    42. scarfs
    43. booties
    44. scary movies
    45. apple pie
    46. ice cream (its always the right time for ice cream)
    47. rosy cheeks
    48. that tingly feeling when your frozen fingers and toes start warming up.
    49. ice skating
    50. holding hands that aren't clammy
    51. the sparkling of the snow dust on trees
    52. how these two season's holidays bring loved ones together. <3

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  35. This book sounds interesting and could lead to a lot of fun things.

    Here's my list:

    Creative things I enjoy doing:


  36. I just moved...looks like someone else up there did too?
    I'll list 5 things I'll miss about my house and 5 I WON"T...

    5 Things I'll Miss:
    Having a driveway
    The power never went out
    How everyone thought it was SO CUTE!
    Being close to the gym (and the shirtless dudes that ran by...)
    It was mine

    5 Things I WON'T Miss:
    Lack of kitchen counter space
    Uneven walls
    Old crappy windows
    That it was mine (and I had to do all the work!)

  37. This seems like an awesome book! Here is a list of my Top Five All Time Favorite Books (In no particular order):

    1.Walk Two Moons
    2. The Jessica Darling Series (Technically five books right there. Whoops)
    3. Postcards
    4. The Night Circus
    5. Relish: My Life in the Kitchen

    Good luck with your lists! <3

  38. Since I am getting the weekend off, here is my To-Do List:

    1. Sleep in.
    2. Hit up thrift stores with friends.
    3. Eat at local food spots.
    4. Pre-pay bills before their due dates.
    5. Catch up on shows.
    6. Mini spa session.
    7. Call my sister and chat with her for hours.
    8. Plan for my trip in November.
    9. Finish cleaning around the house.
    10. Finish reading the books I started.

  39. Things I've Meaning to Do~

    1. Buy more tea.
    2. De-clutter my phone.
    3. De-clutter my purse.
    4. Update my blog design (to look like yours, Kaylah)
    5. Order stuff from Etsy
    6. Go craft shopping
    7. Do the laundry (ugh)
    8. Organize my closet
    9. Draw more
    10. Finish knitting my scarf because Fall is getting closer....
    11. Change my profile picture on Google+.
    12. Change my picture on my blog.
    13. Read more.
    14. Write more.
    15. Listen to music more!
    16. Eat more taffy because I'm getting braces soon.
    17. Brush my teeth more often.. Like 79 times a day...
    18. Hang out with my friends more!
    19. Sleep more.
    20. Paint more.
    21. Take the tags off of my new clothes to avoid embarrassment.
    22. Go outside more.
    23. Think about my Halloween costume???
    24. Do the recycling because I care about the earth...
    25. Text my mum every day because I love her.
    26. Upload more pics to my Blog page on FB....
    27. Take more beautiful pictures.
    28. Pump up my bike tires!
    29. Paint my nails tonight for school tomorrow.
    30. Be HAPPY more (as if that's possible!!).

    As you can see I have a lot on my list. Have an awesome week, Kaylah!!

  40. My favorite classic films (in no particular order of course)

    - Rear Window
    - Singin' in the Rain
    - The Wizard of Oz
    - To Catch a Thief
    - Vertigo

    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  41. Things I Did This Past Weekend
    -Went to Bell Isle
    -Ate Dinner at Benihana
    -Walked 4 Miles
    -Shopped With Coupons
    -Took A Couple Naps

  42. Sounds like a great book! Five things I'm loving right now:
    - Watching The Wire
    - Listening to the audiobook of "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"
    - Walking around my neighborhood, it's a real mix of Victorian, Craftsman and midcentury homes
    - Bite Beauty lipstick in Fig
    - Air conditioning!

  43. 3 year Goals:

    - road trip across U.S
    - start etsy shop
    - get my own place
    - learn to sew

  44. I love making lists, it always calms my anxiety. My list is of things I don't want to miss out on because of my anxiety while in Grad School!

    Making new friends
    Exploring my new city
    Joining the ALA Student organization
    Getting to know my professors
    Finding a mentor
    Exploring new places to eat
    Riding a bus
    Adopting a pet
    Study Abroad!
    Exploring career options

  45. This is a list of my favorite most badass contemporary painters.
    1. Amy Sillman
    2. Hope Gangloff
    3. Marlene Dumas
    4. Peter Doig
    5. Lisa Yuskavage (most paintings nsfw)
    yay painting!

  46. Fall/Winter Goals:

    1. Trying tons of new cupcake recipes.
    2. Actually use my gym membership!
    3. Finish all my in-progress sewing/crochet projects.
    4. Read- A LOT
    5. Meticulously plan next year's veg garden!

    I apologize if this pops up numerous times, my phone is possessed, lol

  47. This book sounds brilliant. I LOVE writing lists, so I'd love to get my hands on it! It would be right at home with my Listography books.

    Here's 10 things I want to do before the year is through:

    1. Make a bunch of hand embroidered, fabric hoop art.
    2. Go to the zoo.
    3. Finish my Christmas cross stitch sampler.
    4. Visit Harry Potter world.
    5. See Fall Out Boy live in London.
    6. Get a pet dog.
    7. Go for lots of Autumn walks to take pretty nature photos.
    8. Finally read the rest of Chuck Palahniuk's 'Haunted'. (He's one of my fave authors, but I got so queasy reading 'Guts' I didn't have the stomach to keep reading! It's been years, so it's time for another go!)
    9. Take a tour bus around London when the Christmas lights are up.
    10. Learn how to crochet a granny square blanket.

  48. Why I'm excited for fall:
    1. Wearing boots and warm socks
    2. Wearing my hand-knit scarves
    3. Everything pumpkin flavored
    4. Thanksgiving
    5. The cool, crisp cold in the air

  49. Getting Meta with a list of lists I frequently make:
    1. Grocery Lists
    2. Dream Grocery Lists (Local, wholesome, earthly)
    3. Roadtrip Destinations
    4. Crafts I Wish I Could Do
    5. Crafts I Might Actually Do
    6. Names for Future Children
    7. Recipes
    8. Movies to Watch
    9. Movies I Have Watched
    10. Date Ideas
    11. Wedding Wishes
    And on and on :)

  50. Oooh how fun!!!

    A list of recent things in my life that are making me happy:
    1. I hiked at Dinosaur Valley State Park recently and I can't wait to go back!
    2. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone (big time) by joining a Roller Derby fresh meat program.
    3. I buzzed my hair!
    4. I got to attend a reptile expo with my mom and little brother.
    5. I re-discovered the X-Files and 100% obsessed with it.

  51. That's a beautiful book! Thank you for sharing!
    Five favorite things about my dogs:

    1. Their silly facial expressions
    2. When Naga does "shake"
    3. When Zuko imitates ambulance sirens
    4. Watching them run in the water at the park
    5. Cuddles (usually only when they're afraid of thunder)

  52. Here is my list of lists I normally keep-
    - shopping-target
    - shopping-grocery
    - to do (home)
    - to do (work)
    - books to buy/borrow
    - places I want to travel to
    - packing list for our next camping trip

  53. List of things I love to list:
    1. Favorite Movies
    2. Favorite Books
    3. Favorite Pizza Place
    4. Favorite ice cream
    5. favorite candy
    6.favorite restaurants
    7. besties
    8. fav tv shows
    9. things to do
    10. my bucket list
    11. things to see
    12. places to travel
    13. blogs I love
    14. favorite types of lists

  54. This looks like an awesome Christmas gift for friends!
    Here are some things I need to buy for the room I just moved into:
    Something to stop the bed's wheels from rolling me away from the wall
    Curtains (how did I forget those?)
    A fan
    Paint for my ugly desk

  55. So cool! I used to do 52 lists, I had no idea she wrote a book! I will have to check it out. My list is reasons I wanted to steal the dog that tried to follow us home tonight:
    1. It had the shortest little legs and biggest fluffiest ears
    2. It was a little pudgy and wanted the treats I had
    3. My other dog liked him after her usual stuff I-don't-know-how-I-feel-about-you...
    4. We named him Jasper
    5. He dribbled a little on my shirt when I was carrying him door to door to find his home
    6. He turned out to be a little escape artist but we found his home and I miss him now

  56. This is the most fun giveaway entry I've ever done! Okay here is a list of 5 random things that make me happy:
    1. Long eyelashes. And when the sun sticks to them. You know what I mean?
    2. Sharing a laugh with a stranger in public. Something funny happens, you make eye-contact. Magic.
    3. When the guy at the coffee shop knows my name and drink. Sometimes he writes "cup o' sunshine" on it.
    4. Sitting on my driveway at 2am and listening to crickets.
    5. Trying new tea flavors. Especially weird ones. And using a new mug.


  57. Things I want to do this fall:
    Visit the Palace of Depression
    Try more Oktoberfest beers this year (they always get outshine by Pumpkin Beers)
    Hike up a mountain
    Hike 18 miles in the Pine Barrens
    Start working on my Vegan Cocktails book
    Start running 30-40 min more frequently
    Bake an apple pie

  58. Ooooh, I REALLY want this book! When I was doing a 365 mailart project years ago, I wrote a list on the back of each piece I sent out. I was constantly looking for list prompts.
    Things I would do today if I got to take off the rest of the work day:
    -Go home and shower (woke up too late and tired to do that this morning)
    -Clean my studio
    -Dance party in my new clean studio
    -Package up my latest etsy order and bike to the PO
    -Rake some fall leaves in the back yard
    -Meet Matt for lunch
    -Photograph and edit some product pictures
    -Netflix and more painting

  59. Very cute! I want it!

    My list of Fall things:
    - Drink lots of pumpkin flavored beverages
    - Eat lots of pumpkin flavored things
    - Watch scary movies!
    - Drink apple cider!
    - Carve a pumpkin
    - Go on a hayride
    - Photograph the changing leaves
    - Bundle up in cozy sweaters, boots and scarves!
    - Go to Halloweekends at Cedar Point


  60. Ok, reading all these lists has made me so happy. I guess I love reading lists...? Somehow reading them made me feel like I was surrounded by friends, people who aren't that different from me and yet people who are wonderful and unique in their own way. It's hard to explain. I got the feels.

    Road Trips I'd Like To Take Soon:

    1. most haunted places in the US
    2. The Loneliest Road
    3. route 66
    4. The Road To Nowhere
    5. around Lake Michigan
    6. the historic old west
    7. most beautiful cemeteries of the South
    8. Great River Road
    9. best beaches for seashells
    10. most awesome museums in the US

  61. This is so great!

    Things I love about making list

    1. They help me stay organized
    2. They are cute
    3. They keep me motivated
    4. They help me better my handwriting
    5. They are cute

  62. Excited for Fall Because:
    1. Boot weather!
    2. Pumpkins!
    3. I will have a booth at Pittsburgh's Zombiefest on October 17th
    4. Scarves
    5. Color

  63. I love listing things about my dog.. so I will do that!
    1. His sweet brown eyes
    2. The way he manages to get his huge over sized body into a tiny little ball to sleep
    3. When you ask him for gentle kisses and get them
    4. His immense love of cheese..
    5. That his tail wags ALL the time.. even while eating

  64. I just visited my hometown this past weekend. So my list consists of nostalgic things I miss about being a kid there.

    1. Playing in the creek and catching frogs.
    2. Climbing trees.
    3. Catching bees and feeding them to spiders.
    4. Going to the beach all day.
    5. Riding bikes with my friends.
    6. Walking to ampm and getting ice cream.
    7. Riding around on the back of the mailman's truck.
    8. Sneaking out and toilet papering.
    9. Collecting snails when it rains.
    10. Making a fort in our living room during stormy nights.

  65. Awesome giveaway! These are my 5 favorite foods:

    1. Hot dogs
    2. Potato salad
    3. BLTA sandwich
    4. Pad Thai
    5. Macarons

  66. This looks like a great cure to boredom moments
    Top 5 Movies
    1. Young Frankenstein & The Fifth Element
    2. Moonrise Kingdom
    3. Amelié
    4. Princess Mononoke

  67. I love list books.
    My 5 favorite things about my cat :
    1. Her loud purr
    2. She sleeps under blankets
    3. Her tolerance for warm baths
    4. Her pretty green eyes
    5. How she loves to cuddle

  68. This looks amazing! Ok, my list -

    best things about blogging
    1. sharing your voice
    2. meeting other rad bloggers and readers
    3. possibly getting paid to write
    4. creativity and inspiration is everywhere
    5. building a craft and skill for a budding industry

    <3 |

  69. This book would be so fun!

    Things I want to do in October:

    1. Wear a sweater (it's still hot in Texas)
    2. Indulge in Oktoberfest beer.
    3. Visit a pumpkin patch.
    4. Go to the Texas Renaissance Festival.
    5. Watch the Nightmare Before Christmas.

  70. This book sounds great!

    My top favorite hobbies

    Watching Movies
    Sending out snail mail

  71. why im excited for fall

    the weather
    sweaters & socks
    my bffs birthday ;)
    fairy lights in dark rooms
    literally everything
    i cannot wait
    oh goodness
    fall pls come now

  72. 1. Say anything
    2. Raiders of the lost ark
    3. Star wars return of the Jedi
    4. Secret life of Walter Mitty
    5. The Office
    6. Grosse Point Blank
    7. Yes Man
    8. The Shining
    9. The Dark Knight
    10. The Princess Bride

    That is a list of things I can watch a million times and not get tired of it.


  73. My favorite flavors of La Croix :P
    1. Peach Pear
    2. Lime
    3. Grapefruit
    4. Lemon
    5. Berry

    (I'm currently drinking a La Croix and thought this list would work perfectly!)

  74. Reasons I'm excited to travel to Ireland in a month:

    - I've been wanting to go there for 19 years
    - bought a new capsule wardrobe so that I look cute!
    - bought a new camera + lens for amazing pictures
    - I've lived in the desert for 26 years and I'm so excited for green and rain
    - accents, helloooooooo
    - get to use my passport for the first time
    - new food, new shopping, new people, new experiences
    - I can't wait to sit in the middle of a green field and just absorb everything about it

  75. My to-do list for tomorrow aka my second day of college senior classes that does not include going to class:

    1. Meeting for confirming independent study of yoga and Pilates at noon.
    2. Mailing off a check to pay off a bill.
    3. Cheer practice at 4 pm.
    4. Work study at 6:15 pm.

  76. Reasons I'm excited for Fall:
    *Apple Cider
    *Corn Mazes
    *Sweater weather
    *Pumpkin Pie
    *Blanket snuggling weather
    *Leaves changing
    *My daughter's 2nd birthday

  77. This is gonna get sappy.

    A List For The Places of The Exact Moment You Knew This Person Would Be Special To You:
    Basically a list of current crushes and the moments you realized it.

    1) The Blind Tiger, you asked me to dance and despite being terrified and never having danced with a guy before I said yes anyways. There was something welcoming about your words.
    2) The Cat's Cradle (yes it's usually venues when I get side swiped by feelings) you were singing into your mic but eyes trained on me with a half smirk then entire night. I couldn't look away but couldn't stare.
    3) First week of Non-Western Art History class, you introduced yourself to the class but I can only remember your lilac hair and powerful demeanor.


  78. A list of things to remember as an adult....

    .Eat what you want, in moderation.
    .Exercise when you can.
    .Don't make excuses.
    .Buy less but buy better quality items.
    .Appreciate the little things.
    .Appreciate the big things.
    .Say please and thank you, often.
    .Don't sweat the small stuff.
    .Ok, you're an adult... Sweat the small stuff, but not too much.

  79. Things I do when my husband is out of town.

    Eat mac and cheese with green chile
    Watch Baby Boom
    reorganize towels
    deep clean the kitchen
    listen to super sappy music like "Hold on Magnolia" by Songs: Ohia (as many versions as possible)
    hog all of the kitties' attention

  80. Things I'm looking forward to in the next couple months:

    - Photographing my sister-in-law's wedding.
    - Norma Jean show in Bryan and Dallas.
    - HALLOWEEN!!!!
    - Camping trip at the end of November.

  81. This week's goals:
    1. Get teef cleaned
    2. Do not freak out at the dentist while doing #1
    3. Watch Longmire Season 4
    4. Change sheets to September (project monthly bed)
    5. Attend union training
    6. Update calendar
    7. Check email only when you go back to work
    8. Enjoy your days off
    9. Track down who pulled the tulip bulbs off the pots on the patio
    10. Get tuna for the visiting kitties on the patio
    11. Forgive husband for this week's missed chore

  82. To Do This Weekend:
    1. Have fun
    2. Go to Artapolooza, take a selfie with Elsa, buy a print for my bedroom
    3. Go Garage Saling
    4. Memorize speech
    5. Go to as many open houses as possible
    6. Buy cat food and litter

  83. My five locations to visit in 2016:
    1. Fairbanks, AK
    2. Iceland
    3. Portland, OR
    4. Belize
    5. Glacier National Park

  84. A list of life goals:
    1. Travel the world
    2. Marry my love
    3. Create my own company
    4. Photoshoot on every continent
    5. Collect smiles and laughter
    6. Write a book
    7. Be a movie star
    8. See my photography on the cover of a magazine
    9. Be happy
    10. Never give up

  85. I'm excited for this book!!

    My weekend to do list...
    1. Finish packing canning supplies
    2. Lay down another layer of polyurethane on our new floors
    3. Paint touchups
    4.Find the perfect vintage coffee table
    5. Groceries

  86. Things I've done today...
    A. Folded and put away laundry
    B. Drank coffee and ate Lucky Charms
    C. Played with my dog Freyja
    D. Replanted my new peppermint plant (I'm so excited to make tea and maybe not kill it)
    E. Binge watched Ripper street
    F. Snuggled with Freyja

  87. Bucket List of Bands/Musicians I'd Love to See : In no particular order..

    Radiohead (again..)
    Sharon Van Etton
    Beach House
    Best Coast
    Lana Del Rey
    Deftones (again.. seeing them twice is not enough)
    Coheed and Cambria
    Glassjaw (reunion tour?)
    Mars Volta
    Man Man
    The Pixies
    The Fall of Troy
    As Tall As Lions
    The Dillinger Escape Plan

    Some may be on hiatus but Im always hopeful for a reunion tour. And sorry about the terrible transitions in genres.


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