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project 365 // days 242 - 247

Saturday, September 05, 2015

242 : 365 Watched the sunset with Klaus, and realized I need to do that WAY more often!

243 : 365 So very in love with this little place I call home. Quite a few things have changed since I shared my living room tour but if you missed it back in April it can be found here.

244 : 365 Packing up the first round of pouches from the latest batch. There are still a handful left, check them out!

I love this little sweetheart so much. I think this blog is lacking cat photos as of late. I'll make a better effort to share more. ;)

245 : 365 Took my annual trip to Lagoon Deer Park. I have so many more photos to share next week!

246 : 365  Just a not so spectacular photo of my beautiful city.

247 : 365 On top of macarons seemed like an appropriate place to photograph my new brooch from Wolf and Hound

Hope you're having an excellent weekend!

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5 thoughts

  1. Hey Kaylah, pretty new to your blog, also now following you on Instagram i am @gurudanwan

    In the 4th photo down, where on Earth did you find that awesome clear face with brain in (on the bookshelf)


    Thank you,
    Dan X


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