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project 365 // 248 - 254

Sunday, September 13, 2015

248 : 365 These tiny succulents (all of which are something I propagated myself!) seem to be growing so quickly. I'm dreading bring them in once the weather turns for the season. They're doing so well outside in the sunshine.

249 : 365 Jeff and I spent the day at the fair with my parents. I obviously made it a point to touch all the animals I could. Wanna know a secret? I'm kiiiind of afraid of horses. They're so beautiful but I've never spent too much time around them, and they're so big that they just make me nervous.

250 : 365 Patches from WishboneMM and freshly done nails!

251 : 365 Queen of summer!

252 : 365 Last year when Jeff and I took a trip down to Cave City, Kentucky I bought this bicycle lapel pin at one of the wonderfully tacky little gift shops in the area. I immediately lost it. I picked it out, paid, put it in my bag and never saw it again. On Wednesday I walked into my closet and stepped on it! I'm excited to have found it right as jean jacket season starts!

253 : 365 I washed up and folded a basket of Jeff's laundry and before he could take it home Professor found it. That cat literally slept in it all day - from the time I opened my office door early in the morning to when I left the house in the evening.
254 : 365 Mary Campbell Cave, and a waterfall!

The week started out miserably hot and these last two days it actually feels like fall. It's super exciting. I've got a clean house and one million pumpkin scented candles burning. (Cleaning the house when it's chilly out is my favorite!!!!) All is good! Hope you're having an awesome weekend too!

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9 thoughts

  1. I'm lad to know that I'm not the only one who will let my cat sleep all day on a basket of clean clothes!

    1. He just looked so darn cozy!

      I felt bad because they were Jeff's clothes and I don't want to send him home super fuzzy clothes but when I sent him a photo his response was just how cozy Professor looked so I figured it was fine by him! :P

  2. Congrats on all of the successful propagating! And your cat is so damn adoable. <3

  3. Your succulents are so cute! I've been wanting to get some for my apartment - right now we just have a zeze plant named Holst and some morimo. Great pictures!

  4. I think I am a chilly weather cleaner too! Screw spring cleaning! XD

    Oh man getting jittery around horse is so counter productive! It totally freaks out the horses! My friend had a horse and her boyfriend was freaked out by them. So when I would go with them all to the barn it was a like a freak-out-spook-out between the horse and the boyfriend.

    1. I KNOW! And that's the worst part of being afraid of horses. It's like I know I'm freaking you out by being freaked out but you're freaking me out!

  5. Thanks for the tip on the patch site., They are super cool!


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