Friday Favorites #330 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #330

Friday, September 18, 2015

Socks covered in bicycles - I'm into it!
 (via: Suave Camp)
Love this ribbon so much. I want to get one for everyone.
 How precious are the little kitties on this shirt?!
(via: Modcloth)
I feel like I may have possibly shared this banner in the past but there's no such thing as too much positivity!
(via: BT Livermore)
A cat patch for your pocket tee! There are also pocket mountains if that's more your style.
 (via: ElloThere)
 Lili Di Prima does custom pet portraits and they are the absolute cutest!
(via: Lili Di Prima)
This is such a beautiful necklace, isn't it?!
I really really enjoy strange little details, like these dog tiebacks for your curtains.
(via: Anthropologie)
 Because why wouldn't you want a calendar of cats in sweaters?
(via: Modcloth)
Love this crop tank top! Almost makes me wish summer wasn't coming to an end.
(via: Maiden Voyage Clothing Co)

Link Love...
▴ A cozy lookin' striped hoodie, so perfect for fall.
▴ I'm not sure what I'd ever stamp with it but you guys - a Danny Devito stamp!!!
▴ Loooovin' Emily's pink and orange hair. I was thinking "boy, I need to dye my hair orange and pink" then I realized my literally is orange and pink right now. Hahah. Ooops!
▴ I was just browsing the different categories on Crumple + Toss and when I realized she had a section called "cards with swears" I may have snorted.
▴ Look how amazing this solar system watch is!
▴ You guys, this candle sounds incredible.
This coat is definitely on the verge of being something third grader would have worn in the nineties *cough* but something tells me I could rock it!
▴ Isn't this coyote pillow adorable?

Happy Friday!

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3 thoughts

  1. Haha I feel like I probably had a coat like that in the 90's, but I would still rock it now. I need one of those Bill Murray pins.

  2. Ha, so many cute things here!!x

  3. Aaah I always love your Friday favorites finds! This time it was fun to see the kitty t-shirt that I got as a gift for my birthday two weeks ago, yuhu! It's very soft and love the sleeve fit :) :) off to add to my wishlist the two pins!


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