project 365 // days 219 - 226 - The Dainty Squid

project 365 // days 219 - 226

Sunday, August 16, 2015

219 : 365 Finally got my paws on a beeeeeautiful agave plant. It was a bit more than I wanted to pay but decided to go for it since I don't really see them too often. At the checkout counter the woman couldn't find a tag and offered it to me for $9.99. Score! 
 220 : 365 There's an annual garage sale that I hit up every year. It's honestly one of my summer highlights. Most years it's amazing and I come home with a ton of goodies but this year was different. I only got three things this year; a planter, a roll of film, and this exit sign! I've been wanting one for a while and this one still works!
 221 : 365 Jeff and I had plans to take outfit photos together but it was hot and we both just weren't feeling it. We did manage to get this photo though, and it's pretty darn adorable!
222 : 365  Rainy summer evenings are a favorite of mine.
223 : 365 Sleepy sunbathing pup!
224 : 365  I'm on a bit of a black and white kick. I'm very colorful person but these last few weeks when I'm editing my photos I've been wanting to make just about everything black and white.
225 : 365  Fresh cut and color! It's amazing how good that can make ya feel.
226 : 365  Squiddy kitty.
Hope you're having an excellent weekend!

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14 thoughts

  1. What are those cute red flats you're wearing? Are they as comfy as they look?


      The did leave blisters on my baby toes (is that what you call them? the pinky version of whats on my foot. LOL) the very first time I wore them but I haven't had any problems since. I didn't want to give up on them just because they were so cute and I'm glad I didn't!

  2. I do have to agree - you and Jeff look super adorable together on that photo!

  3. I am in love with your hair. It's sooo wonderful! I also love the sunbathing pup. My pup adores sunbathing!!

  4. *swoon* wishing we had some summer rain over here!!! it is hot & miserable!! ;______;

    1. We've had a hot dry summer here too. I feel like that rain was well deserved.

  5. Love all the plants in this post! (And they reminded me to finally water my own dying succulent, so that was good. Thanks!) And the black and white looks beautiful too.

    Sorry to hear the yard sale wasn't as amazing as previous years, but I'm glad you still got something you really wanted!

  6. I like your b&w kick! I actually went back and looked at your Borrego Springs post again - still in love. In fact, I was so inspired that when I went to an osteology museum last week, I shot the whole thing in b&w! I want to post them NOW buuuuuuut at the same time I kinda want to save them for Halloween. We'll see if I give in or not. :)

    1. Hah! Awesome!

      I'm assuming you went to the one in Orlando? (Googled it because I didn't even know there were osteology museums and I NEED to go to one!) Was it awesome?!?! It sounds amazing. I bet those photos are stunning in b+w!

    2. Yes, the one in Orlando - I was afraid that it was going to be a horribly crowded tourist trap because it's off International Drive, close to the theme parks, but it was actually pretty amazing. We were the only ones there for most of the day - the only other people we saw came in as we left. The variety was incredible, and they had some exhibits where the skeleton was in a reproduction of the animal's habitat. Too cool! I'd like to visit the one in Oklahoma City so I can say I've been to both. :)

  7. I love these photos, especially the one with the rainy summer evening. Those evening refresh my soul and we just had a few here in the Czech mountains.

    Probably a dumb question, but what is Project 365? I assume something to do with the days of the year... :)


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